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Magnetotactic Bacteria as Potential Sources of Bioproducts
Ana Carolina V. Araujo, Fernanda Abreu, Karen Tavares Silva, Dennis A. Bazylinski, and Ulysses Lins


A Land Ferry System to Alleviate Increasing Costs of Maintaining the I-80 Transportation Corridor: An Economic Assessment
Steve Merrill, Alexander Paz, Victor Molano, Pankaj Maheshwari, Pramen P. Shrestha, Rebecca Conover, and Haroon Stephen


Review of China's Legal System by Pitman B. Potter
Yudu Li, Hong Lu, and Bin Liang


CSEC Fast Facts 2014
Margaret A. Kennedy


Julia Freedman Silvernail, Katherine Boyer, Eric Rohr, Gret-Peter BRÜGGEMANN, and Joseph Hamill


The influence of transcranial direct current stimulation timing on motor skill acquisition in older adults
Brach J. Poston, Austuny K. Jackson, Zachary A. Riley, Ryan R. Walsh, Erica L. Heisler, and Jay L. Alberts


What Determines the Surgical Patient Experience? Exploring the Patient, Clinical Staff, and Administration Perspectives
Olena Mazurenko, Dina M. Zemke, Noelle Lefforge, Stowe Shoemaker, and Nir Menachemi


What Determines Patient Experience? Exploring Patient, Clinical Staff, and Management Perspectives
Olena Mazureknko, Dina Zemke, Noelle Lefforge, Nir Menachemi, and Stowe Shoemaker


Conceptual Model of Customer-Company Interaction in Value Co-Creation
Lenna Shulga, James Busser, and Tony Henthorne


Academic misconduct: The instructor's responsibility
Stefan W. Cosentino, James Drake, and William B. Werner


Toddlers and Technology
Stephen Fife and Elisa Young


Review of Building Your Ideal Private Practice, by Lynn Grodzki
Elisa Straub, Valentina Pischchanskaya-Cayanan, and Stephen Fife

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