A humanoid doing an artistic work - Graffiti on the wall

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Graffiti work using a humanoid with artistic technique can convey the value of artists' work to people. Previous work that focused on drawing an image on a canvas accurately has not contained artistic processes like performance, drawing skills and other artists' intents at the time of creation. To combine such artistic processes, the work in this paper utilizes whole-body motion of a humanoid to paint an image on a wall using Pointillism. However, a biped humanoid consists of high Degree Of Freedom (DOF) system and is very sensitive to internal and external disturbances from interaction with environments. As is the case when graffitiing on a wall. Most notably, the vibration from impact contacts and mechanical uncertainties limit the humanoid in graffitiing properly. This paper presents an approach to realize drawing a large image on a wall through real-time motion planning for printing, artificial compliance, and a disturbance controller. © 2016 IEEE.

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