Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Department of Accounting Faculty.


Submissions from 2020

Error or Fraud? The Effect of Omissions on Management’s Fraud Strategies and Auditors’ Evaluations of Identified Misstatements, Erin Hamilton

The Cost Stickiness of Information Technology Material Weaknesses: An Intertemporal Comparison Between It-Related and Other Material Weaknesses, Patricia Navarro, Sean W.G. Robb, Steve G. Sutton, and Martin M. Weisner

An Investigation of Corporate Directors' Responses to CEO Pay Ratio Disclosures and Say‐On‐Pay Votes, Carolyn Strand Norman, Anna M. Rose, Jacob M. Rose, and Ikseon Suh

Why Financial Executives Do Bad Things: The Effects of the Slippery Slope and Tone at the Top on Misreporting Behavior, Anna M. Rose, Jacob M. Rose, Ikseon Suh, Jay Thibodeau, Kristina Linke, and Carolyn Strand Norman

How Fraud Risk Decomposition Affects Auditors' Fraud Risk Assessments, Chad A. Simon, Jason L. Smith, and Mark F. Zimbelman

The Reel Wheel: Using Analytical Procedures as Substantive Tests of Account Balances, Jason L. Smith and Nathaniel M. Stephens

Do Management Training Grounds Reduce Internal Auditor Objectivity and External Auditor Reliance? The Infuence of Family Firms, Ikseon Suh, Adi Masli, and John T. Sweeney

An Investigation of Corporate Directors’ Responses to CEO Pay Ratio Disclosures and Say-on-Pay Votes (Second Round Review), Ikseon Suh, Carolyn Strand Norman, Anna M. Rose, and Jacob M. Rose

Initiative to Stop the Violence: Sadat's Assassins and the Renunciation of Political Violence, John C. Zimmerman

Jihad and Death: The Global Appeal of the Islamic State, John C. Zimmerman

Submissions from 2015


Benefit Corporation Legislation and the Emergence of a Social Hybrid Category, Hans N. Rawhouser, Michael E. Cummings, and Andrew Crane