Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Civil and Environmental Engineering Department faculty.


Submissions from 2013

Impacts of Climate Change on Extreme Precipitation Events Over Flamingo Tropicana Watershed, Anil Acharya, Kenneth W. Lamb, and Thomas Christopher Piechota

Impacts of Carbon Source Addition on Denitrification and Phosphorus Uptake in Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Systems, Shamim Ara Begum and Jacimaria R. Batista

Using Paleo Reconstructions to Improve Streamflow Forecast Lead Time in the Western United States, Christopher Allen Carrier, Ajay Kalra, and Sajjad Ahmad

Evaluating the Impact of Demand-Side Management on Water Resources Under Changing Climatic Conditions and Increasing Population, Srijana Dawadi and Sajjad Ahmad

Soil Degradation and Altered Flood Risk as a Consequence of Deforestation, M. J. de la Paix, Li Lanhai, C. Xi, S. Ahmed, and A. Varenyam

Evaluation of Process Control Alternatives for the Inactivation of Escherichia coli, MS2 Bacteriophage, and Bacillus subtilis Spores during Wastewater Ozonation, Sujanie Gamage, Daniel Gerrity, Aleksey N. Pisarenko, and Shane A. Snyder

The Effects of Solids Retention Time in Full-Scale Activated Sludge Basins on Trace Organic Contaminant Concentrations, Daniel Gerrity, Janie C. Holady, Douglas B. Mawhinney, Oscar Quinones, Rebecca A. Trenholm, and Shane A. Snyder

Potable Reuse Treatment Trains Throughout the World, Daniel Gerrity, Brian Pecson, R. Shane Trussell, and R. Rhodes Trussell

Time Series Analysis for Prediction of ASR-Induced Expansions, Nader Ghafoori and M. Sajjadul Islam

Predicting Rapid Chloride Permeability of Self-Consolidating Concrete: A Comparative Study on Statistical and Neural Network Models, Nader Ghafoori, Meysam Najimi, Jafar Sobhani, and Mohammad A. Aqel

Use of Pulverised and Fluidised Combustion Coal Ash in Secondary Road Construction, Nader Ghafoori, Dara Nyknahad, and Li Wang

Comparative Evaluation of Implementing Participatory Irrigation Management in Punjab Pakistan, Abdul Razzaq Ghumman, Sajjad Ahmad, Hashim Nisar Hashmi, and R. A. Khan

Novel Mathematical Modeling on Pilot-Scale of Plug-Flow Aerated Submerged Biofilm Reactor for Dissolved Organic Matter and Nitrogen Removal, Youngrip Han, Kraig Johnson, Donald Hayes, Hua Xu, and Youngik Choi

Evaluation of Alkali-Silica Reactivity Using ASR Kinetic Model, Mohammad Sajjadul Islam and Nader Ghafoori

Developing a Pattern-Based Method for Detecting Defective Sensors and Damage in an Instrumented Bridge, M. Sajjadul Islam, Ashutosh Bagchi, and Aly Said

Increasing streamflow forecast lead time for snowmelt-driven catchment based on large-scale climate patterns, Ajay Kalra, Sajjad Ahmad, and Anurag Nayak

Using Large Scale Climatic Patterns for Improving Long Lead Time Streamflow Forecasts for Gunnison and San Juan River Basins, Ajay Kalra, William P. Miller, Kenneth W. Lamb, Sajjad Ahmad, and Thomas Christopher Piechota

Structural behavior of high performance fiber-reinforced flowable concrete beams and plates, Samaan G. Ladkany and A. T. Berhe

Prediction of Micropollutant Elimination During Ozonation of Municipal Wastewater Effluents: Use of Kinetic and Water Specific Information, Yunho Lee, Daniel Gerrity, Minju Lee, Angel Encinas Bogeat, Elisabeth Sahli, Sujanie Gamage, Rebecca A. Trenholm, Eric C. Wert, Shane A. Snyder, and Urs von Gunten

Vulnerability of Disproportionate Collapse in Older Flat Plate Buildings Subjected to Sudden Removal of a Bearing Column, Jinrong Liu, Ying Tian, and Sarah L. Orton

Deterministic Approach to the Fairest Revenue-Sharing Coefficient in Logistics Service Supply Chain Under the Stochastic Demand Condition, Wei-hua Liu, Xue-cai Xu, and Ahmad Koupaenejad

Innovative Strategies to Achieve Low Total Phosphorus Concentrations in High Water Flows, Brooke K. Mayer, Daniel Gerrity, Bruce E. Rittmann, Daniel Reisinger, and Sherry Brandt-Williams

Three-Dimensional Shallow Shear-Wave Velocity Model for the Las Vegas Valley, Helena Murvosh, Barbara A. Luke, Wanda J. Taylor, and Jeff Wagoner

Shallow-to-Deep Shear Wave Velocity Profiling by Surface Waves in Complex Ground for Enhanced Seismic Microzonation of Las Vegas, Nevada, Helena Murvosh, Barbara Luke, and Carlos Calderón-Macías

Regression Estimates of Pressure on Transtibial Residual Limbs Using Load Cell Measurements of the Forces and Moments Occurring at the Base of the Socket, Edward S. Neumann, Justin Robert Brink, Kartheek Yalamanchili, and Joon S. Lee

Vehicle Miles Traveled Fee System in Nevada, Andrew Nordland, Alexander Paz, and Alauddin Khan


Estimation of Performance Indices for the Planning of Sustainable Transportation Systems, Alexander Paz, Pankaj Maheshwari, Pushkin Kachroo, and Sajjad Ahmad

Evaluating Water Conservation and Reuse Policies Using a Dynamic Water Balance Model, Kamal Qaiser, Sajjad Ahmad, Walter Johnson, and Jacimaria R. Batista

Analysis of the Frequency and Severity of Rear-End Crashes in Work Zones, Yi Qi, Raghavan Srinivasan, Hualiang (Harry) Teng, and Robert Baker

Nonlinear Acceleration and Deceleration Response Behavior in Stimulus-Response Car-Following Models, S. Siuhi and Mohamed S. Kaseko

Electrochemical Impedance Behavior and Transport Properties of Silica Fume Contained Concrete, Jafar Sobhani and Meysam Najimi

Post Processing with First- and Second-Order Hidden Markov Models, Kazem Taghva, Srijana Poudel, and Spandana Malreddy

A Dynamic Model for Vulnerability Assessment of Regional Water Resources in Arid Areas: A Case Study of Bayingolin, China, Guangyang Wu, Lanhai Li, Sajjad Ahmad, Xi Chen, and Xiangliang Pan

Analysis of Influencing Factors Identification of Crash Rates Using Tobit Model with Endogenous Variable, Xuecai Xu, Ahmad Koupaenejad, and Zeljko Šaric

Submissions from 2012

Snowpack Reconstructions Incorporating Climate in the Upper Green River Basin (Wyoming), Sallyrose Anderson, Cody L. Moser, Glenn A. Tootle, Henri D. Grissino-Mayer, Janak Timilsena, and Thomas C. Piechota

Air-Entrained Self-Consolidating Concrete: A Study of Admixture Sources, Mary Barfield and Nader Ghafoori

Microbial Selection on Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Systems Fed Exclusively with Glucose, Shamim Ara Begum and Jacimaria R. Batista

Comparison of Laser-Based and Sand Patch Measurements of Pavement Surface Macrotexture, Swarup China and David E. James

Changing Climatic Conditions in the Colorado River Basin: Implications for Water Resources Management, Srijana Dawadi and Sajjad Ahmad

Influence of Combined Hauling Time and Temperature on Flow Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete: Retempering Remediation, Hamidou Diawara and Nader Ghafoori

Wastewater and drinking water treatment technologies, Daniel Gerrity and Shane A. Snyder

Pumping influence on fresh properties of self-consolidating concrete, Nader Ghafoori, H. Diawara, D. Nyknahad, M. Barfield, and Mohammad Shahidul Islam


Estimating annual precipitation for the Colorado River Basin using oceanic-atmospheric oscillations, Ajay Kalra and Sajjad Ahmad

Improving streamflow forecast lead time using oceanic-atmospheric oscillations for Kaidu River Basin, Xinjiang, China, Ajay Kalra, Lanhai Li, Xuemei Li, and Sajjad Ahmad

Using large scale climatic patterns for improving long lead time streamflow forecasts for Gunnison and San Juan River Basins, Ajay Kalra, William Paul Miller, Kenneth W. Lamb, Sajjad Ahmad, and Thomas C. Piechota

Synthesis of System Dynamics Tools for Holistic Conceptualization of Water Resources Problems, Ali Mirchi, Kaveh Madani, David Watkins Jr., and Sajjad Ahmad

Effects of ozone and ozone/peroxide on trace organic contaminants and NDMA in drinking water and water reuse applications, Aleksey N. Pisarenko, Benjamin D. Stanford, Dongxu Yan, Daniel Gerrity, and Shane A. Snyder

Evaluating Punching Shear Strength of Slabs without Shear Reinforcement Using Artificial Neural Networks, Aly M. Said, Ying Tian, and A. Hussein

Properties of concrete incorporating nano-silica, Aly M. Said, Mohamed S. Zeidan, M. T. Bassuoni, and Y. Tian

Strength Evaluation of Single Adhesive Concrete Anchors under Tensile Load Using Artificial Neural Networks, Aly Said and S. Robinson

Determining the Reliability of Passive Solar Distillation Basins and Predicting the Proper Storage Volume to Meet Year-Round Potable Water Demand, Noe I. Santos, Dave E. James, Aly M. Said, and Nanda H. Venkatesh

Modeling solar still production using local weather data and artificial neural networks, Noe I. Santos, Aly Said, David E. James, and Nanda H. Venkatesh

Multi-cycle bioregeneration of spent perchlorate-containing macroporous selective anion-exchange resin, Mohamadali Sharbatmaleki and Jacimaria R. Batista

The carbon footprint of water management policy options, Eleeja Shrestha, Sajjad Ahmad, Walter Johnson, and Jacimaria R. Batista

The carbon footprint of water management policy options, Eleeja Shrestha, Sajjad Ahmad, Walter Johnson, Pramen Shrestha, and Jacimaria R. Batista

Nonlinear Modeling of Flat-Plate Structures Using Grid Beams, Ying Tian, Jianwei Chen, Aly Said, and Jinlin Zhao


Losing the Lake: Development and Deployment of an Educational Game, Joseph M. Vesco, Katie Gilgen, Anne Paine, Marissa Owens, Michael Nussbaum, Gale M. Sinatra, Sajjad Ahmad, Kent J. Crippen, Sergiu Dascalu, and Frederick C. Harris

Submissions from 2011

Modeled streamflow response under cloud seeding in the North Platte River watershed, Anil Acharya, Thomas C. Piechota, Haroon Stephen, and Glenn A. Tootle

Upper Colorado River and Great Basin Streamflow and Snowpack Forecasting Using Pacific Oceanic-Atmospheric Variability, Oubeidillah Aziz, Glenn A. Tootle, Duane P. Moser, Thomas C. Piechota, and Kenneth W. Lamb

Characterization of high strength steel fiber reinforced concrete and self-consolidating concrete mixtures with various steel volume fractions for infrastructures, A. T. Berhe and Samaan G. Ladkany

Effect of support restraint on wood-to-wood, joist hanger connection, William T. Bolduc and Samaan G. Ladkany

Using proxy reconstructions for streamflow forecasting, Christopher Allen Carrier, Ajay Kalra, and Sajjad Ahmad

Evaluating Urban Stormwater Infrastructure Design in Response to Projected Climate Change, William Joel Forsee and Sajjad Ahmad

Pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting compounds in drinking water, Daniel Gerrity, M. J. Benotti, D. J. Reckhow, and Shane A. Snyder

Pilot-scale evaluation of ozone and biological activated carbon for trace organic contaminant mitigation and disinfection, Daniel Gerrity, Sujanie Gamage, Janie C. Holady, Douglas B. Mawhinney, Oscar Quinones, Rebecca A. Trenholm, and Shane A. Snyder

Review of Ozone for Water Reuse Applications: Toxicity, Regulations, and Trace Organic Contaminant Oxidation, Daniel Gerrity and Shane A. Snyder

The economic value of water in metropolitan areas of the United States, Daniel Gerrity and Shane A. Snyder

Temporal variability of pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs in wastewater and the effects of a special event, Daniel Gerrity, Rebecca A. Trenholm, and Shane A. Snyder

Comparison of Concrete Expansion and Stiffness Due to Alkali-silica Reactivity, Mohammad Shahidul Islam and Nader Ghafoori


Evaluating changes and estimating seasonal precipitation for Colorado River Basin using stochastic non-parametric disaggregation technique, Ajay Kalra and Sajjad Ahmad

Basis for Extending Long-Term Streamflow Forecasts in the Colorado River Basin, Kenneth W. Lamb, Thomas C. Piechota, Oubeidillah A. Aziz, and Glenn A. Tootle

Suspended Sediment Load Prediction of River Systems: An Artificial Neural Networks Approach, A. M. Melesse, Sajjad Ahmad, M. E. McClain, X. Wang, and Y. H. Lim


Development of Sstreamflow Projections Under Changing Climate Conditions Over Colorado River Basin Headwaters, W. P. Miller, Thomas C. Piechota, S. Gangopadhyay, and T. Pruitt

Improved Ensemble Streamflow Prediction Using a New ESP Weighting Scheme, Mohammad Reza Najafi, Hamid Moradkhani, and Thomas C. Piechota

Chromium Removal from Ion-Exchange Waste Brines with Calcium Polysulfide, Behrang Pakzadeh and Jacimaria R. Batista

Impacts of Cocontaminants on the Performances of Perchlorate and Nitrate Specialty Ion-Exchange Resins, Behrang Pakzadeh and Jacimaria R. Batista

Surface Complexation Modeling of the Removal of Arsenic from Ion-Exchange Waste Brines with Ferric Chloride, Behrang Pakzadeh and Jacimaria R. Batista

Adaptive traffic control for large scale dynamic traffic assignment applications, Alexander Paz and Yi-Chang Chiu

Relating TRMM Precipitation Radar Backscatter to Water Stage in Wetlands, Sumit Puri, Haroon Stephen, and Sajjad Ahmad

Relating TRMM Precipitation Radar Land Surface Backscatter Response to Soil Moisture in the Southern United States, Sumit Puri, Haroon Stephen, and Sajjad Ahmad

Evaluating the impact of water conservation on fate of outdoor water use: A study in an arid region, Kamal Qaiser, Sajjad Ahmad, Walter Johnson, and Jacimaria R. Batista

Evaluating the Impact of Water Conservation on Fate of Outdoor Water Use: A Study in an Arid Region, Kamal Qaiser, Sajjad Ahmad, Walter Johnson, and Jacimaria R. Batista

Effect of Different Parameters on the Tensile Strength of Adhesive Anchors, Sean E. Robinson and Aly Said

Seismic Evaluation of Bridge G-947 in Clark County, Nevada Using Nonlinear Static Procedures, Ahmad Said Saad, Aly Said, and Barbara Luke

Monitoring Damage of Rehabilitated Beam-Column Joints under Simulated Seismic Loading, Aly M. Said

Comparing Multivariate Regression and Artificial Neural Networks to Model Solar Still Production, Noe I. Santos, Aly M. Said, Dave E. James, and Nanda H. Venkatesh


The carbon footprint associated with water management policy options in the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, Eleeja Shrestha, Sajjad Ahmad, Walter Johnson, and Jacimaria R. Batista

Carbon Footprint of Water Conveyance versus Desalination as Alternatives to Expand Water Supply, Eleeja Shrestha, Sajjad Ahmad, Walter Johnson, Pramen Shrestha, and Jacimaria R. Batista

Carbon footprint of water conveyance versus desalination as alternatives to expand water supply, Eleeja Shrestha, Sajjad Ahmad, Walter Johnson, Pramen Shrestha, and Jacimaria R. Batista

Relationships Between Oceanic-Atmospheric Patterns and Soil Moisture in the Upper Colorado River Basin, Chunling Tang, Thomas C. Piechota, and Dong Chen