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University of Nevada, Las Vegas


If you love basketball, enjoy the electricity in the air during a tournament and like to root for the underdog ... then you have come to the right place.

Nevada Southern's Holiday Classic has furnished local fans a lot of thrills, surprises and good basketball in the two previous tournaments. It's 8-5 that this tourney will do likewise.

Let's look back.

In 1961 we saw one of the nation's strongest teams, Orange State win the championship by defeating Cal Poly of Pomona, 80-73. Edgar Clark, who was as graceful as a ballet dancer performing at Carnegie Hall, led the Titans with a tourney high of 29 points.

In 1962 we saw the darkhorse, Occidental, edge a small but strong Whittier quintet, 68-66, in two overtimes for the title. Whittier's Tom Freese, a 5-10 guard, was perhaps the best player to appear in this tourney. He scored 25 and 22 points in the Poets' two games.

Nevada Southern won the consolation crowns both years and, strangely enough, toppled Cal Western both times. The Westerners are defense-minded and each year are one of the "stingiest" small college teams in the country.

Oxy and Cal Western are back this year. New to the tournament is New Mexico Highlands, another tough club.

Southern's Holiday Classic is already one of the West's top small college tournaments. It is because of the potent competition provided and the good sportsmanship on the court.

You will see this these next two nights.


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University of Nevada, Las Vegas was formerly known as: Nevada Southern University (1965-69), University of Nevada, Southern Division (1957-65)

This event took place from December 26th to December 28th, and this program covers all three days.