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This research book has initiated a comprehensive analysis on optimal micro-city developments in Las Vegas based on two impending issues that when combined can provide lead to a potential solution. It begins with an overview of the doomed future of the great American mall that will eventually disappear. The research then transitions into the severe housing deficit in Las Vegas which paired with the drastic increase in housing costs has directly affected new potential home buyers. The thesis proposes to utilize soon to be vacant malls and their surrounding sites as prototypes for a micro-city development. Through the analysis of case studies and potential sites, the Meadows Malls is selected as a case study to generate a new micro-city development for Las Vegas based on its location and context. The design iterations first focus on amenity layouts synthesized from existing Las Vegas areas to provide optimal configurations for retail, residential, and public park areas. After further analysis, an optimal layout is selected consisting of a balance between all amenities that will satisfy residents, the public, and developers. Lastly, the selected iteration is refined into a conceptual master plan diagramming where certain amenities are located, how many there are, and why they have been established there. Ultimately, this research provides an initial design proposal to developers and city official as a potential solution for the looming issues previously stated that will affect all major cities around the country.

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Las Vegas (Nev.)

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas



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Architecture; Shopping malls


Architecture | Art and Design | Urban Studies and Planning

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Meadows Micro-City Transforming the Retail Typology of Meadows Mall Into a Mixed-Use Urban Micro-City