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Integrated resorts throughout Las Vegas captivate audiences through its immersive architectural design and unique thematic branding. Beyond hotel accommodations, integrated resorts offer a variety of amenities for the enjoyment and convenience of visitors from dining, retail, entertainment and more. Among the heart of these resorts lies the alluring casino floor, filled with endless gaming options for visitors optimistic in the possibility of winning big.

Las Vegas’ identity as a gambling mecca has heralded slot machines and table games as the cynosure of casino floors, strategically placed and oriented by designers in aims of optimizing gaming revenue and increasing engagement among visitors. Two casino design theories have dominated Las Vegas casinos in past decades; the old-school maze layout which focused on luring the gambler in with no concept of time or the outside world, due to having no windows or clocks in sight. The contrary and most commonly seen today is the playground layout focused on transforming the casino floor into a place of exploration and curiosity, in tune, creating a comfortable environment for gamblers that they want to stay in. In an ever-changing Las Vegas, integrated resorts and other businesses and experiences within the hospitality industry continue to evolve with visitor preferences and popular trends. In the same manner, casino design theories will continue to evolve with gambler preferences and visitor trends, posing the question: what are current trends in Las Vegas tourism that have yet to be addressed specifically within the architecture and design of the casino floor and gaming experience?

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