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Work-Life Culture of Collegiate Athletics: Perceptions of Supervisors
Jennifer Bruening PhD, Marlene Dixon PhD, Bonnie Tiell PhD, Barbara Osborne, Nancy L. Lough, and Kristi Sweeney PhD


The Work/Life Interface in Intercollegiate Athletics: An Examination of Policies, Programs, and Institutional Climate
Marlene Dixon, Bonnie Tiell, Nancy L. Lough, Kristy Sweeney, Barbara Osborne, and Jennifer Bruening


Women Leaders in Sport: Where's the Gender Equity?
Dana Massengale and Nancy L. Lough


Commodification and Commercialization
Nancy L. Lough and Ceyda Mumcu


Perspectives of Title IX Pioneers: Equity, Equality & Need
Lisa Melanie Rubin and Nancy L. Lough


The Many Faces of Formative Assessment
Judith C. Stull, Susan Jansen Varnum, Joseph P. Ducette, and John Schiller


The Effects of Formative Assessment, Pre-lecture Online Chapter Quizzes, and Student-initiated Inquiries to the Instructor on Academic Achievement
Judith C. Stull, David M. Majerich, Matthew L. Bernacki PhD, Susan Jansen Varnum, and Joseph P. Docette


Science Diaries: a Brief Writing Intervention to Improve Motivation to Learn Science
Matthew L. Bernacki PhD, Timothy J. Nokes-Malach, Elizabeth J. Richey, and Daniel M. Belenky

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