About the University Libraries Lance and Elena Calvert Award for Undergraduate Research

With the support of a generous endowment from Lance and Elena Calvert, the University Libraries Lance and Elena Calvert Award for Undergraduate Research recognizes excellence in undergraduate research projects that incorporate the use of University Libraries' collections and demonstrate sophisticated information literacy skills on the part of the undergraduate researcher. The award review committee considers the product of the research, but focuses on the research process: the demonstration of library research skills, adept use of library resources, and reflection upon the strategies utilized to investigate a research problem. Winners receive a cash prize and public recognition of their excellent work.

2015 Award Recipients

Margaret Atwood and the Implications of the Word Love, Manuela Bowles

Jihad In The Global Village: Al-Qaeda's Digital Radicalization and Recruitment Campaign, Katie Cannata

New York Oneida: Land Claims, Federal Policies, State Intervention, and Casino Development, Lee M. Hanover

“Man? Where’s a man? Don’t let him go!”: Molina’s Trans/gender Web in Interpretation and Performance, Bella V. Smith

2014 Award Recipients

Proust, the Suffering Artist, Matthew G. Buyachek

The Spratly Islands Dispute: International Law, Conflicting Claims, and Alternative Frameworks For Dispute Resolution, Robin Gonzales

Mechanical and Transport Properties of Alkali-Activated Natural Pozzolans as Sustainable Binders, Brittany Radke

Keeping House on the Comstock: Irish Immigrant Women in Nevada, 1850-1880, Christina M. Thompson

2013 Award Recipients

Untangling Cultural Differences in Behavioral, Physiological, and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, John S. Avant

Early Life Stress, Drug Abuse, Exercise Effects on BDNF and Sex-Influenced Exercise Differences, Karissa Dold

Governing through Permanent Campaigning: Media Usage and Press Freedom in Ecuador, Maria J. Flor Agreda

The Challenge of Studying Pedophilia, Ryuhei Kawamoto

2012 Award Recipients

An Examination of the Varying Role of the United Nations in the Civil Wars of Rwanda and El Salvador, Vanessa Jaramillo-Cano

The Influence of Social Contagion and Technology on Epidemic Non-Suicidal Self-Injury, Paul M. Kirsch

Las Vegas Strip Odor Remediation, Francell R. Rodriguez, Daniel Hoskins, and Guadalupe Gutierrez

Christine Jorgensen and the Media: Identity Politics in the Early 1950s Press, Emylia N. Terry

2011 Award Recipients

The Chinese in Northern Mexico: Immigration, integration, and discrimination in Mexican society, 1882-1940, Yesenia M. Alaniz

The Effect of response format on syllogistic reasoning, Adam S. Billman

Dynamic decision making and race games, Shipra De

2010 Award Recipients

It hastened what we all fought for, the end of the war: General Sherman's campaigns through Atlanta, Georgia, and the Carolinas and how they impacted the Civil War, Thomas J. Birmingham

Human rights abuses in 1970s Argentina, Vanessa Gomez

American hypocrisy in foreign policy: Operation FUBELT and the overthrow of salvador allende, David G. Huggins

The Age of Aquarius: The reorientation of NASA after 1969, Junichi Miyamoto