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Temperature-programmed Desorption For Isotope Separation In Nanoporous Materials, S A. Fitzgerald, K Shinbrough, K H. Rigdon, J LC Rowsell, M T. Kapelewski, S H. Pang, K V. Lawler, and P M. Forster

Response to Commentaries, Katherine Frank

Development of a Measure to Assess Vaccine Confidence among Men Who Have Sex with Men, Paula M. Frew, Ian W. Holloway, Cameron Goldbeck, Diane Tan, Elizabeth Wu, Juan Jauregui, Vincent L. Fenimore, Laura A. Randall, Chelsea S. Lutz, Judith Mendel, Ann L. Aikin, Glen J. Nowak, and Robert A. Bednarczyk

Development of a US Trust Measure to Assess and Monitor Parental Confidence in the Vaccine System, Paula M. Frew, Raphiel Murden, C. Christina Mehta, Allison T. Chamberlain, Alan R. Hinman, Glen Nowak, Judith Mendel, Ann Aikin, Laura A. Randall, Allison L. Hargreaves, Saad B. Omer, Walter A. Orenstein, and Robert A. Bednarczyk

Clinician Perspectives on Strategies to Improve Patient Maternal Immunization Acceptability in Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice Settings, Paula M. Frew; Laura A, Randall; Fauzia Malik; Rupali J. Limaye; Andrew Wilson; Sean T. O'Leary; Daniel Salmon; Meghan Donnelly; Kevin Ault; Matthew Z. Dudley; Vincent L. Fenimore; and Saad B. Omer

Physical Activity and Time Budgets of Hadza Forager Children: Implications for Self‐provisioning and the Ontogeny of the Sexual Division of Labor, Andrew W. Froehle, G. Kilian Wells, Trevor R. Pollom, Audax Z. P. Mabulla, Sheina Lew-Levy, and Alyssa N. Crittenden

Structures and Transitions in Bcc Tungsten Grain Boundaries and their Role in the Absorption of Point Defects, Timofey Frolov, Qiang Zhu, Tomas Oppelstrup, Jaime Marian, and Robert E. Rudd


Grain Boundary Phases in BCC Metals, T. Frovlov, W. Setyawan, R. J. Kurtz, J. Marian, A. R. Oganov, R. E. Rudd, and Qiang Zhu

Cycling Efficiency and Energy Cost of Walking in Young and Older Adults, Glenn A. Gaesser, Wesley J. Tucker, Brandon J. Sawyer, Dharini M. Bhammar, and Siddhartha S. Angadi

Factors Influencing Internet Gamblers’ Use of Offshore Online Gambling Sites: Policy Implications, Sally M. Gainsbury, Brett Abarbanel, and Alex Blaszczynski

Factors Influencing Internet Gamblers’ Use of Offshore Online Gambling Sites: Policy Implications, Sally M. Gainsbury, Brett L. Abarbanel, and Alex Blaszczynski


Strategies to Customize Responsible Gambling Messages: A Review and Focus Group Study, Sally M. Gainsbury, Brett L. L. Abarbanel, Kahlil S. Philander, and Jeffrey V. Butler

How Have States Used Executive Orders to Address Public Health?, Maxim Gakh JD, MPH; Karen Callahan MPH; Aaliyah Goodie BS; and Lainie Rutkow PhD, JD, MPH


Recurrent Cutaneous Tuberculosis in an Immunocompetent 7-Year-Old Male, Alvaro Galvis, Vidyasagar Jaiswal, Iris Pecson, Craig Nakamura, and Dena Austin


Skull Depression in a 9-Month-Old Girl, Alvaro Galvis, Anthony Shoo, and Aaron R. Shedlock


Profiles of Psychological Resilience in College Students With Disabilities, Rahul Ganguly and Harsha Perera

Towards a Typology of Psychological Resilience, Rahul Ganguly and Harsha N. Perera


Detection of Electromagnetic Counterpart for Gravitational Wave Bursts, He Gao, XiLong Fan, Bing Zhang, and Hui Sun


A Linearized Local Conservative Mixed Finite Element Method for Poisson–Nernst–Planck Equations, Huadong Gao and Pengtao Sun

Correction to: A Linearized Local Conservative Mixed Finite Element Method for Poisson–Nernst–Planck Equations, Huadong Gao and Pengtao Sun

A Survival Analysis of a Language-Infused Science Inquiry Intervention for English Learners, Tiberio Garza, Margarita Huerta, Fuhui Tong, Rafael Lara-Alecio, and Beverly J. Irby

Negotiating Community in the Interregnum: Zombies and Others in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, Tim Gauthier


Investigation of Setting Time and Compressive Strength of Ready-mixed Concrete Blended with Returned Fresh Concrete, Negasi N. Gebremichael, S. Mahmoud Motahara Karein, Moses Karakouzian, and Kazem Jadidi

Low-energy Spectra Of Gamma-ray Bursts From Cooling Electrons, J J. Geng, Y F. Huang, X F. Wu, B Zhang, and H S. Zong

Cuba’s Historical Tryst with Economic Development and Future Pathways, Babu George, Tony Henthorne, and Maximiliano Korstanje


Investigating the Origins of STEM Intervention Programs: An Isomorphic Analysis, Casey E. George, Erin L. Castro, and Blanca Rincon


The Digital Librarian: The Liaison between Digital Collections and Digital Preservation, Marina Georgieva

Microbial Community Characterization Of Ozone-biofiltration Systems In Drinking Water And Potable Reuse Applications, D Gerrity, M Arnold, E Dickenson, D Moser, J D. Sackett, and E C. Wert


Degree Aware Triangulation of Annular Regions, Laxmi P. Gewali and Bhaikaji Gurung


Sodium Sulfate Resistance of Mortars Containing Combined Nanosilica and Microsilica, Nader Ghafoori PhD, PE, MASCE; Iani Batilov; Meysam Najimi; and MohammadReza Sharbaf

Remediation of Loss in Flow Properties of Self-consolidating Concrete under Various Combinations of Transportation Time and Temperature, Nader Ghafoori, Hamidou Diawara, and Ariful Hasnat


Speciation of Technetium in Carbonate Media under Helium Ions and γ Radiation, Mohammad Ghalei, Johan Vandenborre, Frederic Poineau, Guillaume Blain, Pier-Lorenzo Solari, Jerome Rôques, Ferid Haddad, and Massoud Fattahi

Speciation of Technetium in Carbonate Media under Helium Ions and Y Radiation, Mohammad Ghalei, Johan Vandenborre, Frederic Poineau, Guillaume Blain, Pier Lorenzo Solari, Jérôme Rôques, Ferid Haddad, Massoud Fattahi, Fei Lu, Hong Sun, and Hui Zhang

Biomarkers of Cognitive Impairment: Brain Cortical Thickness, Volumetrics, and Cerebrospinal Fluid, Ladan Ghazi-Saidi, Ryan R. Walsh, Guogen Shan, and Sarah J. Banks

Is Selenium Intake Associated with the Presence of Depressive Symptoms Among US Adults? Findings from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (Nhanes) 2011–2014, Saruna Ghimire, Binaya Kumar Baral, Du Feng, Francisco S. Sy, and Rachelle Rodriguez

A Health Needs Assessment of the Filipino American Community in the Greater Las Vegas Area, Saruna Ghimire, Prescott Cheong, Lawrence Sagadraca, Lung-Chang Chien, and Francisco S. Sy

Is Selenium Intake Associated with the Presence of Depressive Symptoms among U.S. Adults?: Findings from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2011-2014, Saruna Ghimire, Binaya Kurmar Baral, Du Feng, Francisco S. Sy, and Rachelle Rodriguez


Life Satisfaction Among Elderly Patients in Nepal: Associations with Nutritional and Mental Well-Being. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, Saruna Ghimire, Binaya Kurmar Baral, Isha Karmacharya, Karen E. Callahan, and Shiva Raj Mishra

Barriers to Dietary Salt Reduction among Hypertensive Patients, Saruna Ghimire, Naveen Shrestha, and Karen E. Callahan

Experimental and Numerical Investigations for Optimal Emitter Spacing in Drip Irrigation, Abdul Razzaq Ghumman, Muhammad Iqbal, Sajjad Ahmad, and Hashim Nisar Hashmi


Investigating Management of Irrigation Water in the Upstream Control System of the Upper Swat Canal, A. R. Ghumman, Sajjad Ahmad, S. Rahman, and Z. Khan

Optimizing Ozone-Biofiltration Systems for Organic Carbon Removal in Potable Reuse Applications, Mac Gifford, Ashley Selvy, and Daniel Gerrity


Review and Application of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Bullying or Cyberbullying Recommendations for Screening and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth, Gordon Lee Gillespie PhD, DNP, RN, FAEN, FAAN; Danny G. Willis DNS, RN, FAAN; and Angela F. Amar PhD, RN, FAAN

Where are the Women? Legal Traditions and Descriptive Representation on the European Court of Justice, Rebecca D. Gill and Christian B. Jensen


Testing Future Teachers: A Quantitative Exploration of Factors Impacting the Information Literacy of Teacher Education Students, Samantha Godbey


Assessment and Perception of Information Literacy Skills Among Teacher Education Students, Samantha Godbey and Alexandra Dema

Prospects for Third Party Electoral Success in a Polarized Era, Sean Goff and Daniel L. Lee

Cationic Dependence of X-ray Induced Damage in Strontium and Barium Nitrate, David Goldberger, Changyong Park, Egor Evlyukhin, Petrika Cifligu, and Michael Pravica

Native Mexican Parents’ Beliefs About Children’s Literacy and Language Development: A Mixed-Methods Study, Jorge E. Gonzalez, Alain Bengochea, Laura M. Justice, Gloria Yeomans-Maldonado, and Anita L. McCormick

Native Mexican Parents’ Beliefs About Children’s Literacy and Language Development: A Mixed-Methods Study, Jorge E. Gonzalez, Alain Bengochea, Laura Justice, Gloria Yeomans-Maldonado, and Anita McCormick

Functional Profiles of School Refusal Behavior and their Relationship with Depression, Anxiety, and Stress, Carolina Gonzálvez, Christopher A. Kearney, Carlos E. Jiménez-Ayala, Ricardo Sanmartín, María Vicent, Cándido J. Inglés, and José M. García-Fernández


Applying an Infomation Literacy Rubric to First-Year Health Sciences Student Research Posters, Xan Goodman, John Watts, Rogelio A. Arenas, Rachelle Weigel, and Tony Terrell

Applying An Information Literacy Rubric To First-year Health Sciences Student Research Posters, X Goodman, J Watts, R Arenas, R Weigel, and T Terrell


Pressure Effect on the Antiferromagnetic Compound Ce2Ni3Ge5, Jun Gouchi, Yuki Nakamura, Miho Nakashima, Tasushi Amako, Ravhi Kumar, and Yoshiya Uwatoko

The Reading Pendulum: Phonics, Word Method, and Whole Language, Carly Gould and Chyllis E. Scott

Patterns and Predictors of Depressive Symptoms among Jamaican Fathers of Newborns, Peter B. Gray, Jody-Ann Reece, Charlene Coore-Desai, Twana Dinnall-Johnson, Sydonnie Pellington, Andre Bateman, and Maureen Samms-Vaughan


Testing Men's Hormone Responses to Playing League of Legends: No Changes in Testosterone, Cortisol, DHEA or Androstenedione but Decreases in Aldosterone, Peter B. Gray, Jimmy Vuong, David Zava, and Timothy McHale


Determinants of Student Satisfaction with Using Instructional Technology: The Role of Active Learning, Alison J. Green PhD, Sarah Tanford PhD, and Alice Swift

Evaluation of a Tool to Identify Child Sex Trafficking Victims in Multiple Healthcare Settings, V. Jordan Greenbaum MD; Michelle S. Livings MPH; Betty S. Lai PhD; Laurel Edinburgh MSN, APRN; Peggy Baikie DNP, RN; Sophia R. Grant MD; Jamie Kondis MD; Hillary W. Petska MD, MPH; Mary Jo Bowman MD; Lori Legano MD; Oriaku Kas-Osoka MD; and Shannon Self-Brown Ph.D.


Creating Comprehensive Leadership Pipelines: Applying the Real Options Approach to Organizational Leadership Development, Jennifer A. Griffith, John E. Baur, and M. Ronald Buckley


Relations among Math Self Efficacy, Interest, Intentions, and Achievement: A Social Cognitive Perspective, Sara Grigg, Harsha N. Perera, Peter McIlveen, and Zvetomira Svetleff

Self-concept Orientation and Organizational Identification: A Mediated Relationship, Chun Guo, Jane K. Miller, Melissa S. Woodard, Daniel J. Miller, Kirk D. Silvernail, Mehmet Devrim Aydin, Ana Heloisa da Costa Lemos, Vilmante Kumpikaite-Valiuniene, Sudhir Nair, Paul F. Donnelly, Robert D. Marx, and Linda M. Peters

Automatic Rib Detection and Segmentation Based on Spatial Distance Constraints Particle Filter Method, Wei Guo, Qiang Chen, Zhaoxuan Gong, Jing Bi, Yoohwan Kim, and Guodong Zhang

US Fiscal Policy and Asset Prices: The Role of Partisan Conflict, Rangan Gupta, Chi Keung Marco Lau, Stephen M. Miller, and Mark E. Wohar


U. S. Fiscal Policy and Asset Prices: The Role of Partisan Conflict, Rangan Gupta, Chi Keung Marco Lau, Stephen M. Miller, and Mark E. Wohar

US Fiscal Policy and Asset Prices: The Role of Partisan Conflict, Rangan Gupta, Chi K.M. Lau, Stephen M. Miller, and Mark E. Wohar


A Review of Climate and Culture Research in Selling and Sales Management, Brandon M. Gustafson, Nadia Pomirleanu, and Babu John-Mariadoss


The Disk Substructures at High Angular Resolution Program (DSHARP). VIII. The Rich Ringed Substructures in the AS 209 Disk, Viviana V. Guzmán, Jane Huang, Sean M. Andrews, Andrea Isella, Laura M. Pérez, John M. Carpenter, Cornelis P. Dullemond, Luca Ricci, Tilman Birnstiel, Shangjia Zhang, Zhaohuan Zhu, Xue-Ning Bai, Myriam Benisty, Karin I. Öberg, and David J. Wilner


On Cyclic Strings Avoiding a Pattern, Petros Hadjicostas and Lingyun Zhang

Autumn/Winter Births in Traditional and Pre-Pottery Neolithic Caprine Husbandry in Cyprus: Evidence from Ethnography and Stable Isotopes, Angelos Hadjikoumis, Jean-Denis Vigne, Alan Simmons, Jean Guilaine, Denis Fiorillo, and Marie Balasse


History Meets Palaeoscience: Consilience and Collaboration in Studying Past Societal Responses to Environmental Change, John Haldon, Lee Mordechai, Timothy P. Newfield, Arlen F. Chase, Adam Izdebski, Piotr Guzowski, Inga Labuhn, and Neil Roberts

Autonomy: A Missing Ingredient of a Successful Program?, Isreal Halperin PhD, Gabriele Wulf, Andrew D. Vigotsky BSc, Brad J. Schoenfeld PhD, and David G. Behm

Investors Processing of Financial Communications: A Persuasion Perspective, Erin L. Hamilton and Jennifer Winchel

Fate Of Transition Metals During Passive Carbonation Of Ultramafic Mine Tailings Via Air Capture With Potential For Metal Resource Recovery, J L. Hamilton, S A. Wilson, B Morgan, C C. Turvey, D J. Paterson, S M. Jowitt, J McCutcheon, and G Southam

The Interactions Between Power and Couple Satisfaction for Women, Valerie A. Handley, Kristy L. Soloski, Shelby Sewell, Alex Gowdy, Sara Smock Jordan, and Sara Elshershaby


Do Reduced Copayments Affect Mortality after Surgery due to Stroke? An Interrupted Time Series Analysis of a National Cohort Sampled in 2003-2012, Kyu-Tae Han PhD; Seung Ju Kim PhD; Sun Jung Kim MHSA, PhD; Ji Won Yoo MD, PhD; and Eun-Cheol Park MD, PhD

The Developmental Origins Of The Perception And Production Of Musical Rhythm, Erin Hannon, Jessica E. Nave-Blodgett, and Karli M. Nave


Is Civility Contagious? Examining the Impact of Modeling in Online Political Discussions, Soo-Hye Han, LeAnn Brazeal, and Natalie Pennington

Pressure-induced Structural Phase Transition in Li4Ge, Chun-Mei Hao, Yunguo Li, Qiang Zhu, Xin-Yi Chen, and Yan-Ling Li

Genome-wide Analysis Of Starvation-selected Drosophila Melanogaster-a Genetic Model Of Obesity, C M. Hardy, M K. Burke, L J. Everett, M V. Han, K M. Lantz, and A G. Gibbs


Bioavailability of Mineral-Bound Iron to a Snow Algae-Bacteria Co-Culture and Implications for Albedo-Altering Snow Algae Blooms, Zoë R. Harrold, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, A. H. Garcia, Alison E. Murray, Oliver Tschauner, James A. Raymond, and Shichun Huang

Evaluating Performance During Maximum Effort Vertical Jump Landings, John D. Harry, Leland A. Barker, Jeffrey D. Eggleston, and Janet S. Dufek


Performance Differences among Skilled Soccer Players of Different Playing Positions during Vertical Jumping and Landing, John R. Harry, Leland A. Barker, Roger James, and Janet S. Dufek

Effects of task difficulty on kinematics and task performance during walking workstation use, John R. Harry, Jeffrey D. Eggleston, Dustin D. Dunnick, Hannah Edwards, and Janet S. Dufek

Weighted Vest Effects on Impact Forces and Joint Work during Vertical Jump Landings in Men and Women, John R. Harry, C. Roger James, and Janet S. Dufek

Kinetic and Electromyographic Subphase Characteristics With Relation to Countermovement Vertical Jump Performance, John R. Harry, Maximilian R. Paquette, Brian K. Schilling, Leland A. Barker, C. Roger James, and Janet S. Dufek

Bilateral Comparison of Vertical Jump Landings and Step-off Landings From Equal Heights, John R. Harry, Julia Freedman Silvernail, John A. Mercer, and Janet S. Dufek

A Bilateral Comparison of Vertical Jump Landings and Step-off Landings From Equal Heights, John R. Harry, Julia Silvernail, John A. Mercer, and Janet S. Dufek

Challenges in the Fabrication of Ceramic Technetium Waste Forms, Thomas Hartmann and Annita Martinelli-Becker

Improving Performance by Na Doping of a Buffer Layer – Chemical and Electronic Structure of the InxSy:Na /CuIn(S,Se)2 Thin-Film Solar Cell Interface, Dirk Hauschild, Frank Meyer, Andreas Benkert, Dagmar Kreikemeyer-Lorenzo, Thomas Dalibor, Jörg Palm, Monika A. Blum, Wanli Yang, Regan G. Wilks, Marcus Bär, Friedrich Reinert, Clemens Heske, and Lothar Weinhardt


Reactive Transport and Mass Balance Modeling of the Stimson Sedimentary Formation and Altered Fracture Zones Constrain Diagenetic Conditions at Gale Crater, Mars, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, D. W. Ming, T. S. Peretyazhko, and E. B. Rampe


Book Review: The Dysfunctional Library: Challenges and Solutions to Workplace Relationships, Pat Hawthorne


When Caring Leaders Are Constrained: The Impact of LMX Differentiation on Leader Empathic Concern in Predicting Discretionary Work Behaviors, Jeffrey J. Haynie, John Baur, John N. Harris, Stanley G. Harris, and K. Nathan Moates


The Nevada Teacher Workforce Report, Danica G. Hays, Matthew Borek, and Kim K. Metcalf

Hardness Variation in Driven Rivets for Bridge Evaluation, Matthew H. Hebdon Ph.D, P.E., M.ASCE; Ryan J. Sherman Ph.D, P.E., M.ASCE; and Robert J. Connor Ph.D, M.ASCE


Mixed Finite Element Analysis for the Poisson-Nerst-Planck/Stokes Coupling, Mingyan He and Pengtao Sun

Cross-cultural Consumer Complaining Behavior in Service Industries: A Three-nation Study across the African Diaspora, Tony L. Henthorne, Alvin J. Williams, and Babu P. George

Mechanoelectric Transduction of Ionic Polymer-graphene Composite Sensor with Ionic Liquid as Electrolyte, Qingsong He, David Vokoun, Tyler Stalbaum, Kwang J. Kim, Alexander I. Fedorchenko, Xiangman Zhou, Min Yu, and Zhendong Dai


Attachment to Technology: The Missing Link, Katherine M. Hertlein and Markie L. C. Twist

Oxygen Consumption of Desert Pupfish at Ecologically Relevant Temperatures Suggests a Significant Role for Anaerobic Metabolism, Matt Heuton, Luis Ayala, Aldo Morante, Kyle Dayton, Alexander C. Jones, Joseph R. Hunt, Austin McKenna, Frank van Breukelen, and Stanley Hillyard