Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Allied Health Sciences Faculty.


Submissions from 2018


Assessing the Validity of Pressure-measuring Insoles in Quantifying Gait Variables, Jessica DeBerardinis, Janet S. Dufek, Mohamed B. Trabia, and Daniel E. Lidstone

Walking Mechanics and Movement Pattern Variability in Monozygotic Twins with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Janet S. Dufek, John R. Harry, Jeffrey D. Eggleston, and Robbin A. Hickman

Lower Extremity Joint Stiffness during Walking Distinguishes Children With and Without Autism, Jeffrey D. Eggleston, John R. Harry, and Janet S. Dufek


Examination of Gait Parameters during Perturbed Over-Ground Walking In Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Jeffrey D. Eggleston, Merrill R. Landers, Barry T. Bates, Ed Nagelhout, and Janet S. Dufek


Performance Differences among Skilled Soccer Players of Different Playing Positions during Vertical Jumping and Landing, John R. Harry, Leland A. Barker, Roger James, and Janet S. Dufek

Kinetic and Electromyographic Subphase Characteristics With Relation to Countermovement Vertical Jump Performance, John R. Harry, Maximilian R. Paquette, Brian K. Schilling, Leland A. Barker, C. Roger James, and Janet S. Dufek


Immediate Preoperative Outcomes of Pain Neuroscience Education for Patients Undergoing Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Case Series, Adriaan Louw PhD, Kory Zimney, Jordan Reed, Merrill R. Landers, and Emilio J. Puentedura


Introduction to Photodynamic Therapy Issue, Steen Madsen PhD and David Kessel


Potential Utility of a Loaded Treadmill Protocol for Tactical Athletes, James T. Swearingen, Lawrence W. Weiss, Webb A. Smith, Mark D. Stephenson, and Brian K. Schilling

Submissions from 2017


Photochemical Internalization Enhanced Macrophage Delivered Chemotherapy, Diane Shin, Catherine Christie, David Ju, Rohit Kumar Nair, Stephanie Molina, Kristian Berg, Tatiana B. Krasieva, Steen J. Madsen, and Henry Hirschberg

Submissions from 2015

Cognitive Sequelae of Cancer Treatment, B. P. Daly and Ronald Brown

Self-regulatory theory and weight-loss maintenance, Rylan Testa and Ronald Brown

Submissions from 2014

Imagine the Possibilities, Ronald Brown

Reinventing higher education in the 21st century, Ronald Brown

Training in Academic Health Centers: A Noble Calling, Ronald Brown

Health Related and Somatic Symptom Disorders, Ronald Brown, D. Ellis, and S. Naar-King

Submissions from 2012

The Health Education for Lupus Patients (H.E.L.P.) Study: A Randomized Controlled Cognitive-behavioral Intervention Targeting Psychosocial Adjustment and Quality of Life in Adolescent Females with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Ronald Brown, Stephanie R. Shafman, Barbara C. Tilley, Kelly K. Anthony, Melanie J. Bonner, Mary C. Kral, Bonnie Maxson, Larry Volger, Laura E. Schanberg, Mark A. Connelley, Janelle L. Wagner, Richard M. Silver, and Paul J. Nietert

Central Nervous System, Brian Daly, Dawn Eichen, Brooke Bailer, Ronald Brown, and Cindy Buchanan

Ameliorating Attention Problems in Children With Sickle Cell Disease: A Pilot Study of Methylphenidate, Brian Daly, Kral Mary, Ronald Brown, David Elkin, Avi Madan-Swain, Monica Mitchell, Lori Crosby, David DeMatteo, Angela LaRosa, and Sherron Jackson

Submissions from 2011

Pharmacotherapy, Ronald Brown

Gilles de la Tourette’s Syndrome, A. Hughes, Brian Daly, and Ronald Brown

A Research Model for Investigating the Effects of Artificial Food Colorings on Children With ADHD, Ronald Kleinman, Ronald Brown, Gary Cutter, George DuPaul, and Fergus Clydesdale

ADHD: Clinical Practice Guideline for the Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents, M. Wolraich, L. Brown, Ronald Brown, George DuPaul, M. Earls, H. Feldman, T. Ganiats, B. Kaplanek, B. Meyer, J. Perrin, K. Pierce, M. Reiff, M. Stein, and S. Visser

Submissions from 2010

Rheumatology, Ronald Brown, Brian Daly, and R Beidas

Pediatric Psychology, Ronald Brown and Abby Harvey

Long-Term Efficacy of Methylphenidate in Enhancing Attention Regulation, Social Skills, and Academic Abilities of Childhood Cancer Survivors, Heather Conklin, Wilburn Reddick, Jason Ashford, Susan Ogg, Scott Howard, Brannon Morris, Ronald Brown, Melanie Bonner, Robbin Christensen, Shengjie Wu, Xiaoping Xiong, and Raja Khan

Incorporating Recognition and Management of Perinatal and Postpartum Depression Into Pediatric Practice, Marian Earls, B. Siegel, M. Dobbins, A. Garner, L. McGuinn, J. Pascoe, D. Wood, Ronald Brown, M. Kupst, D. Martini, and M. Sheppard

Submissions from 2009

A time to consider health care reform: A reply to Rudd, Cordero, and Bryan, Ronald Brown

Neuropsychological Effects of Stimulant Medication on Children’s Learning and Behavior, Ronald Brown and Brian Daly

Mentoring In Research: A Developmental Approach, Ronald Brown, Brian P. Daly, and Frederick T. Leong

Pediatric Pharmacology and Psychopharmacology, Ronald T. Brown, Brian Daly, Johanna Carpenter, and Jeremy Cohen

Psychopharmacology in School-age Children, Ronald Brown and D Zygmont

The Future of Pediatrics: Mental Health Competencies for Pediatric Primary Care, W. Coleman, L. Wiener, M. Kupst, T. Brennan, T. Behrman, B. Compas, D. Elkin, D. Fairclough, S. Friebert, E. Katz, A. Kazak, A. Madan-Swain, N. Mansfield, L. Mullins, R. Noll, A. Phipps, O. Shaler, B. Sourkes, and L. Zeltzer

Predicting Methylphenidate Response in Long-Term Survivors of Childhood Cancer: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Trial, Heather Conklin, Susan Helton, Jason Ashford, Raymond Mulhern, Wilburn Reddick, Ronald Brown, Melanie Bonner, Bruce Jasper, Shengjie Wu, Xiaoping Xiong, and Raja Khan

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Brian Daly, J. Cohen, J. Carpenter, and Ronald Brown

Racial and Ethnic Disparity and Access to Care, Bernard Fuemmeler, L Moriarty, and Ronald Brown

Pediatric Burns, Kenneth J. Tarnowski and Ronald Brown

Submissions from 2008

Learning Disabilities: Complementary Views from Neuroscience, Neuropsychology and Public Health, Ronald Brown, B Daly, and G Stefanatos

Evidence-based Assessment of Cognitive Functioning in Pediatric Psychology, Jonathan Campbell, Ronald Brown, Sarah Cavanagh, Sarah Vess, and Matthew Segall

Cognitive and Academic Problems Associated with Childhood Cancers and Sickle Cell Disease, Brian Daly, Mary Kral, and Ronald Brown

Submissions from 2007

Scraping for Evidence: We Have Little Evidence of the Safety and Effectiveness of Mental Health Treatments for Children, Ronald Brown

Adjustment of Children and Their Mothers with Breast Cancer, Ronald Brown, Bernard Fuemmeler, Deborah Anderson, Sara Jamieson, Susan Simonian, Rayna Hall, and Frank Brescia

Measuring Outcomes in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Ronald Brown and James Perrin

Measuring Outcomes in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Ronald Brown and James Perrin

Acute Neurocognitive Response to Methylphenidate Among Survivors of Childhood Cancer: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Cross-Over Trial, Heather Conklin, Raja Khan, Wilburn Reddick, Susan Helton, Ronald Brown, Scott Howard, Melanie Bonner, Robbin Christensen, Shengjie Wu, Xiaoping Xiong, and Raymond Mulhern

Scholarly Literature Review: Management of Neurocognitive Late Effects with Stimulant Medication, Brian Daly and Ronald Brown

Psychosocial Treatments for Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Brian Daly, Torrey Creed, Melissa Xanthopoulos, and Ronald Brown

The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds, Kenneth Ginsburg, Donald Shifrin, Daniel Broughton, Benard Dreyer, Regina Milteer, Deborah Mulligan, Kathleen Nelson, Tanya Altmann, Michael Brody, Michelle Shuffett, Brian Wilcox, Carolyn Kolbaba, Veronica Noland, Marjorie Tharp, William Coleman, Marian Earls, Edward Goldson, Cheryl Hausman, Benjamin Siegel, Thomas Sullivan, J Tanner, Ronald Brown, Mary Kupst, Sally Longstaffe, Janet Mims, Frances Wren, George Cohen, and Karen Smith

Introduction to the Special Issue: A Tribute to the Life of Raymond K. Mulhern, Larry Kun and Ronald Brown

A Preliminary Investigation of Cognitive Late Effects and the Impact of Disease Versus Treatment Among Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients, Lloyd Taylor, Cara Reeves, Michael McCart, Reamer Bushardt, Scott Jensen, T. Elkin, Cameo Borntrager, Ronald Brown, Kit Simpson, and Thomas Boll

Submissions from 2006

Editorial: Pediatric Psychology and the National Institutes of Health, Ronald Brown

Report of the Working Group on Psychotropic Medications for Children and Adolescents: Psychopharmacological, Psychosocial, and Combined Interventions for Childhood Disorders: Evidence Base, Contextual Factors, and Future Directions, Ronald Brown

A Longitudinal Examination Predicting Emergency Room Use in Children with Sickle Cell Disease and Their Caregivers, Ronald Brown, Mark Connelly, Carrie Rittle, and Barbara Clouse

Atomoxetine in the Management of Children with ADHD: Effects on Quality of Life and School Functioning, Ronald Brown, Amy Perwien, Douglas Faries, Christopher Kratochvil, and Brigette Vaughan

Obituary: Raymond K. Mulhern (1949–2005), Ronald Brown and Sean Phipps

Managing Pediatric Pain at School, Ronald T. Brown

Adolescent Health and Chronic Illness, Ronald T. Brown, Alexandra Boeving, Angela LaRosa, and Laura Carpenter

Factor Analysis and Validity of the Conners Parent and Teacher Rating Scales in Childhood Cancer Survivors, Susan Helton, Robert Corwyn, Melanie Bonner, Ronald Brown, and Raymond Mulhern

Radiographic Predictors of Neurocognitive Functioning in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease, Mary Kral, Ronald Brown, Joel Cure, Nada Besenski, Sherron Jackson, and Miguel Abboud

Implementation and Assessment of an Empirically Validated Intervention Program to Prevent Tobacco Use Among African-American Middle-School Youth, Arnold Metz, Bernard Fuemmeler, and Ronald Brown

Atomoxetine Treatment in Children and Adolescents with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: What Are the Long-Term Health-Related Quality-of-Life Outcomes?, Amy Perwien, Christopher Kratochvil, Douglas Faries, Brigette Vaughan, Thomas Spencer, and Ronald Brown

Submissions from 2005

Prenatal and Perinatal Exposure to Neurotoxins and Deprivation, Laura M. Arnstein and Ronald Brown

Gilles de la Tourette's Syndrome, L. Arnstein and Ronald Brown

Recent Advances in Pharmacotherapies for the Externalizing Disorders, Ronald Brown

Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Overview of the Evidence, Ronald Brown, Robert Amler, Wendy Freeman, James Perrin, Martin Stein, Heidi Feldman, Karen Pierce, and Mark Wolraich

Psychotropic Medications, Ronald T. Brown

Informant Discrepancy in Perceptions of Sickle Cell Disease Severity, Mark Connelly, Janelle Wagner, Ronald Brown, Carrie Rittle, Barbara Cloues, and Lloyd Taylor

An Introduction to Pediatric Neuropsychological Evaluation, M. C. Kral and Ronald Brown

Submissions from 2004

Parent and Child Psychological Factors in Pediatric Syncope and Other Somatic Symptoms, Ronald Blount, Julie Morris, Patricia Cheng, Robert Campbell, and Ronald Brown

Editorial: A General Approach to Publication in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology: From the Process of Preparing Your Manuscript to Revisions and Resubmissions, Ronald Brown

Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography and Executive Dysfunction in Children with Sickle Cell Disease, Mary Kral and Ronald Brown

Short-Term Efficacy of Methylphenidate: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial Among Survivors of Childhood Cancer, Raymond Mulhern, Raja Khan, Stuart Kaplan, Susan Helton, Robbin Christensen, Melanie Bonner, Ronald Brown, Xiaoping Xiong, Sengjie Wu, Sridharan Gururangan, and Wilburn Reddick

Predictors of Social Anxiety in Children and Adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease, Janelle Wagner, Mark Connelly, Ronald Brown, Lloyd Taylor, Carrie Rittle, and Barbara Wall-Cloues

Submissions from 2003

Psychotropic Drugs, Prenatal Exposure, L. Arnstein and Ronald Brown

Response to comments on Belar et al., Cynthia Belar, Robert Brown, Lee Hersch, Lynne Hornyak, Ronald Rozensky, Edward Sheridan, Ronald Brown, and Geoffrey Reed

Self-Assessment in Clinical Health Psychology: A Model for Ethical Expansion of Practice, Cynthia Belar, Robert Brown, Lee Hersch, Lynne Hornyak, Ronald Rozensky, Edward Sherman, Ronald Brown, and Geoffrey Reed

Honoring the Past and Celebrating the Future of the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, Ronald Brown

Introduction to the Special Issue: Training in Pediatric Psychology, Ronald Brown

The Journal of Pediatric Psychology Will Support the Publication of Clinical Trials, Ronald Brown

Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Adolescent Survivors of Childhood Cancer and Their Mothers, Ronald Brown, Avi Madan-Swain, and Richard Lambert

Primary Care, Ronald T. Brown and Wendy Freeman

Health Disparities and Access to Care in Pediatric Populations, Ronald T. Brown, Bernard Fuemmeler, and E. Forti

Pharmacological Interventions, Ronald T. Brown and A. LaRosa

Stress Management, Ronald T. Brown and A. Taylor

Psychological Aspects of Hematological Diseases, Robert Casey and Ronald Brown

Adjustment of Children with Cancer and Their Caregivers: Moderating Influences of Family Functioning, Bernard F. Fuemmeler, Ronald Brown, Laura Williams, and Julio Barredo

Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography and Neurocognitive Functioning in Children With Sickle Cell Disease, Mary Kral, Ronald Brown, Paul Nietert, Miguel Abboud, Sherron Jackson, and George Hynd

Society of Pediatric Psychology Task Force Report: Recommendations for the Training of Pediatric Psychologists, Anthony Spirito, Ronald Brown, Eugene D'Angelo, Alan Delamater, James Rodrigue, and Lawrence Siegel

Training in Pediatric Psychology, Anthony Spirito, Ronald Brown, Eugene D'Angelo, Alan Delamater, James Rodrigue, and Lawrence Siegel

Pediatric Burns, Kenneth J. Tarnowski and Ronald Brown

Improving Health Care Utilization, Improving Chronic Disease Utilization, Health Status, and Adjustment in Adolescents and Young Adults with Cystic Fibrosis: A Preliminary Report, Lloyd Taylor, Jan Wallander, Deborah Anderson, Pamela Beasley, and Ronald Brown

Submissions from 2002

Consensus Statement on ADHD, R. Barkley, E. Cook, M. Dulcan, S. Campbell, M. Prior, M. Gillberg, M. Solanto-Gardner, J. Halperin, J. Bauermeister, S. Pliszka, M. Stein, J. Werry, and Ronald Brown

Society of Pediatric Psychology Presidential Address: Toward a Social Ecology of Pediatric Psychology, Ronald Brown

The Role of Psychology in Health Care Delivery, Ronald Brown, Wendy Freeman, Robert Brown, Cynthia Belar, Lee Hersch, Lynne Hornyak, Annette Rickel, Ronald Rozensky, Edward Sheridan, and Geoffrey Reed

Recent Developments in the Pharmacotherapy of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Ronald Brown and Angela La Rosa

Pediatric Psychopharmacology: A Review of New Developments and Recent Research, Ronald Brown and Morgan Sammons

Diseases of the Blood and Blood Forming Organs, Ronald T. Brown, R. Mulhern, and S. Simonian

Risk-Taking and Smoking Tendency Among Primarily African American School Children: Moderating Influences of Peer Susceptibility, Bernard F. Fuemmeler, Lloyd A. Taylor, Arnold E. Metz Jr., and Ronald Brown

Painful Procedures in Pediatric Cancer: A Comparison of Interventions, Wendy Kuppenheimer and Ronald Brown

Dysfunctional Eating Patterns and Symptoms of Pica in Children and Adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease, Kethleen Lemanek, Ronald Brown, F Armstrong, Catherine Hood, Charles Pegelow, and Gerald Woods