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University of Nevada, Las Vegas


One of the positive ways the image of Las Vegas is being changed locally and throughout the nation is the emphasis placed on its excellent school system from kindergarten through Nevada Southern University. Southern Nevada, like many communities throughout the United States, is fast coming to realize that the development of a successful intercollegiate athletic program as an important part of the total educational program, is providing a sound national reputation which is contributing directly to the physical and academic growth of the school-and to the area.

The benefits of this concentration on education, especially at the college level, can be turned directly into the economic bloodstream of the local community in dollars and cents since a growing university in Southern Nevada is the best way to assure a direct source of future revenue amounting to many millions of dollars, on a continuing and predictable basis. The Census Bureau recently estimated that the earnings during the working years or normal lifetime for people with four years of college training to be $268,000, or worth about $103,000 more than a high school diploma.

Community pride, always a prime objective of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, reflected in a sound intercollegiate athletic program, not only stimulates local students to attend school "at home," but also entices students from other states and areas to come to Las Vegas. There is no doubt that NSU will continue to expand on its own academic merits; a successful program of athletics as evidenced by the Rebel basketball team (an estimated 45,000 persons saw NSU at home last year), however, puts the frosting on the cake.


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University of Nevada, Las Vegas was formerly known as: Nevada Southern University (1965-69), University of Nevada, Southern Division (1957-65)

This program covers both December 27th and the 28th.