CNC Mediated Representation

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National Conference on the Beginning Design Student

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At the beginning of the 21st century—not unlike the previous century that Moholy-Nagy was writing about—design education is continually enhanced, disrupted, and questioned by technology. Arguably, these changes in our design tools and work flows are happening at a quickening pace, and this speed of technological innovation suggests a focus on the role of design education to develop and sharpen the ability to sort, integrate, and disseminate information effectively. In a sense, this underscores the importance of communicating within teams, outside of teams, and to various machines for drawing and other forms of fabrication. This paper will describe a set of projects and exercises within a foundation-level, interdisciplinary design studio that are geared toward thinking about these design/representation/production and processes, mediated by CNC robotic machinery. This parametric-scaffolding requires and understanding about the most optimal and natural workflow.



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