Publications written by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Anthropology department.


Submissions from 2020

Ingredients of 'Rituals' and Their Cognitive Underpinnings, Pascal Boyer and Pierre Liénard

Surviving Raids in Small Scale Societies: Finding Hidden Females Fighters in the Ancient Southwest, Mary Ann Calleja and Debra L. Martin


Women's Use of Intimate Apparel as Subtle Sexual Signals in Committed, Heterosexual Relationships, Lyndsey K. Craig and Peter B. Gray

The Misuse of "Hunter-Gatherers" as a Discreet Unit in Population Studies, Alyssa N. Crittenden and Trevor R. Pollom

Infant Co-Sleeping Patterns and Maternal Sleep Quality Among Hadza Hunter-Gatherers, Alyssa N. Crittenden, D. R. Samson, K. N. Herlosky, I. A. Mabulla, A. Z.P. Mabulla, and J. J. McKenna

Infant Co-Sleeping Patterns and Maternal Sleep Quality Among Hadza Hunter-Gatherers, Alyssa N. Crittenden, D. R. Samson, K. N. Herlosky, I. A. Mabulla, A. Z.P. Mabulla, and J. J. McKenna


The Internal, External and Extended Microbiomes of Hominins, Robert R. Dunn, Katherine R. Amato, Elizabeth A. Archie, Mimi Arandjelovic, Alyssa N. Crittenden, and Lauren M. Nichols


Emotion Perception in Hadza Hunter-Gatherers, Maria Gendron, Katie Hoemann, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Shani Msafiri Mangola, Gregory A. Ruark, and Lisa Feldman Barrett

Sexual Selection, Signaling and Facial Hair: US and India Ratings of Variable Male Facial Hair, Peter B. Gray, Lyndsey K. Craig, Jorge Paiz-Say, Lavika P., Sanjitha Kumar, and Madhavi Rangaswamy

A Qualitative Exploration of South African Men's Perceived Effects of Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) as a Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer, Peter B. Gray, F. Meintjes, E. Moshokoa, and K. Mathabe

A Qualitative Exploration of South African Men's Perceived Effects of Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) as a Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer, Peter B. Gray, F. Meintjes, E. Moshokoa, and K. Mathabe

A Qualitative Exploration of South African Men’s Perceived Effects of Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) as a Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer, Peter B. Gray, F. Meintjes, E. Moshokoa, and K. Mathabe

Labor and delivery experiences, birth outcomes, and colostrum feeding among Hadza mothers of Northern Tanzania., Kristen N. Herlosky and Alyssa N. Crittenden

Labor and delivery experiences, birth outcomes, and colostrum feeding among Hadza mothers of Northern Tanzania., Kristen N. Herlosky and Alyssa N. Crittenden


Biogeographic Study of Human Gut-Associated crAssphage Suggests Impacts from Industrialization and Recent Expansion, Tanvi P/ Honap, Krithivasan Sankaranarayanan, Stephanie L. Schnorr, Andrew T. Ozga, Christina Warinner, and Cecil M. Lewis Jr.

Mapping Juvenile Children's Salivary Aldosterone and Cortisone Responses During Athletic and Non-Athletic Competition, Timothy S. McHale, Wai-Chi Chee, Carolyn R. Hodges-Simeon, David T. Zava, Graham Albert, Ka-Chun Chan, and Peter B. Gray

Effects of a Mixed-Subsistence Diet on the Growth of Hadza Children, Trevor R. Pollom, Chad L. Cross, Kristen N. Herlosky, Elle Ford, and Alyssa N. Crittenden

Changes in Juvenile Foraging Behavior among the Hadza of Tanzania during Early Transition to a Mixed-Subsistence Economy, Trevor R. Pollom, Kristen N. Herlosky, Ibrahim A. Mabulla, and Alyssa N. Crittenden

Sex, Energy and Low T: Experiences of US Men on Prescription Testosterone., Alex Straftis and Peter B. Gray

Sex, Energy and Low T: Experiences of US Men on Prescription Testosterone., Alex Straftis and Peter B. Gray

Submissions from 2019

The Short History of the Ifugao Rice Terraces: A Local Response to the Spanish Conquest, Stephen B. Acabado, Jared M. Koller, Chin-hsin Liu, Alan Farahani, Grace Barretto-Tesoro, Marian C. Reyes, Jonathan Albert Martin, and John A. Peterson

Bioarchaeological Signatures of Health and Inequality at the Middle Bronze Age Rural Site Kaman-Kalehoyuk, Cheryl P. Anderson, Levent Atici, and Sachihire Omura

Reply to Farr et al. Letter (Benyshek et al.), Daniel C. Benyshek, Melissa M. Cheyney, and Marit L. Bovbjerg

Evaluating the Relationship between Ceramic Wall Thickness and Heating Effectiveness, Fuel Efficiency, and Thermal Shock Resistance, Kayla Bowen and Karen G. Harry


Ten Thousand Years of Inequality: The Archaeology of Wealth Differences., Arlen F. Chase

Perceptions of Married Life Among Single Never‐Married, Single Ever‐Married, and Married Adults, Amanda N. Gesselman, Carol Y. Franco, Elizabeth M. Brogdon, Peter B. Gray, Justin R. Garcia, and Helen E. Fisher

The Utility of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software for the Spatial Analysis of Bone Microstructure, Timothy P. Gocha


Plasticity in the Human Gut Microbiome Defies Evolutionary Constraints, Andres Gomez, Ashok Kumar Sharma, Elizabeth K. Mallott, Klara J. Petrzelkova, Carolyn A. Jost Robinson, Carl J. Yeoman, Franck Carbonero, Barbora Pafco, Jessica M. Rothman, Alexander Ulanov, Klara Vickova, Katherine R. Amato, Stephanie L. Schnorr, Nathaniel J. Dominy, David Modry, Angelique Todd, Manolito Torralba, Karen E. Nelson, Michael B. Burns, Ran Blekhman, Melissa Remis, Rebecca M. Stumpf, Brenda A. Wilson, H. Rex Gaskins, Paul A. Garber, Bryan A. White, and Steven R. Leigh


Grandparenting in Urban Bangalore, India: Support and Involvement From the Standpoint of Young Adult University Students, Peter B. Gray, Watinaro Longkumer, Santona Panda, and Madhavi Rangaswamy

Human Reproductive Behavior, Life History, and the Challenge Hypothesis: A 30-Year Review, Retrospective and Future Directions, Peter B. Gray, Alex A. Straftis, Brian M. Bird, Timothy S. McHale, and Samuele Zilioli

Comparison of Extraction Methods for Recovering Ancient Microbial DNA from Paleofeces, Richard W. Hagan, Courtney A. Hofman, Alexander Hübner, Karl Reinhard, Stephanie Schnorr, Cecil M. Lewis Jr., Krithivasan Sankaranarayanan, and Christina G. Warinner

New Findings from the Far Western Puebloan Region: Papers in Honor of Margaret Lyneis, Karen G. Harry, James R. Allison, and Sachiko Sakai

Examining the Pueblo II-III Transition in the Moapa Valley, Southern Nevada, Karen G. Harry and Daniel M. Perez

Interaction and Connectivity in the Greater Southwest: Introduction, Karen G. Harry and Barbara J. Roth

Postpartum Maternal Mood Among Hadza Foragers of Tanzania: A Mixed Methods Approach, Kristen N. Herlosky, Daniel C. Benyshek, Ibrahim A. Mabulla, Trevor R. Pollom, and Alyssa N. Crittenden

Universal Norm Psychology Leads to Societal Diversity in Prosocial Behaviour and Development, Bailey R. House, Patricia Kanngiesser, H. Clark Barrett, Tanya Broesch, Senay Cebioglu, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Alejandro Erut, Sheina Lew-Levy, Carla Sebastian-Enesco, Andrew Marcus Smith, Süheyla Yilmaz, and Joan B. Silk

Caring in Times of Precarity: A Study of Single Women Doing Creative Work in Shanghai, William Jankowiak

Education and Society in Post-Mao China, By Edward Vickers and Zeng Xiaodong, William Jankowiak


Archaeological Analysis in the Information Age: Guidelines for Maximizing the Reach, Comprehensiveness, and Longevity of Data, Sarah W. Kansa, Levent Atici, Eric C. Kansa, and Richard H. Meadow

Gender‐Typed and Gender‐Segregated Play Among Tanzanian Hadza and Congolese BaYaka Hunter‐Gatherer Children and Adolescents, Sheina Lew-Levy, Adam H. Boyette, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Barry S. Hewlett, and Michael E. Lamb

Inter- and Intra-Cultural Variation in Learning-Through-Participation Among Hadza and Bayaka Forager Children and Adolescents from Tanzania and the Republic of Congo, Sheina Lew-Levy, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Adam H. Boyette, Ibrahim A. Mabulla, Barry S. Hewlett, and Michael E. Lamb

Who Teaches Children to Forage? Exploring the Primacy of Child-To-Child Teaching Among Hadza and Bayaka Hunter-Gatherers of Tanzania and Congo, Sheina Lew-Levy, Stephen M. Kissler, Adam H. Boyette, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Ibrahim A. Mabulla, and Barry S. Hewlett

Using Commingled and Fragmentary Remains to Reconstruct Social Interaction and Social Change, Andrea Lopen, Anna J. Osterholtz, Julianne Paige, Debra L. Martin, and Kathryn Baustian


Sex and Death on the Western Emigrant Trail: The Biology of Three American Tragedies, Debra E. L. Martin

Marginalized by Choice—Kayenta Pueblo Communities in the Southwest (AD 800–1500), Debra L. Martin

The Impact of Coalitional Commitment on the Recall of Moral Memories, Michael Moncrieff and Pierre Lienard

What War Narratives Tell About the Psychology and Coalitional Dynamics of Ethnic Violence, Michael Moncrieff and Pierre Lienard

Covariance Among Zygomatic Bone Shape, Eye Orbit Shape, and the Zygomaticotem-Poral Space, Alesha Pettit and Brian Villmoare

Spread of Domestic Animals Across Neolithic Western Anatolia: New Stable Isotope Evidence from Ugurlu Höyük, the Island of Gökçeada, Turkey, Suzanne E. Pilaar Birch, Levent Atici, and Burcin Erdogu

Not So Far from Paquime: Essays on the Archaeology of Chihuahua, Mexico, Barbara J. Roth

“We Came for the Cartilla but We Stayed for the Tortilla”: Enlisting in the Military as a Form of Migration for Zapotec Men, Ivan Sandoval-Cervantes

Writing on Documentary Film - Telling Migrant Stories: Latin American Diaspora in Documentary Film, Ivan Sandoval-Cervantes

Patterns of Paternal Investment Predict Cross-Cultural Variation in Jealous Response, Brooke A. Scelza, Sean P. Prall, Tami Blumenfield, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Michael Gurven, Michelle Kline, Jeremy Koster, Geoff Kushnick, Siobhan M. Mattison, Elizabeth Pillsworth, Mary K. Shenk, Katherine Starkweather, Jonathan Stieglitz, Chun-Yi Sum, Kyoko Yamaguchi, and Richard McElreath


Taxonomic Features and Comparison of the Gut Microbiome from Two Edible Fungus-Farming Termites (Macrotermes falciger, M. natalensis) Harvested in the Vhembe District of Limpopo, South Africa, Stephanie L. Schnorr, Courney A. Hofman, Shandukani R. Netschifhefhe, Frances D. Duncan, Tanvi P. Honap, Julie Lesnik, and Cecil M. Lewis


Religion, History, and Place in the Origin of Settled Life, Alan Simmons


Sex, Energy, Well-Being and Low Testosterone: An Exploratory Survey of U.S. Men’s Experiences on Prescription Testosterone, Alex A. Straftis and Peter B. Gray

Mid-Parthian Pottery from Building V at Shahr-i Qumis, Ruth Stronach, David Stronach, Alan Farahani, and Alison Parsons

Dental Microwear of Living Hadza Foragers, Peter S. Ungar, Sarah V. Livengood, and Alyssa N. Crittenden


Sexual Dimorphism in Homo erectus Inferred from 1.5 Ma Footprints Near Ileret, Kenya, Brian Villmoare, Kevin G. Hatala, and William Jungers


An Exploration of Attitudes toward Dogs among College Students in Bangalore, India, Shelly Volsche, Miriam Mohan, Peter B. Gray, and Madhavi Rangaswamy

Applied Archaeobotany of Southwest Asia: A Tribute to Naomi F. Miller, Chantel E. White, John M. Marston, and Alan Farahani

Settlement Patterns, Scheduling Conflicts, and Climate Variability: An Explanation for the Collapse of the Shivwits Ware Distribution Network, William M. Willis and Karen G. Harry

Hadza Hunter-Gatherers Exhibit Gender Differences in Space Use and Spatial Cognition Consistent with the Ecology of Male and Female Targeted Foods, Brian M. Wood, Jacob A. Harris, Layne Vashro, Katherine M. Sayre, David A. Raichlen, Herman Pontzer, Amelia Sancilio, Colette J. Berbesque, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Audax Z.P. Mabulla, James H. Jones, and Elizabeth Cashdan

Submissions from 2018

Massacres, Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology Approaches, Cheryl P. Anderson and Debra L. Martin


3D 360° Surface Morphometric Analysis of Pounding Stone Tools used by Hadza Foragers of Tanzania: A New Methodological Approach for Studying Percussive Stone Artefacts, Alfonso Benito-Calvo, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Sarah V. Livengood, Laura Sánchez-Romero, Adrián Martínez-Fernández, Ignacio de la Torre, and Michael Pante


Placentophagy Among Women Planning Community Births in the United States: Frequency, Rationale, and Associated Neonatal Outcomes, Daniel C. Benyshek PhD; Melissa Cheyney Phd, CPM, LDM; Jennifer Brown; and Marit L. Bovbjerg

Communities of Weavers: A Methodology for Analyzing Textile and Cloth Production, Jacob L. Bongers, Colleen O'Shea, and Alan Farahani

Situating Preclassic Interments and Fire-Pits at Santa Rita Corozal, Belize, Adrian S.Z. Chase, Arlen F. Chase, and Diane Z. Chase

Foreward, Arlen F. Chase and Diane Z. Chase

Foreward, Arlen F. Chase and Diane Z. Chase

Sampling and Timeframes: Contextualizing the Protoclassic and Early Classic Periods at Caracol, Belize, Arlen F. Chase and Diane Z. Chase

Pubic Hair Removal Practices in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Lyndsey K. Craig and Peter B. Gray

Infant Co-sleeping Patterns and Maternal Sleep Quality among Hadza Hunter-gatherers, Alyssa N. Crittenden PhD, David R. Samson PhD, Kristen N. Herlosky MA, Ibrahim A. Mabulla MA, Audax Z. P. Mabulla PhD, and James J. McKenna PhD

A 2500-year Historical Ecology of Agricultural Production under Empire in Dhiban, Jordan, Alan Farahani

An Experimental Examination of Central Canadian Arctic Hunter-Gatherer Pottery and Soapstone Containers, Liam Frink and Karen G. Harry

An Exploration of Arctic Ceramic and Soapstone Cookware Technologies and Food Preparation Systems, Liam Frink and Karen G. Harry

Physical Activity and Time Budgets of Hadza Forager Children: Implications for Self‐provisioning and the Ontogeny of the Sexual Division of Labor, Andrew W. Froehle, G. Kilian Wells, Trevor R. Pollom, Audax Z. P. Mabulla, Sheina Lew-Levy, and Alyssa N. Crittenden

Review of Steve Stewart-Williams’s The Ape That Understood the Universe: How the Mind and Culture Evolve, Peter B. Gray

Patterns and Predictors of Depressive Symptoms among Jamaican Fathers of Newborns, Peter B. Gray, Jody-Ann Reece, Charlene Coore-Desai, Twana Dinnall-Johnson, Sydonnie Pellington, Andre Bateman, and Maureen Samms-Vaughan


Testing Men's Hormone Responses to Playing League of Legends: No Changes in Testosterone, Cortisol, DHEA or Androstenedione but Decreases in Aldosterone, Peter B. Gray, Jimmy Vuong, David Zava, and Timothy McHale

Autumn/Winter Births in Traditional and Pre-Pottery Neolithic Caprine Husbandry in Cyprus: Evidence from Ethnography and Stable Isotopes, Angelos Hadjikoumis, Jean-Denis Vigne, Alan Simmons, Jean Guilaine, Denis Fiorillo, and Marie Balasse


History Meets Palaeoscience: Consilience and Collaboration in Studying Past Societal Responses to Environmental Change, John Haldon, Lee Mordechai, Timothy P. Newfield, Arlen F. Chase, Adam Izdebski, Piotr Guzowski, Inga Labuhn, and Neil Roberts

Changing Patterns of Interaction and Identity in Puebloan Settlements of Southern Nevada, Karen G. Harry

Interaction and Connectivity in the Greater Southwest, Karen G. Harry

Shaping Cultural Identity on the Western Frontier of the Puebloan World, Karen G. Harry

Shrines, Dedication Practices, and Closure Activities at Lava Ridge Ruin, Karen G. Harry

Life Beyond the Boundaries: Constructing Identity in Edge Regions of the North American Southwest, Karen G. Harry and Sarah Herr

Utilizing Corrugated Wares to Explore Regional Variations in the Virgin Branch Puebloan Culture, Shannon Horton and Karen G. Harry

A Content Analysis Of Testosterone Websites: Sex, Muscle, And Male Age-related Thematic Differences, N Ivanov, J Vuong, and P. B. Gray

Context Facilitates Performance on a Classic Cross-Cultural Emotion Perception Task, Hoemann Katie, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Shani Msafiri, Qiang Liu, Chaojie Li, Debi Roberson, Gregory A. Ruark, Maria Gendron, and Lisa Feldmann Barrett


Coalitional Physical Competition: Acute Salivary Steroid Hormone Responses among Juvenile Male Soccer Players in Hong Kong, Timothy S. McHale, Wai-chi Chee, Ka-chun Chan, David T. Zava, and Peter B. Gray

Salivary Steroid Hormone Responses to Dyadic Table Tennis Competitions among Hong Kongese Juvenile Boys, Timothy S. McHale, Peter B. Gray, Ka-chun Chan, David T. Zava, and Wai-chi Chee

Acute Salivary Steroid Hormone Responses In Juvenile Boys And Girls To Non-physical Team Competition, T S. McHale, P B. Gray, K. C. Chan, D T. Zava, and W C. Chee

The Relationship between the Phosphate and Structural Carbonate Fractionation of Fallow Deer Bioapatite in Tooth Enamel, Holly Miller, Carolyn Chenery, Angela L. Lamb, Hilary Sloane, Ruth F. Carden, Levent Atici, and Naomi Sykes

Moral Judgments Of In-group And Out-group Harm In Post-conflict Urban And Rural Croatian Communities, M A. Moncrieff and P Lienard


Cultural Grammar and the Cultural Linguistics Heritage from the Pre-Millennials an Argument for Scenarios, Gary B. Palmer

House 47: A Case Study of Abandonment and Trade in the Lowland Virgin Branch Puebloan Region, Daniel Perez and Karen G. Harry

Primate Modularity And Evolution: First Anatomical Network Analysis Of Primate Head And Neck Musculoskeletal System, V Powell, B Esteve-Altava, J. Molnar, B Villmoare, A Pettit, and R Diogo

The Southwestern Archaic: Divergent and Convergent Perspectives, Barbara Roth


Using Residue Analysis to Explore Household Activities at the Harris Site, Mimbres Valley, New Mexico, Barbara Roth, Aaron Woods, Danielle Romero, Malka McNeely, and Mary Malainey