This UNLV Bibliography is a showcase and record of the scholarly and creative output of UNLV researchers. This project preserves, increases discoverability, and provides additional access to UNLV research while enhancing the visibility of UNLV faculty and increasing the impact of their work.

The project launched with a list of entries covering works published in 2015. The University Libraries will update the UNLV Bibliography to build a comprehensive and current bibliography reflecting the full scope of research and creative activities at the university.

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Report on the 2015 Meeting of the American Handel Society, Jonathan R. Lee


Light Works, Pasha Rafat


Perceptions of Disorder: Results from Two Las Vegas Tourist Locations, Jonathan M. Birds and William Sousa


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CSEC Fast Facts 2014, Margaret A. Kennedy

Customer engagement technology study 2015, Jungsun Kim


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Educational Funding practices in Nevada and the U.S., Micah S. Stohlmann