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Housekeeping Operational Audits: A Questionnaire Approach
Donald F. Wood, Patrick J. Moreo, and Gail Sammons


Hotel Operations Simulation and Auditing Manual
Patrick J. Moreo, Gail Sammons, and Cihan Coboanoglu


Hospitality Programs at Four-Year Universities in South Korea
Yen-soon Kim, Patrick J. Moreo, and Carola Raab


Hospitality & Tourism Educators vs. The Industry: A competency assessment
Michelle Millar, Zhenxing Mao, and Patrick J. Moreo


Individualism-collectivism insights into the strategic behavior of hotel managers
Baker Ayoun, Radesh Palakurthi, and Patrick J. Moreo


Cultural influences on strategic behavior of hotel executives: Masculinity/femininity
Baker Ayoub, Radesh Palakurthi, and Patrick J. Moreo


A Model of Historical Development and Future Trends of Italian Cuisine in America
Angelo Camillo, Woo Gon Kim, Patrick J. Moreo, and Bill Ryan


Sweet Land of Liberty: The Gay Marriage Amendment in Nevada
David F. Damore, Ted G. Jelen, and Michael W. Bowers


Conclusion: the political roles of religion
Ted G. Jelen and Clyde Wilcox

*Updated as of 03/28/15.