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“It hastened what we all fought for, the end of the war: General Sherman’s campaigns through Atlanta, Georgia, and the Carolinas and how they impacted the Civil War” is my collection of research of the importance of Sherman’s campaigns through Atlanta, Georgia, and the Carolinas to bring the end of the war. My project is in fulfillment of the History 451: Proseminar within the requirements of a Bachelor’s Degree in history. My thesis paper covers those three campaigns and their importance in bringing the Civil War to an end. I have used primary and secondary evidence to provide facts and to support the importance of Sherman in the Civil War. Although Sherman’s role is a controversial topic of morality and necessity, I tried only to provide evidence and discussion for how it helped lead the Union to a victory on April 9, 1865. My goal was to offer analysis of 1864 and why Sherman’s marches were required.. Grant could not secure a victory around Richmond, Confederate forces attacked Washington DC and through all this a rising Pro-Peace Democratic Party led by former General, George McClellan threatened the re-election of Abraham Lincoln. It was not until General Sherman’s success at Atlanta that hope shone in the Union. From Atlanta and throughout Sherman’s remaining campaigns, he famously brought the war to Southern civilians making the war not only a physical war, but a psychological one as well. Sherman’s efforts against the Confederate forces and the Southern morale were imperative so the North could rise victorious in April, 1865.


American Civil War (1861-1865); Civil War; Civilians; Georgia – Atlanta; Sherman; William T. (William Tecumseh); 1820-1891; Sherman's March to the Sea


History | United States History

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