Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Department of Accounting Faculty.


Submissions from 2018


The Influence of a Good Relationship between the Internal Audit and Information Security Functions on Information Security Outcomes, Paul John Steinbart, Robyn L. Raschke, Graham Gal, and William N. Dilla

Submissions from 2017


Do Organizations Use a Formalized Risk Management Process to Address Social Media Risk?, Kristina C. Demek, Robyn L. Raschke, Diane J. Janvrin, and William N. Dilla


The Effects of an Auditor's Communication Mode and Professional Tone on Client Responses to Audit Inquiries, Aaron Saiewitz and Thomas Kida

Submissions from 2015


Benefit Corporation Legislation and the Emergence of a Social Hybrid Category, Hans N. Rawhouser, Michael E. Cummings, and Andrew Crane