Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Community Health Sciences faculty.


Submissions from 2015

Multinomial Logistic Regression to Estimate and Predict Perceptions of Bicycle and Transportation Infrastructure in a Sprawling Metropolitan Area, Courtney Coughenour, Alexander Paz, Hanns de la Fuente-Mella, and Ashok Singh

Submissions from 2013

An evaluation of lead concentrations in imported hot sauces, J. Berger and Shawn Gerstenberger

Estimating survival rates of quagga mussel (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis) veliger larvae under summer and autumn temperature regimes in residual water of trailered watercraft at Lake Mead, USA, W. J. Choi, Shawn Gerstenberger, R. F. McMahon, and Wai Hing Wong


Household catastrophic medical expenses in eastern China: determinants and policy implications, Xiaohong Li, Jay J. Shen, Jun Lu, Mei Sun, Chengyue Li, Fengshui Chang, and Mo Hao

Foreign-trained versus United States nurses: trend analysis of educational qualifications and work experiences (1988-2008), Olena Mazurenko, Gouri Gupte, and G. Shan

Analysis of mercury in desert varnish samples in areas impacted by coal-fired power plants, Piotr Nowinski, Vernon F. Hodge, Shawn Gerstenberger, and James Cizdziel

Predicting Barriers to Primary Care for Patients with Disabilities: A Mixed Methods Study of Practice Administrators, Jennifer Pharr and Michelle Chino

Accessible medical equipment for patients with disabilities in primary care clinics: Why is it lacking?, Jennifer Renee Pharr

Predicting barriers to primary care for patients with disabilities: A mixed methods study of practice administrators, Jennifer Renee Pharr and Michelle Chino Dr

American English Pronunciation and the Internationally Educated Nurse, Jay J. Shen, Nina Carter, Shelley Staples, and Yu Xu

Using the Interpersonal Skills Tool to Assess Interpersonal Skills of Internationally Educated Nurses, Jay J. Shen, Yu Xu, Shelley Staples, and Anne L. Bolstad

Racial-ethnic colorectal cancer survival disparities in the mountain west region: the case of Blacks compared to Whites, Lucas N. Wassira, Paulo S. Pinheiro, J. Symanowski, and Audrey Hansen

Effectiveness of EarthTec® for killing invasive quagga mussels (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis) and preventing their colonization in the Western United States, Ashlie Watters, Shawn Gerstenberger, and D. Wong

Invasive quagga mussels can be attenuated by redear sunfish (Lepomis microlophhus) in the Southwestern United States, Wai Hing Wong, Shawn Gerstenberger, M. D. Hatcher, D. R. Thompson, and D. Schrimsher

Submissions from 2012

Reliability of Standardized Patients Used in a Communication Study for International Nurses in the United States, Anne L. Bolstad, Yu Xu, Jay J. Shen, and Miriam Torpey

Efforts to identify at-risk children for blood lead screening in pediatric clinics – Clark County, Nevada, Mackenzie Suzanne Burns, Lopa H. Shah, Erika R. Marquez, Scott L. Denton, Beverly A. Neyland, Diana Vereschzagin, David A. Gremse, and Shawn Gerstenberger

Tribal Capacity Building As a Complex Adaptive System, Michelle Chino

Tribal Capacity Building as a Complex Adaptive System: New Insights, New Lessons Learned, Michelle Chino

Biological and Immunomodulatory properties of mesenchymal stromal cells derived from human pancreatic islets, J. Kim, Melissa Breunig, Patricia Escalante, N. Bhatia, R. A. Denu, B. A. Dollar, A. Stein, Stacey E. Hanson, N. Naderi, J. Radek, D. Haughy, D. D. Bloom, F. M. Assadi-Porter, and P. Hematti

Cancer in the Azores: initial results from a recently established population-based cancer registry, G. F. Lacerda, Paulo S. Pinheiro, J. M. Cabral, J. G. Câmara, and V. L. Rodriguez

International medical graduates and health information technology use in the United States, Olena Mazurenko, Gouri Gupte, and Valerie A. Yeager

Environmental Market Factors Associated with Physician Career Satisfaction, Olena Mazurenko and Nir Menachemi


The impact of physician job satisfaction on the sustained competitive advantage of health care organizations, Olena Mazurenko and Stephen J. O’Connor

Determinants of Physicians’ Career Choices in Ukraine, Olena Mazurenko, Haiyan Qu, Olesya Hulchiy, S. Robert Hernandez, and Richard Shewchuk

Market factors and electronic medical record adoption in medical practices, Nir Menachemi, Olena Mazurenko, Abby Swanson Kazley, Mark L. Diana, and Eric W. Ford


Health Effects Associated with Foreclosure: A Secondary Analysis of Hospital Discharge Data, Nancy N. Menzel, Sheniz Moonie, and Melva V. Thompson-Robinson


Health Disparities Experienced by People with Disabilities in the United States: A Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Study, Jennifer Renee Pharr and Timothy J. Bungum


Differentiation of Social Marketing and Cause-Related Marketing in US Professional Sport, Jennifer Renee Pharr and Nancy L. Lough


The Impact of Unemployment on Mental and Physical Health, Access to Health Care and Health Risk Behaviors, Jennifer Renee Pharr, Sheniz Moonie, and Timothy J. Bungum

The influence of Hispanic ethnicity on nonsmall cell lung cancer histology and patient survival: An analysis of the Survival, Epidemiology, and End Results database. Letter to the Editor., Paulo S. Pinheiro


Financial Position and Adoption of Electronic Health Records: A Retrospective Longitudinal Study, Jay J. Shen and Gregory O. Ginn

Organizational Factors Associated with Adoption of Comprehensive and Basic Electronic-Record Systems in U.S. Hospitals, Jay J. Shen and Charles B. Moseley

Why Health Care Became So Expensive in China? The Transformation of Healthcare Financing During Chinese Economic Development, Ying Wang, Jay J. Shen, Sun Mei, and Charles B. Moseley

Quagga mussel veligers at different depths of Lake Mead: Abundance, developmental stages, and morphology, D. Wong, Sean Robin Comeau, and Shawn Gerstenberger

Non-Verbal Communication Behaviors of Internationally Educated Nurses and Patient Care Research and Theory for Nursing Practice, Yu Xu, Shelley Staples, and Jay J. Shen

Financial impact of improved pressure ulcer staging in the acute hospital with use of a new tool, the NE1 Wound Assessment Tool, Daniel Young, Jay J. Shen, Nancy Estocado, and Merrill Russen Landers

Submissions from 2011

Correlates of Physical Activity Among Hispanic Adults, Timothy J. Bungum, Melva Thompson-Robinson, Sheniz Moonie, and M. A.F. Lounsberry

An Evaluation of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Survival on Five Environmental Surfaces, Courtney Coughenour, Vanessa Stevens, and Linda D. Stetzenbach

Hospital financial position and the adoption of electronic health records, Gregory O. Ginn, Jay J. Shen, and Charles B. Moseley

Regional Disparities in Prenatal Care Services in Rural China, J. Lu, Jay J. Shen, G. Chen, Charles B. Moseley, M. Sun, F. Gao, Ying Wang, Y. M. Mao, and H. Mo

Characteristics of Acute Care Hospitals with Diversity Plans and Translation Services, Charles B. Moseley, Jay J. Shen, and Gregory O. Ginn

Cancer Survival among Latinos and the Hispanic Paradox, Paulo S. Pinheiro, M. Williams, E. A. Miller, S. Easterday, Sheniz Moonie, and E. J. Trapido

Changes in Patterns of Racial Disparities in Attending Low-Mortality Hospitals and Outcomes among Patient with Stroke, Jay J. Shen and M. Lu


Trends of Increase in Western Medical Services in Traditional Medicine Hospitals in China, Jay J. Shen, Ying Wang, Fang Lin, Jun Lu, Charles B. Moseley, Mei Sun, and Mo Hao

Submissions from 2010


Analysis of Primary Risk Factors for Oral Cancer from US States with Increasing Rates, Anthony Bunnell, Nathan Pettit, Nicole Reddout, Kanika Sharma, Susan O'Malley, Michelle Chino, and Karl Kingsley


Injury in Nevada, Michelle Chino, Jonathon LaValley, Darlene R. Haff, Deborah A. Harris, and Andrea R. Rivers

An Evaluation of Lead Contamination in Plastic Toys Collected from Day Care Centers in the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, USA., Joseph A. Greenway and Shawn Gerstenberger

Characterization of mesenchymal stem cells from human vocal fold fibroblasts, Stacey R. Hanson, K. Kim, B. H. Johnson, Brad Bradley, Melissa Breunig, P. Hematti, and S. L. Thibeault

Adverse Maternal Outcomes in Asthmatic versus Non-Asthmatic Women, Nancy J. MacMullen, Jay J. Shen, and Catherine Tymkow


Indigenous Health – Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States - Laying Claim to a Future that Embraces Health for Us All., Lisa Jackson Pulver, Melissa R. Haswell, Ian Ring, John Waldon, Wayne Clark, Valorie Whetung, Dianne Kinnon, Catherine Graham, Michelle Chino, Jonathon LaValley, Christina Compher, and Ritu Sadana

Increasing Rates of Melanoma among Non-Whites in Florida compared to the United States, P. Rouhani, Paulo S. Pinheiro, R. Sherman, K. Arheart, L. E. Fleming, J. Mackinnon, and R. Kirsner

Risk of Pre-Natal Depression: Differences by Race, Jay J. Shen, L. Fang, and T. Jackson

Characteristics of Internationally Educated Nurses in the United States: An Update from 2004 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses, Y. Xu, Helen Zaikina-Montgomery, and Jay J. Shen

Submissions from 2009

Comparative cancer survival information in Europe, F. Berrino, A. Verdeccihia, J. M. Lutz, Eurocare Working Group, and Paulo S. Pinheiro

Long-term survival expectations of cancer patients in Europe in 2000-2002, H. Brenner, Silvia Francisci, R. De Angelis, R. Marcos-Gragera, A. Verdeccihia, G. Gatta, C. Allemani, L. Ciccolallo, M. P. Coleman, M. Sant, and Eurocare Working Group

The EUROCARE-4 database on cancer survival in Europe: data standardisation, quality control and methods of statistical analysis, R. De Angelis, S. Francisci, P. Baili, Eurocare Working Group, and Paulo S. Pinheiro

The cure of cancer: a European perspective, Silvia Francisci, R. Capocaccia, E. Grande, M. Santaquilani, A. Simonetti, C. Allemani, G. Gatta, M. Sant, G. Zigon, F. Bray, Michael J. Janssen-Heijnen, and Eurocare Working Group

Survival of European children and young adults with cancer diagnosed 1995-2002, G. Gatta, G. Zigon, R. Capocaccia, J. W. Coebergh, E. Desandes, P. Kaatsch, G. Pastore, R. Peris-Bonet, C. A. Stiller, and Eurocare Working Group

Community Benefit Laws, Hospital Ownership, Community Orientation Activities, and Health Promotion Services, Gregory O. Ginn, Jay J. Shen, and Charles B. Moseley

Community orientation and the strategic posture of hospitals, Gregory O. Ginn, Jay J. Shen, and Charles B. Moseley

Scientific Standards and Studies of Women: Lack of Adherence to Established Principles by Scientists, Scientific Journals, and Science Writers, Mary Guinan


Participatory Evaluation of the Tribal Victim Assistance Programs at the Lummi Nation and Passamaquoddy Tribe, Ada Pecos Melton and Michelle Chino

The advantage of women in cancer survival: an analysis of EUROCARE-4 data, A. Micheli, R. Ciampchini, W. Oberaigner, L. Ciccolallo, E. de Vries, I. Izarugaza, P. Zambon, G. Gatta, R. De Angelis, and Eurocare Working Group

Why an alternative algorithm for identification of Hispanic subgroups is useful, Paulo S. Pinheiro and R. Sherman

Validation of ethnicity in cancer data: which Hispanics are we misclassifying?, Paulo S. Pinheiro, R. Sherman, L. E. Fleming, Yinghua Huang, O. Gomez-Marin, D. J. Lee, and F. Penedo

Cancer incidence in first generation US Hispanics; Cubans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and New Latinos, Paulo S. Pinheiro, R. Sherman, E. J. Trapido, L. E. Fleming, O. Gomez-Marin, Yinghua Huang, and D. J. Lee

The cancer survival gap between elderly and middle-aged patients in Europe is widening, Alberto Quaglia, A. Tavilla, L. Shack, H. Brenner, Michael J. Janssen-Heijnen, C. Allemani, M. Colonna, E. Grande, P. Grosclaude, M. Vercelli, and Eurocare Working Group

Multiple tumours in survival estimates, Stefano Rosso, R. De Angelis, L. Ciccolallo, E. Carrani, I. Soerjomataram, E. Grande, G. Zigon, H. Brenner, and Eurocare Working Group

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Submissions from 2008

Modes and Locales of Physical Activity: Older Adults, Timothy J. Bungum and Melva Thompson-Robinson

Suicidality: Clusters, Contagion, and Pacts, Michelle Chino, Lemyra DeBruyn, and Lynne Fullerton-Gleason

Suicidality: Nomenclature, Michelle Chino, Lynne Fullerton-Gleason, and Lemyra DeBruyn

Suicidality: Prevention, Lemyra DeBruyn, Michelle Chino, and Lynne Fullerton-Gleason

Suicidality: Demographic Risk and Protective Factors, Lemyra DeBruyn, Lynne Fullerton-Gleason, and Michelle Chino

Familial Factors in Suicidal Behaviors, Lynne Fullerton-Gleason, Michelle Chino, and Lemyra DeBruyn

Suicide, Risk and Protective Factors: Individual Level, Lynne Fullerton-Gleason, Lemyra DeBruyn, and Michelle Chino


Analysis of Oral Cancer Epidemiology in the US Reveals State-Specific Trends: Implications for Oral Cancer Prevention, Karl Kingsley, Susan O'Malley, Marcia M. Ditmyer, and Michelle Chino

Mental Health Services Availability and the Admission of the Seriously Mentally Ill from the Emergency Department, Charles B. Moseley, Jay J. Shen, and Christopher R. Cochran

HOIA – an Alternative Hispanic Origin Identification Algorithm for Cancer Registries, Paulo S. Pinheiro, R. Sherman, L. E. Fleming, O. Gomez-Marin, B. Wohler, J. Mackinnon, and G. Levin

From the Emergency Department to the General Hospital: Hospital Ownership and Market Factors in the Admission of the Seriously Mentally Ill, Jay J. Shen, Christopher R. Cochran, and Charles B. Moseley

Disparities in Outcomes among Hospitalized Women with Stroke – The Health Insurance Factor, Jay J. Shen and Bibin Qin

Identification and Prevention of Diabetic Complications among Minority Populations, Jay J. Shen and Elmer L. Washington

Submissions from 2007

Survival for eight major cancers and all cancers combined for European adults diagnosed in 1995-99: results of the EUROCARE-4 study, F. Berrino, R. De Angelis, M. Sant, Eurocare Working Group, and Paulo S. Pinheiro

HPV Knowledge and Behaviors of College Students, J. D'Urso and Melva Thompson-Robinson

Cancer Incidence in Portugal (1998-2002), Paulo S. Pinheiro

Evaluation Results of the CDC/ASPH Institute for HIV Prevention Leadership: A Capacity-Building Educational Program for HIV Prevention Program Managers, Donna Richter, K. N. Dauner, Lisa Lindley, B. M. Reininger, W. H. Oglesby, M. S. Prince, Melva Thompson-Robinson, R. Jones, and L. H. Potts

Health System in Transition: China, Ma Shao-Jun, Sheila Hillier, Zhang Kong-Lai, Jay J. Shen, Lu Fan, and Liu Min

Health Information Technology: Will It Make Higher Quality and More Efficient Healthcare Delivery Possible?, Jay J. Shen

Disparities in Outcomes Among Stroke Patients Associated with Insurance Status, Jay J. Shen and Elmer L. Washington

Factors Underlying Racial Disparities in Hospital Care of Congestive Heart Failure, Jay J. Shen, Elmer L. Washington, K. Chung, and R. Bell

High Risk Sex Behaviors and Cultural Influences among Heterosexual African American Males, Melva Thompson-Robinson, M. Weaver, Donna Richter, Marya L. Shegog, S. Usdan, and R. Saunders