A survey of structures education in North American schools of architecture

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A variety of pedagogic approaches are employed in the education of students on the topic of architectural structures. Over the past one hundred years, discussions of how and what to teach of the subject have surfaced and receded in the discourse of architectural education. The governing accrediting body in the United States presently leaves broad room for interpretation in its sole criterion addressing the material. Due to multiple teaching models and diverse views, however, it is difficult to know what the most effective practices may be. Faced with pressures to reduce credit loads at many institutions while simultaneously adding more content, one questionable result has been a reduction in structures courses in some programs. Little quantifiable data exists, however, to identify successful pedagogical models and help administrators make well-informed decision. In an effort to provide this missing data, interim results of an ongoing study to compile information is presented. © 2016 Taylor & Francis Group, London.