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Limited research have examined the ethnic differences in gambling and drinking among emerging adults, therefore; little is known about what is placing Asian American at-risk for involvement with these behaviors. The purpose of this study was to examine ethnic differences in risk factors between Asian Americans and White Americans for gambling and drinking at the two levels of involvement: abstinence and problems. The main objective 1) if there are ethnic differences among emerging adults in gambling and drinking involvement, 2) why these differences exist, and 3) which impulsivity and psychological distress variables are specific to each of these ethnic groups. The sample consisted of college students, A total of 823 participants, 414 (50.3%) females and 409 (49.7%) males, with an age range of 18-36 from the psychology subject pool of a large West Coast university were selected for this study. The sample was composed of 464 (56.4%) Asian Americans and 359 (43.6%) White Americans. White Americans were found to abstain less and develop more problems associated with drinking. No ethnic differences were found for gambling abstinence. Asian Americans were developing more problems gambling compared to White Americans. Ethnic differences were also found through risk-factors at each level of involvement with Asian Americans being highly correlated to psychological distress risk-factors and White Americans impulsivity factors. Of these risk factors, depression and belief in good luck (BIGL) mediated for problem gambling and social anxiety mediated for drinking abstinence. Overall, results indicated an increase need for more culturally sensitive and comprehensive based treatment and prevention programs.


Asian Americans; Caucasian race; College students; Drinking of alcoholic beverages; Gambling


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