Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences Faculty.


Submissions from 2016


The Influence of Experimental Design on the Detection of Performance Differences, Barry T Bates, Janet Dufek, C R. James, J R. Harry, and J D. Eggleston


Age and sex influences on running mechanics and coordination variability, K A. Boyer, Julia Freedman-Silvernail, and J Hamill

Consistency of lower body dimensions using surface landmarks and simple measurement tools, Johnpaul Caia, Lawrence Weiss, Loren Chiu, Brian Schilling, and Max Paquette

Do Lower Body Dimensions and Body Composition Explain Vertical Jump Ability?, Johnpaul Caia, Lawrence Weiss, Loren Chiu, Brian Schilling, Max Paquette, and George Relyea


Triathlon wetsuit removal strategy: physiological cost of running with a wetsuit, Mihaela Ciulei, A Prado, J Navalta, and J A. Mercer

Self Reported physical tasks and exercise training in special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams, Matthew Davis, Richard Easter, Jonathan Carlock, Lawrence Weiss, Elizabeth Longo, Lisa Smith, J Dawes, and Brian Schilling


Modulation of the cutaneous silent period in the upper-limb with whole-body instability, N R. Eckert, Brach Poston, and Z A. Riley


Resting Extracellular Signal-Regulated Protein Kinase 1/2 Expression Following a Continuum of Chronic Resistance Exercise Training Paradigms, Andrew J. Galpin, Andrew C. Fry, Justin X. Nicoll, Christopher A. Moore, Brian K. Schilling, and Donald B. Thomason


Attentional Focus in Classical Ballet: A Survey Of Professional Dancers, C Guss-West and Gabriele Wulf


In Memoriam: Richard Allen Schmidt (1941 - 2015), T D. Lee, Gabriele Wulf, C J. Winstein, and H N. Zelaznik


Joint stiffness and running economy during imposed forefoot strike before and after a long run in rearfoot strike runners, D A. Melcher, M R. Paquette, Brian Schilling, and R J. Bloomer


Neuromechanical synergies in single-leg landing reveal changes in movement control, A D. Nordin and Janet Dufek


Enhanced expectancies facilitate golf putting, Kimberly Palmer, S Chiviacowsky, and Gabriele Wulf


The effects of gait retraining in runners with patellofemoral pain: A randomized trial, J L. Roper, E M. Harding, D Doerfler, J G. Dexter, L Kravitz, Janet Dufek, and C M. Mermier


Physiological Responses and Hedonics during Prolonged Physically Interactive Videogame Play, Antonio S Santo, J E. Barkley, P S. Hafen, and J Navalta

Does wearing a triathlon wetsuit influence resting blood pressure for females?, M Soucy, M Ciulei, and John Mercer


Endothelial nitric oxide synthase Glu298Asp gene polymorphism influences body composition and biochemical parameters but not the nitric oxide response to eccentric resistance exercise in elderly obese women, T G. Teixeira, R A. Tibana, D D.C. Nascimento, N MF de Sousa, V C. de Souza, D CL Vieira, O DT Nóbrega, J A. de Almeida, James Navalta, and J Prestes


Why did Tiger Woods shoot 82? A commentary on Toner and Moran (2015), Gabriele Wulf


Optimizing performance through intrinsic motivation and attention for learning: The OPTIMAL theory of motor learning, G Wulf and R Lewthwaite

Submissions from 2015


Performance of a Gymnastics Skill Benefits from an External Focus of Attention, Reza Abdollahipour, Gabriele Wulf, Rudolf Psotta, and Miriam Palomo


Visual Illusions can Facilitate Sport Skill Learning, Guillaume Chauvel, Gabriele Wulf, and Francois Maquestiaux


Review of Foot Plantar Pressure—Focus on the Development of Foot Ulcerations, Jessica DeBerardinis, Mohamed B. Trabia, and Janet S. Dufek


Comparison of Lower Limb Segments Kinematics in a Taekwondo Kick. An Approach to the Proximal to Distal Motion., Isaac Estevan, Coral Falco, Julia Silvernail, and Daniel Jandacka

The Influence of a Padded Hand Wrap on Punching Force in Elite and Untrained Punchers, Andrew J. Galpin, Colleen N. Gulick, Kathy Jacobo, Brian Schilling, Scott K. Lynn, Ryan T. McManus, Pablo B. Costa, and Lee E. Brown


Changes in Coordination and its Variability with an Increase in Running Cadence., J F. Hafer, J Freedman Silvernail, H J. Hillstrom, and K A. Boyer


Effects of Footwear Condition on Maximal Jumping Performance, John R. Harry, Max R. Paquette, Johnpaul Caia, Robert J. Townsend, Lawrence W. Weiss, and Brian Schilling


Kinematic and Ground Reaction Force Accommodation During Weighted Walking., C. Roger James, Lee T. Atkins, Hyung S. Yang, Janet S. Dufek, and Barry T. Bates


Choose to Move: The Motivational Impact of Autonomy Dupport on Motor Learning, Rebecca Lewthwaite, Suzete Chiviacowsky, Ricardo Drews, and Gabriele Wulf


The self: Your Own Worst Enemy? A Test of the Self-Invoking Trigger Hypothesis., Brad McKay, Gabriele Wulf, Rebecca Lewthwaite, and Andrew Nordin

Effects of Imposed Foot Strike Before and After a Long Run on Joint Stiffness in Rearfoot Strike Runners, Daniel A. Melcher, Max R. Paquette, and Brian K. Schilling

Using Hexoskin Wearable Technology to Obtain Body Metrics During Trail Hiking, Jeffrey Montes, Tori M. Stone, Jacob W. Manning, Damon McCune, Debra K. Tacad, John C. Young, Mark DeBeliso, and James W. Navalta

Relationship Between Selected Measures of Power and Strength and Linear Running Speed Amongst Special Weapons and Tactics Police Officers, Rob Orr, J Dawes, Craig Elder, Katie Krall, Michael Stierli, and Brian Schilling


Additive Benefits of External Focus and Enhanced Performance Expectancy for Motor Learning, Luigi AM Pascua, Gabriele Wulf, and Rebecca Lewthwaite

The Effects of MSM Supplementation on Knee Kinetics during Running, Muscle Strength, and Muscle Soreness following Eccentric Exercise-Induced Quadriceps Damage, Shelby A. Peel, Daniel A. Melcher, Brian K. Schilling, Richard J. Bloomer, and Max R. Paquette

The influence of transcranial direct current stimulation timing on motor skill acquisition in older adults, Brach J. Poston, Austuny K. Jackson, Zachary A. Riley, Ryan R. Walsh, Erica L. Heisler, and Jay L. Alberts

Moderate Intensity Resistance Training Significantly Elevates Testosterone following Upper Body and Lower Body Bouts when Total Volume is held Constant, Robert R. Rietjens, Tori M. Stone, Jeffrey Montes, John C. Young, Richard D. Tandy, Jenifer C. Utz, and James W. Navalta


Running Mechanics and Variability with Aging., Julia Freedman Silvernail, KATHERINE Boyer, ERIC Rohr, GERT PETER Brüggemann, and JOSEPH Hamill


Response, Julia Freedman Silvernail, Katherine Boyer, Eric Rohr, Gret-Peter BRÜGGEMANN, and Joseph Hamill


Normalizing Foot Moment Arm Lengths in Men and Women: Effect on Reliability and Precision: 2053 Board# 5 May 28, 3: 15 PM-5: 15 PM, Lawrence W. Weiss, Johnpaul Caia, Loren ZF Chiu, Brian Schilling, and Max R. Paquette


External Focus and Autonomy Support: Two Important Factors in Motor Learning have Additive Benefits, Gabriele Wulf, Suzete Chiviacowsky, and Ricardo Drews

Submissions from 2014

Maximal Strength, Power, and Aerobic Endurance Adaptations to Concurrent Strength and Sprint Interval Training, Gregory Cantrell, Brian Schilling, Max Paquette, and Zsolt Murlasits

Kansas Squat Test: A Reliable Indicator of Short Term Anaerobic Power, Andrew Fry, Rebecca Kudrna, Michael Falvo, Richard Bloomer, Christopher Moore, Brian Schilling, and Lawrence Weiss

Muscle Activation During Various Hamstring Exercises, Matthew McAllister, Kelley Hammond, Brian Schilling, Lucas Ferreria, Jacob Reed, and Lawrence Weiss

Snatch Technique of United States National Level Weightlifters, Paul Whitehead, Brian Schilling, Michael Stone, J Kilgore, and Loren Chiu

Changing patients’ focus of attention to enhance motor performance and learning, Gabriele Wulf Ph.D.

Submissions from 2013

Effect of Grip Width on Electromyographic Activity During the Upright Row, Matthew McAllister, Brian Schilling, Kelly Hammond, Lawrence Weiss, and Tyler Farney

Acute Neuromuscular and Metabolic Responses to Concurrent Endurance and Resistance Exercise, Jacob Reed, Brian Schilling, and Zsolt Murlasits

Pharmacokinetic Data Distinguish Abusive Versus Dietary Supplement Uses of 1,3-Dimethylamylamine, Joseph Rodricks, Michael Lumpkin, and Brian Schilling


Physiological and Pharmacokinetic Effects of Oral 1,3-Dimethylamylamine Administration in Men, Brian Schilling, Kelley Hammond, Richard Bloomer, Chaela Presley, and Charles Yates


Resistance Training for Parkinson’s Disease, Brian K. Schilling and Kelley G. Hammond

Reliability of Goniometry-Based Q-Angle, Lawrence Weiss, Bradley Deforest, Kelly Hammond, Brian Schilling, and Lucas Ferreira

Submissions from 2012

Effects of 2-Nitrooxy Ethyl 2-Amino 3-Methylbutanoate Gel on Resistance Exercise Performance and Blood Nitrate/Nitrite in Resistance Trained Men, Richard Bloomer, Rick Alleman, Greg Cantrell, Tyler Farney, and Brian Schilling

Absence of Blood Oxidative Stress in Trained Men after Strenuous Exercise, Tyler Farney, Cameron McCarthy, Robert Canale, Brian Schilling, Paul Whitehead, and Richard Bloomer

Association Of Drop Vertical Jump Displacement With Select Performance Variables, Christina Feldmann, Lawrence Weiss, Brian Schilling, and Paul Whitehead

High-Power Resistance Exercise Induces MAPK Phosphorylation in Weightlifting Trained Men, Andrew Galpin, Andrew Fry, Loren Chiu, Donald Thomason, and Brian Schilling


Impact of a Dietary Supplement Containing 1,3-Dimethylamylamine on Blood Pressure and Bloodborne Markers of Health: a 10-Week Intervention Study, Paul Whitehead, Brian Schilling, Tyler Farney, and Richard Bloomer

Possible New Modalities for the Navy Physical Readiness Test, Paul Whitehead, Brian Schilling, David Peterson, and Lawrence Weiss

Submissions from 2010


Comparison of Pre Workout Nitric Oxide Stimulating Dietary Supplements on Skeletal Muscle Oxygen Saturation, Blood Nitrate/Nitrite, Lipid Peroxidation, and Upper Body Exercise Performance in Resistance Trained Men, Richard Bloomer, Tyler Farney, John Trepanowski, Cameron McCarthy, Robert Canale, and Brian Schilling

Structural and Functional Predictors of Drop Vertical Jump, Lucas Ferreira, Lawrence Weiss, Kelley Hammond, and Brian Schilling

A Noninvasive, Log Transform Method for Fiber Type Discrimination Using Mechanomyography, Trent Herda, Terry Housh, Andrew Fry, Joseph Weir, Brian Schilling, Eric Ryan, and Joel Cramer

Ground reaction force comparison of controlled resistance methods to isoinertial loading of the squat exercise - biomed 2010, David Paulus, M Reynolds, and Brian Schilling


Effects of Moderate Volume, High Load Lower Body Resistance Training on Strength and Function in Persons with Parkinson’s Disease: A Pilot Study, Brian Schilling, Ronald Pfeiffer, Mark LeDoux, Robyn Karlage, Richard Bloomer, and Michael Falvo

Submissions from 2009

An Examination of the Relationships Among Myosin Heavy Chain Isoform Content, Isometric Strength, and Mechanomyographic Median Frequency, Travis Beck, Terry Housh, Andrew Fry, Joel Cramer, Joseph Weir, Brian Schilling, Michael Falvo, and Christopher Moore

A Wavelet Based Analysis of Surface Mechanomyographic Signals from the Quadriceps Femoris, Travis Beck, Terry Housh, Andrew Fry, Joel Cramer, Joseph Weir, Brian Schilling, Michael Falvo, and Christopher Moore

MMG-EMG Cross Spectrum and Muscle Fiber Type, Travis Beck, Terry Housh, Andrew Fry, Joel Cramer, Joseph Weir, Brian Schilling, Michael Falvo, and Christopher Moore

Wavelet-Based Analysis of Surface Mechanomyographic Signals from Subjects with Differences in Myosin Heavy Chain Isoform Content, Travis Beck, Terry Housh, Andrew Fry, Joel Cramer, Joseph Weir, Brian Schilling, Michael Falvo, and Christopher Moore


Effect of the Dietary Supplement Meltdown on Catecholamine Secretion, Markers of Lipolysis, and Metabolic Rate in Men and Women: a Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Cross­over Study, Richard Bloomer, Robert Canale, Megan Blankenship, Kelley Hammond, Kelsey Fisher-Wellman, and Brian Schilling

Postprandial Oxidative Stress: Influence of Sex and Exercise Training Status, Richard Bloomer, David Ferbee, Kelsey Fisher-Wellman, John Quindry, and Brian Schilling


Dietary Supplement Increases Plasma Norepinephrine, Lipolysis, and Metabolic Rate in Resistance Trained Men, Richard Bloomer, Kelley Fisher-Wellman, Kelley Hammond, Brian Schilling, Adrianna Weber, and Bradford Cole


Effect of Eicosapentaenoic and Docosahexaenoic Acid on Resting and Exercise Induced Inflammatory and Oxidative Stress Biomarkers: A Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Cross­over Study, Richard Bloomer, Douglas Larson, Kelsey Fisher-Wellman, Andrew Galpin, and Brian Schilling

Repeated Bout Effect is Absent in Resistance Trained Men: an Electromyographic Analysis, Michael Falvo, Brian Schilling, Richard Bloomer, and Webb Smith

Acute Exercise Does Not Attenuate Postprandial Oxidative Stress in Prediabetic Women, Courtnee Melton, Patrick Tucker, Kelsey Fisher-Wellman, Brian Schilling, and Richard Bloomer

Ground reaction force comparison of bilateral symmetry with pneumatic resistance squat device and free weights - biomed 2009, David Paulus and Brian Schilling

Effects of Unstable Surface Training on Measures of Balance in Older Adults, Brian Schilling, Michael Falvo, Robyn Karlage, Lawrence Weiss, Corey Lohnes, and Loren Chiu

Impaired Leg Extensor Strength in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease and Relatedness to Functional Mobility, Brian Schilling, Robyn Karlage, Mark LeDoux, Ronald Pfeiffer, Lawrence Weiss, and Michael Falvo

Submissions from 2007

Relationship of Jumping and Agility Performance in Female Volleyball Athletes, Jacque Barnes, Brian Schilling, Michael Falvo, Lawrence Weiss, Andrew Creasy, and Andrew Fry

The Influence of Muscle Fiber Type Composition on the Patterns of Responses for Electromyographic and Mechanomyographic Amplitude and Mean Power Frequency During a Fatiguing Submaximal Isometric Muscle Action, Travis Beck, Terry Housh, Andrew Fry, Joel Cramer, Joseph Weir, Brian Schilling, Michael Falvo, and Christopher Moore


Prior Exercise and Antioxidant Supplementation: Effect on Oxidative Stress and Muscle Injury, Richard Bloomer, Michael Falvo, Brian Schilling, and Webb Smith

Efficacy of Prior Eccentric Exercise in Attenuating Impaired Exercise Performance after Muscle Injury in Resistance Trained Men, Michael Falvo, Brian Schilling, Richard Bloomer, Richard Bloomer, Webb Smith, and Andrea Creasy

Cortisol and Stress Responses During a Game and Practice in Female Collegiate Soccer Players, Kanae Haneishi, Andrew Fry, Christopher Moore, Brian Schilling, Yuhua Li, and Mary Fry

Acute Effects of Augmented Eccentric Loading on Jump Squat Performance, CHRISTOPHER MOORE, Lawrence Weiss, Brian Schilling, Andrew Fry, and Yuhua Li

Submissions from 2006

Oxidative Stress Response in Trained Men following Repeated Squats or Sprints, Richard Bloomer, Michael Falvo, Andrew Fry, Brian Schilling, Webb Smith, and Christopher Moore

Techniques and Considerations for Determining Isoinertial Upper­body Power, Michael Falvo, Brian Schilling, and LAWRENCE WEISS

Effect of A Liquid Multivitamin/Mineral Supplement on Anaerobic Exercise Performance, Andrew Fry, Richard Bloomer, Michael Falvo, Christopher Moore, Brian Schilling, and Lawrence Weiss

Anthropometric and Performance Variables Discriminating Elite American Junior Men Weightlifters, Andrew Fry, D Ciroslan, M Fry, C LeRoux, Brian Schilling, and L Chiu

Beta2-Adrenergic Receptor Downregulation and Performance Decrements During High-Intensity Resistance Exercise Overtraining, Andrew Fry, Brian Schilling, LAWRENCE WEISS, and L Chiu

Submissions from 2005

Astaxanthin Supplementation Does Not Attenuate Muscle Injury Following Eccentric Exercise in Resistance-Trained Men, Richard Bloomer, Andrew Fry, Brian Schilling, Loren Chiu, Naruhiro Hori, and Lawrence Weiss

A Primer on Weightlifting: From Sport to Sports Training, Chiu Loren and Brian Schilling