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Bereavement-related regret trajectories among widowed older adults
Jason M. Holland PhD, Kara L. Thompson, Vincent Rozalski, and Wendy G. Lichtenthal


The unique impact of late-life bereavement and prolonged grief on diurnal cortisol
Jason M. Holland PhD, Vincent Rozalski, Kara L. Thompson, Roanne Joy Tiongson, Alan F. Schatzberg, Ruth O'Hara, and Dolores Gallagher-Thompson


Psychosocial predictors of salivary cortisol among older adults with depression
Jason M. Holland PhD, Johanna Rengifo, Joseph M. Currier PhD, Ruth O'Hara, Keith Sudheimer, and Dolores Gallagher-Thompson


Sadness, anxiety, and experiences with emotional support among Veteran and non-Veteran patients and their families at the end of life
Jason M. Holland, Joseph M. Currier, Abbie M. Kirkendall, Jennifer Reid Keene, and Nora A. Luna


Erin E. Hannon


Evaluation of a truancy diversion program at nine at-risk middle schools
Courtney Marie Haight, Gillian V. Chapman, Marisa Charlene Hendron, Rachel Marie Loftis, and Christopher A. Kearney


Change deafness and object encoding with recognizable and unrecognizable sounds
Melissa K. Gregg, Vanessa C. Irsik, and Joel S. Snyder


Developmental aspects and neurobiological correlates of verbal working and associative memory
G. Goldstein, Daniel N. Allen, Nicholas Shizuo Thaler, J. F. Luther, K. Panchalingam, and J. W. Pettegrew


A controlled evaluation of family behavior therapy in concurrent child neglect and drug abuse
Brad Donohue, Nathan H. Azrin, Kelsey Michael Bradshaw, Vincent B. van Hasselt, Chad L. Cross, Jessica Urgelles, and Daniel N. Allen

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