AANAPISI Poster Presentations

Disaggregating Cancer Disparities Among Asians: The Case of Pacific Islanders

Manuel M. Villarosa, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Betty Burston, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Health and health care disparities, although oftentimes viewed as a national problem is, in reality, a global problem. Life expectancy of residents of Monaco have a life expectancy of 89.52 years relative to 79.68 years for persons who live in the United States. Residents of the United States have a life expectancy that is almost a full decade less than residents of Monaco. Children, teens, and adults who live in Chad, the disparity in life expectancy is even more severe – 49.8 relative to Monaco’s 89.52 (Central Intelligence Agency, 2015). Gibbons, (2015), describing a history of health disparity research that is traceable to the 18th and 19th century, demonstrates the criticality of researchers serving as the first point in a lengthy chain that results in policies being passed and actions being taken to address health and healthcare disparities.