Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas College of Hotel Administration Faculty.


Submissions from 2016


Comparing Performance and Impediments of Construction and Professional Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in Transportation, Pramen P. Shreshtha, Ravi Sharma, Moses Karakouzian, and Ashok K. Singh

Submissions from 2015


Impact of Virtual Atmospherics and Functional Qualities on the Online Gambler's Experience, Brett Abarbanel, Bo Bernhard, Ashok K. Singh, and Anthony Lucas


Common Themes Across Social Media Research, Seyhmus Baloglu and John T. Bowen


Online Traveler Reviews as Social Influence: Price is no Longer King, Laura A. Book, Sarah Tanford, Rhonda Montgomery, and Curtis Love


Understanding the Impact of Negative and Positive Traveler Reviews: Social Influence and Price Anchoring Effects, Laura Book, Sarah L. Tanford, and Yang-Su Chen


On the ‘Students as Surrogates’ Research Conundrum: Insights from Statistical Reasoning in Revenue Management, Chih Chien Chen, Zvi Schwartz, and Xiaojuan Jady Yu


Antecedents of Mandatory Customer Participation in Service Encounters: An Empirical Study, Sandy Chen, Carola Raab, and Sarah L. Tanford


The Effects of Other Customers Dress Style on Customers Approach Behaviors: The Moderating Role of Sense of Power, Choongbeom Choi and Anna S. Mattila

Academic misconduct: The instructor's responsibility, Stefan W. Cosentino, James Drake, and William B. Werner

An Illustrated Guide to Personal Health, Thomas Emerick, Robert H. Woods, and Madi Schmidt


Student Perceptions towards Using Clickers and Lecture Software Applications in Hospitality Lecture Courses, Alison J. Green, Wen Chang, Sarah Tanford, and Lisa Moll


Clickers: A Strategy for Active Learning in a Hospitality Classroom, Alison J. Green and Toni Repetti


Handbook of scales in tourism and hospitality research, Dogan Gursoy, Muzaffer Uysal, Ercan Sirakaya-Turk, Yuksel Ekinci, and Seyhmus Baloglu


The Impact of Supervisory Support on Organizational Commitment, Career Satisfaction, and Turnover Intention for Hospitality Frontline Employees, Hee Jung (Annette) Kang, Anthony Gatling, and Jungsun (Sunny) Kim


The Effect of Manager Mobbing Behaviour on Female Employees’ Quality of Life, Derya Kara, Hyelin Kim, and Muzzo Uysal


Nature-Based Tourism: Motivation and Subjective Well-Being, Hyelin Kim, Seungwoo Lee, Muzzo Uysal, Juyeon Kim, and Kyungmo Ahn


Tourism Experience and Quality of Life Among Elderly Tourists, Hyelin Kim, Eunju Woo, and Muzzo Uysal

Customer engagement technology study 2015, Jungsun Kim


A Multivariate Repeated Measure Analysis of Importance and Performance on College Choice: A Case Study of UNLV Hotel College Students, Sojung Lee and Hyun Kyung Chatfield


Hotel Facebook Marketing: an Integrated Model, Xi Yu Leung and Seyhmus Baloglu


What Drives Facebook Fans to “Like” Hotel Pages: A Comparison of Three Competing Models, Xi Yu Leung and Sarah L. Tanford


Influential Leadership and Media: How a Single Statement Can Affect an Industry, Kristin Malek, Laura Book, and Sarah L. Tanford


What Determines Patient Experience? Exploring Patient, Clinical Staff, and Management Perspectives, Olena Mazureknko, Dina Zemke, Noelle Lefforge, Nir Menachemi, and Stowe Shoemaker

What Determines the Surgical Patient Experience? Exploring the Patient, Clinical Staff, and Administration Perspectives, Olena Mazurenko, Dina M. Zemke, Noelle Lefforge, Stowe Shoemaker, and Nir Menachemi


Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society, Daniel D. McLean and Amy R. Hurd


Improving Casino Performance Through Enhanced Loyalty Programs, Ji Hye Min, Carola Raab, and Sarah L. Tanford


Consumer Spending in the Gaming Industry: Evidence of Complementary Demand in Casino and Online Venues, Kahlil S. Philander, Brett Abarbanel, and Toni A. Repetti


U.S. Casino Revenue Taxes and Short-Run Labor Outcomes., Kahlil S. Philander, Bo J. Bernhard, William S. Bradley, Ashok K. Singh, and William R. Eadington


Cocreation as Moderator between the Experience Value and Satisfaction Relationship, Nina K. Prebensen, Hyelin Kim, and Muzzo Uysal


Do the Roles of Switching Barriers on Customer Loyalty Vary for Different Types of Hotels?, Hanqin Qiu, Ben Haobin Ye, Billy Bai, and Wei Heng Wang


Expense Preference Behavior by Managers in Casino Resorts, Toni A. Repetti, M CM Dalbor, A.K. Singh, and B J. Bernhard


Pricing Strategies for Resort Fees: Consumer Preferences Favor Simplicity, Toni A. Repetti, Susan J. Roe, and Amy Gregory


Expense Preference Behavior by Managers in Casino Resorts, Toni Repetti, Michael C. Dalbor, Ashok K. Singh, and Bo J. Bernhard

Conceptual Model of Customer-Company Interaction in Value Co-Creation, Lenna Shulga, James Busser, and Tony Henthorne

The Role of Commercial Friendship in Company versus Customer Initiation of Co-Creation for Tourism Brands, Lenna Shulga, James Busser, and Tony Henthorne

Examining Structural Relationships Among Casino’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Trust, and Behavioral Intention, Hakjun Song, Pai Chai, Jungsun Kim, Choong-Ki Lee, and Kyung Hee


Segmentation of Reward Program Members to Increase Customer Loyalty: The Role of Attitudes Towards Green Hotel Practices, Sarah L. Tanford and Kristin Malek


Developing Loyalty Programs for Convention Attendees: An Exploratory Study, Sarah L. Tanford and Rhonda J. Montgomery


Labor Relations, William B. Werner


Tip pools in Nevada: Legal Issues and Liabilities, William B. Werner


Life Satisfaction and Support for Tourism Development, Eunjoo Woo, Hyelin Kim, and Muzzo Uysal

How can academia plant the seeds of sustainability in future managers?, Dina M. Zemke and Shin Yong Jung


Hotel Cleanliness: Will Guests Pay for Enhanced Disinfection?, Dina M. Zemke, Jay Neal, Stowe Shoemaker, and Katie Kirsch

Submissions from 2013


Evaluating Loyalty Constructs Among Hotel Reward Program Members Using EWom, Orie Berezan, Carola Raab, Sarah Tanford, and Yen-Soon Kim


A Social Information Processing Perspective of Coworker Influence on a Focal Employee, Zhijun Chen, Riki Takeuchi, and Cass Shum

Submissions from 2010

Cultural influences on strategic behavior of hotel executives: Masculinity/femininity, Baker Ayoub, Radesh Palakurthi, and Patrick J. Moreo

Individualism-collectivism insights into the strategic behavior of hotel managers, Baker Ayoun, Radesh Palakurthi, and Patrick J. Moreo

A Model of Historical Development and Future Trends of Italian Cuisine in America, Angelo Camillo, Woo Gon Kim, Patrick J. Moreo, and Bill Ryan


How closely is CEO compensation tied to performance? An examination of the U.S. restaurant industry, Michael C. Dalbor, Seonghee Oak, and Toni A. Repetti

Hospitality & Tourism Educators vs. The Industry: A competency assessment, Michelle Millar, Zhenxing Mao, and Patrick J. Moreo

Increased interest expense and management’s expense preference behaviour of publicly-traded restaurant firms, Arun Upneja, Michael C. Dalbor, Nan Hua, and Toni A. Repetti

Submissions from 2009

Impact of time orientation on the strategic behavior of Thai and American hotel managers, Baker Ayoun and Patrick J. Moreo

Submissions from 2007

Job Satisfaction of United States Secondary Hospitality Teachers: Using Job Satisfaction Survey for Hospitality Teachers (JSSHT), Yen-soon Kim and Patrick J. Moreo

Hotel Operations Simulation and Auditing Manual, Patrick J. Moreo, Gail Sammons, and Cihan Coboanoglu

Submissions from 2006

Housekeeping Operational Audits: A Questionnaire Approach, Donald F. Wood, Patrick J. Moreo, and Gail Sammons

Submissions from 2005

Hospitality Educators’ Perceptions of Ethics Education and the Implications for Hospitality Educators, Practitioners, and Students, Ronnie Yeh, Lynda J. Martin, Patrick J. Moreo, Bill Ryan, and Kayte M. Perry

Submissions from 2004

Hospitality Research: A Comparison of Industry Professionals' and Educators' Perceptions, Cihan Cobanoglu, Patrick J. Moreo, and Donald F. Wood

Reasons for Employee Turnover Among Room Attendants: Managers' Perspectives, Melih Mandanoglu

Submissions from 2003

A Comparative Study of the Importance of Hotel Selection Components by Turkish Business Travelers, Cihan Cobanoglu PhD, Kadir Corbaci PhD, Patrick J. Moreo EdD, and Yuksel Ekinci PhD

Submissions from 2001

Hospitality Research: Educators’ Perceptions, Cihan Cobanoglu PhD and Patrick J. Moreo EdD

A Comparison of Mail, Fax and Web-Based Survey Methods, Cihan Cobanoglu PhD, Bill Warde, and Patrick J. Moreo EdD

Submissions from 2000

Front Office Operations and Auditing Workbook, Patrick J. Moreo EdD, Gail Sammons, and Jeff Beck

Submissions from 1999

Marketplace Needs of Female Business Travelers, Gail Sammons, Patrick J. Moreo EdD, Lori Benson, and Frederick J. DeMicco Dr.

Submissions from 1997

What’s In a Name? An Exploration of Program Names in the Field of Hospitality Education, Priscilla Bloomquist PhD and Patrick J. Moreo EdD

Submissions from 1996

Front Office Operations and Night Audit Workbook, Patrick J. Moreo EdD, Gail Sammons, James Dougan, and Jim Dougan

Submissions from 1994

The Paradigm Shift from Domination/Control to Partnership: Hospitality Human Resource Management's Changing Role in Total Quality Management, John A. Williams, Frederick J. DeMicco Dr., Patrick J. Moreo EdD, and James Keiser

Submissions from 1993

The Cornerstone of Hospitality Management Education: An Interview with Lendal H. Kotschevar, Kathleen Pearl Brewer PhD, Gail Sammons PhD, Robert M. Kok EdD, and Patrick J. Moreo EdD

A Qualitative “Analysis of Hotel Services Desired by Female Business Travelers, Robert A. Howell, Patrick J. Moreo EdD, and Frederick J. DeMicco Dr.

Submissions from 1992

Marketplace Lodging Needs of Mature Travelers, Mangala Ananth, Frederick J. DeMicco Dr., Patrick J. Moreo EdD, and Richard M. Howey

Submissions from 1990

Incorporation of Operational Audits in Hotel Front Office Courses, Patrick J. Moreo EdD and Katheryn S. Savage

Submissions from 1988

Autonomous Hotel and Restaurant Schools: An Emerging Model, Patrick J. Moreo EdD

European Hospitality Education: An American Perspective, Patrick J. Moreo EdD and David C. Christianson

Submissions from 1980

Control, Bureaucracy and the Hospitality Industry: An Organization Perspective, Patrick J. Moreo EdD