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Predicting the Ground-state Structure of Sodium Boride, Xin-Ling He, Xiao Dong, QuanSheng Wu, Zhisheng Zhao, Qiang Zhu, Artem R. Oganov, Yongjun Tian, Dongli Yu, Xiang-Feng Zhou, and Hui-Tian Wang

A Resistance Exercise Set for a Total Body Workout for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities, A Pilot Study, Thessa Hilgenkamp, Stijn Weterings, Alyt Oppewal, and Florien M. M. van Eeden

Exploration of Suitable Behaviour Change Techniques for Lifestyle Change in Individuals with Mild Intellectual Disabilities: A Delphi Study, Thessa Hilgenkamp, Mariel Willems, Aly Waninge, Johan de Jong, and Cees P. van der Schans


Complex Systems Research in Educational Psychology: Aligning Theory and Method, Jonathan C. Hilpert and Gwen C. Marchand

Photon Catalysis of Deuterium Iodide Photodissociation, Kallie I. Hilsabeck, Jana L. Meiser, Mahima Sneha, Balakrishnan Naduvalath, and Richard N. Zare


The Roles of Social Influences on Student Competence, Relatedness, Achievement, and Retention in STEM, Alexis Hilts, Rachel Part, and Matthew L. Bernacki

The Need to Implement and Evaluate Telehealth Competency Frameworks to Ensure Quality Care across Behavioral Health Professions, Donald M. Hilty, Marlene M. Maheu, Kenneth P. Drude, and Katherine M. Hertlein


Developmental Seizures and Mortality Result from Reducing GABAA Receptor α2-subunit Interaction with Collybistin, Rochelle M. Hines, Hans Michael Maric, Dustin J. Hines, Amit Modgil, Patrizia Panzanelli, Yasuko Nakamura, Anna J. Nathanson, Alan Cross, Tarek Deeb, Nicholas J. Brandon, Paul Davies, Jean-Marc Fritschy, Hermann Schindelin, and Stephen J. Moss

The Value Of Ozone Air Quality Improvements To Renters: Evidence From Apartment Building Transactions In Los Angeles County, C Hitaj, L Lynch, K E. McConnell, and C I. Tra


New Histone Demethylase LSD1 Inhibitor Selectively Targets Teratocarcinoma and Embryonic Carcinoma Cells, Nam Hoang, Xuan Zhang, Chunxiao Zhang, Van Vo, Feng Leng, Lovely Saxena, Feng Yin, Fei Lu, Guangrong Zheng, Pradip Bhowmik, and Hui Zhang


Effects of Patellofemoral Taping on Patellofemoral Joint Alignment and Contact Area During Weight Bearing, Kai-Yu Ho PT, PhD; Ryan Epstein DPT; Ron Garcia DPT, ATC; Nicole Riley DPT; Szu-Ping Lee PT, PhD; and Catherine Turner

Patellofemoral Joint Stress during Incline and Decline Running, Kai-Yu Ho, Theresa French, Brooks Klein, and Young Lee

Acute effects of walking on the deformation of femoral articular cartilage in older adults, Kai-Yu Ho, Jayson McClaren, and Skyler Sudweeks


Factors Associated with Immunization Opinion Leadership among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Los Angeles, California, Ian W. Holloway, Robert Bednarczyk, Vincent L. Fenimore, Cameron Goldbeck, Elizabeth Wu, Rebecca Himmelstein, Diane Tan, Laura Randall, Chelsea S. Lutz, and Paula M. Frew

Quadrivalent Meningococcal Vaccine Uptake Among Men Who Have Sex With Men During a Meningococcal Outbreak in Los Angeles County, California, 2016-2017, Ian W. Holloway, Elizabeth S. C. Wu, Jennifer Gildner, Vincent L. Fenimore, Diane Tan, Laura Randall, and Paula M. Frew

Magnesium for Fetal Neuroprotection: Should it be Started When Delivery is Not Imminent in PPROM? [12D], Katherine Hom MD, Bobby Brar MD, Patricia Kennel MD, and David Jackson MD


Photolysis of Glutaraldehyde in Brine: A Showcase Study for Removal of a Common Biocide in Oil and Gas Produced Water, Soklida Hong, Thunyalux Ratpukdi, Jayaraman Sivaguru, and Eakalak Khan


An Experimental Investigation of the Interaction Effect of Management Training Ground and Reporting Lines on Internal Auditors' Objectivity, Florian Hoos, William F. Messier, Jason L. Smith, and Paulette R. Tandy


An Integrative Review of Interprofessional Simulation in Nursing Education, Trisha Leann Horsley PhD, RN, CHSE, CNE; Jennifer O'Rourke PhD, APN-BC, CHSE; Bette Mariani PhD, RN, ANEF; Jessica Doolen; and Christine Pariseault MSN, RN, CEN

Gerald “Jerry” Goldstein (1931–2017), Arthur M. Horton, Daniel Allen, and Antonio E. Puente


Multicolor Blackbody Emission in GRB 081221, Shu-Jin Hou, Bin-Bin Zhang, Yan-Zhi Meng, Xue-Feng Wu, En-Wei Liang, Hou-Jun Lü, Tong Liu, Yun-Feng Liang, Lin Lin, Rui-jing Lu, Jin-Shu Huang, and Bing Zhang

Alterations in Oral Cancer Gene Expression in Response to Melatonin, Katherine Howard, Arin Hartounian, Guillermo Alessandro Retis, and Karl Kingsley


Effect of the Synthetic Bile Salt Analog CamSA on the Hamster Model of Clostridium difficile Infection, Amber Howerton, Cale O. Seymour, Senthil K. Murugapiran, Zhenlin Liao, Jacqueline R. Phan, Alan Estrada, Adam J. Wagner, Chrisabelle C. Mefferd, Brian P. Hedlund, and Ernesto Abel-Santos

Toward A Common Language For Measuring Patient Mobility In The Hospital: Reliability And Construct Validity Of Interprofessional Mobility Measures, E H. Hoyer, D L. Young, L M. Klein, J Kreif, K Shumock, S Hiser, M Friedman, A Lavezza, A Jette, K S. Chan, and D M. Needham

Routine Inpatient Mobility Assessment and Hospital Discharge Planning, Erik H. Hoyer, Daniel L. Young, Lisa Aronson Friedman, Daniel J. Brotman, Lisa M. Klein, Michael Friedman, and Dale M. Needham

Parent Empowerment: Listening to Their Voices, Yun-Ju Hsiao, Kyle Higgins, and Lindsay Diamond

Parent Empowerment: Respecting Their Voices, Yun-Ju Hsiao, Kyle Higgins, and Lindsay Diamond


Electron Scattering Wings on Lines in Interacting Supernovae, Chenliang Huang and Roger A. Chevalier


Base-Controlled Fe(Pc)-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidation of Thiols for the Synthesis of S-S and S-P(O) Bonds, Hai Huang, Jeffrey Ash, and Jun Yong Kang

Tf2O-Promoted Activating Strategy of Phosphate Analogues: Synthesis of Mixed Phosphates and Phosphinate, Hai Huang, Juffrey Ash, and Jun Yong Kang


Direct Aryloxylation/Alkyloxylation of Dialkyl Phosphonates for the Synthesis of Mixed Phosphonates, Hai Huang, Johanna Denne, Chou-Hsun Yang, Haobin Wang, and Jun Yong Kang


Regio- and Stereoselective Hydrophosphorylation of Ynamides for the Synthesis of β‑Aminovinylphosphine Oxides, Hai Huang, Hongjun Zhu, and Jun Yong Kang

Co And Dust Properties In The Tw Hya Disk From High-resolution Alma Observations, J Huang, S M. Andrews, L I. Cleeves, K I. Öberg, D J. Wilner, X Bai, T Birnstiel, J Carpenter, A M. Hughes, A Isella, L M. Pérez, L Ricci, and Z Zhu


The Disk Substructures at High Angular Resolution Project (DSHARP). II. Characteristics of Annular Substructures, Jane Huang, Sean M. Andrews, Cornelis P. Dellemond, Andrea Isella, Laura M. Pérez, Viviana V. Guzmán, Karin I. Öberg, Zhaohuan Zhu, Shangjia Zhang, Xue-Ning Bai, Myriam Benisty, Tilman Birstiel, John M. Carpenter, A. Meredith Hughes, Luca Ricci, Erik Weaver, and David J. Wilner


The Disk Substructures at High Angular Resolution Project (DSHARP). III. Spiral Structures in the Millimeter Continuum of the Elias 27, IM Lup, and WaOph 6 Disks, Jane Huang, Sean M. Andrews, Laura M. Pérez, Zhaohuan Zhu, Cornelis P. Dullemond, Andrea Isella, Myriam Benisty, Xue-Ning Bai, Tilman Birnstiel, John M. Carpenter, Viviana V. Guzmán, A. Meredith Hughes, Karin I. Öberg, Luca Ricci, David J. Wilner, and Shangjia Zhang


GRB 120729A: External Shock Origin for Both the Prompt Gamma-Ray Emission and Afterglow, Li-Ye Huang, Xiang-Gao Wang, WeiKang Zheng, En-Wei Liang, Da-bin Lin, Shi-Qing Zhong, Hai-Ming Zhang, Xiao-Li Huang, Alexi V. Filippenko, and Bing Zhang


Dosimetric Feasibility of 4DCT-ventilation Imaging Guided Proton Therapy for Locally Advanced Non-small-cell Lung Cancer, Qijie Huang, Salma K. Jabbour, Zhiyan Xiao, Ning Yue, Xiao Wang, Hongbin Cao, Yu Kuang, Yin Zhang, and Ke Nie


Numerical Analysis of a Leapfrog ADI–FDTD Method for Maxwell's Equations in Lossy Media, Yunqing Huang, Meng Chen, Jichun Li, and Yanping Lin


Genomic Inference of the Metabolism and Evolution of the Archaeal Phylum Aigarchaeota, Zheng-Shuang Hua, Yan-Ni Qu, Qiyun Zhu, En-Min Zhou, Yan-Ling Qi, Yi-Rui Yin, Yang-Zhi Rao, Ye Tian, Yu-Xian Li, Lan Liu, Cindy J. Castelle, Brian P. Hedlund, Wen-Sheng Shu, Rob Knight, and Wen-Jun Li

Science Teacher Attitudes Towards English Learners, Margarita Huerta, Tiberio Garza, Julie K. Jackson, and Manognya Murukutla

Science Teachers' Attitudes Towards English Learners, Margarita Huerta, Tiberio Garza, Julie K. Jackson, and Manognya Murukutla

Language Minority Students In Community Colleges: An Sem Model Exploring Socio-academic Variables Related To Persistence Pertaining To Re-enrollment, M Huerta, T Garza, and H A. García

On Investigating Inner Experience: Contrasting Moore & Schwitzgebel and Brouwers Et Al, Russell T. Hurlburt

Inside-out Planet Formation. IV. Pebble Evolution and Planet Formation Timescales, Xiao Hu, Jonathan C. Tan, Zhaohuan Zhu, Sourav Chatterjee, Tilman Birnstiel, Andrew N. Youdin, and Subhanjoy Mohanty

Examining Effects Of Internal Branding On Hospitality Student Interns’ Brand-supportive Behaviors: The Role Of Value Congruence, Yaou Hu, Zihui Ma, and Hyun J. Kim

Building Loyalty through Reward Programs: The Influence of Perceptions of Fairness and Brand Attachment, Eunmin Hwang, Seyhmus Baloglu, and Sarah Tanford

Outcomes Of Grazing Impacts Between Sub-neptunes In Kepler Multis, J Hwang, S Chatterjee, J Lombardi, J H. Steffen, and F Rasio

Cathodic Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) of Phenylenediamine-modified Graphene Oxide (GO) for Anti-corrosion Protection of Metal Surfaces, Min-Ju Hwang, Myeong-Gi Kim, Sanghoon Kim, Ye Chan Kim, Hee Won Seo, Jung Keun Cho, In-Kyung Park, Jonghwan Suhr, Hyungpil Moon, Ja Choon Koo, Hyouk Ryeol Choi, Kwang Jin Kim, Yongsug Tak, and Jae-Do Nam

Association between Socioeconomic Status and Risk of Hospitalization Due to Child Maltreatment in the USA, Sehyr Imran, Chad Cross, and Samrat U. Das

Youth Swimming Ability in the United States and Associated Demographic Characteristics- 2010-2017, Carol C. Irwin, Jennifer Pharr, Richard L. Irwin, and Todd E. Layne

Youth Swimming Ability and Associated Factors in the United States, 2010-17, Carol C. Irwin, Jennifer R. Pharr, Richard L. Irwin, and Todd E. Layne


The Disk Substructures at High Angular Resolution Project (DSHARP). IX. A High-definition Study of the HD 163296 Planet-forming Disk, Andrea Isella, Jane Huang, Sean M. Andrews, Cornelis P. Dellemond, Tilman Birnstiel, Shangjia Zhang, Zhaohuan Zhu, Viviana V. Guzmán, Laura M. Pérez, Xue-Ning Bai, Myriam Benisty, John M. Carpenter, Luca Ricci, and David J. Wilner


A New Approach to Evaluate Alkali-silica Reactivity Using Loss in Concrete Stiffness, Mohammad S. Islam and Nader Ghafoori

Disparities in Tobacco Use by Adolescents in Southeast, Nigeria Using Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) Approach, Ijeoma U. Itanyi, Chika N. Onwasigwe, Scott McIntosh, Tamara Bruno, Deborah Ossip, Emmanuel A. Nwobi, Chima A. Onoka, and Echezona Ezeanolue

A Content Analysis Of Testosterone Websites: Sex, Muscle, And Male Age-related Thematic Differences, N Ivanov, J Vuong, and P. B. Gray

Autonomy Enhances Running Efficiency, Takehiro Iwatsuki, James W. Navalta, and Gabriele Wulf

Relationship between Dental Loss and Health Outcomes among Hospitalized Patients With and Without Diabetes, Kenneth Izuora, Ammar Yousif, Gayle Allenback, Civon Gewelber, and Michael Neubauer


Porn Fans as Sex Tourists? Broadening Meanings of Sexual Consumption among Adult Entertainment Expo Attendees in Las Vegas, Nevada, Crystal A. Jackson, D. Sahl, and Barbara G. Brents


"Color Does Not Equal Consciousness”: Educators of Color Learning to Enact a Sociopolitical Consciousness, Iesha Jackson and Michelle Knigh-Manuel

“Color does not Equal Consciousness”: Educators of Color Learning to Enact a Sociopolitical Consciousness, Iesha Jackson and Michelle Knight-Manuel

Examining the effects of a professional development initiative on English learning and economically disadvantaged adolescents’ scores on a high-stakes science test, Julie J. Jackson, Margarita Huerta, Tiberio Garza, and Rose Narvaez

Examining the Effects of a Professional Development Initiative on English Learning and Economically Disadvantaged Adolescents’ Scores on a High-Stakes Science Test, Julie K. Jackson, Margarita Huerta, Tiberio Garza, and Rose Narvaez


Thermal Modeling of a Rooftop Photovoltaic/Thermal System With Earth Air Heat Exchanger for Combined Power and Space Heating, Sanjeev Jakhar, Manoj S. Soni, and Robert F. Boehm

Clinical and Non-clinical Factors that Predict Discharge Disposition after a Fall, Melissa K. James, R. Jonathan Robitsek, Syed M. Saghir, Patricia A. Gentile, Marylin Ramos, and Frances Perez


Knee Joint Kinematics and Kinetics During Walking and Running After Surgical Achilles Tendon Repair, Daniel Jandacka, Jan Plesek, Jiri Skypala, Jaroslav Uchytil, Julia Freedman Silvernail, and Joseph Hamill

Last-Minute Hotel-Booking Behavior: The Impact of Time on Decision-Making, Yisak Jang, Chih-Chien Chen, and Li Miao

Last-minute Hotel-booking Behavior: The Impact of Time on Decision-making, Yisak Jang, Chih-Chien Chen, and Libin Miao

Development and Validation of Simulation-Based Procedural Checklists for Evaluation of Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Performance, Laura Jarding MS, NNP-BC; Laurie A. Hogden MD; Stephen E. Messier MD, FAAP; Veleriy Kozmenko MD; Edward Simanton PhD; Kerri Bjornson MSN, NNP-BC; and Charisse Ortman Brockmueller MSN, NNP-BC

Periampullary Diverticula and ERCP Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Mahendran Jayaraj, Babu P. Mohan, Banreet S. Dhindsa, Harmeet S. Mashiana, Gowri Radhakrishnan, Vanay Dhir, Arvind J. Trindade, and Douglas G. Adler

Mechanical Properties and Cytotoxicity of PLA/PCL Films, Heeseok Jeong, Jeongwon Rho, Ji-Yeon Shin, Deuk Yong Lee, Taeseon Hwang, and Kwang J. Kim

A New FDTD Scheme for Maxwell’s Equations in Kerr-type Nonlinear Media, Hongen Jia, Jichun Li, Zhiwei Fang, and Ming Li


Convergent Roles of De Novo Mutations and Common Variants in Schizophrenia in Tissue-specific and Spatiotemporal Co-expression Network, Peilin Jia, Xiangning Chen, Ayman H. Fanous, and Zhongming Zhao

Decoupled Characteristic Stabilized Finite Element Method for Time‐dependent Navier–Stokes/Darcy Model, Xiaofeng Jia, Jichun Li, and Hongen Jia


Engaging the Verbs of Social Justice as We Trace Our Legacies and Our Relevance 2017 National Communication Association Annual Convention Opening Session, Amber L. Johnson and Javon Johnson

How to Think about ‘Mental Ability’ in Running and Other Sports, Todd Jones


Mechanisms for carbon adsorption on Au(110)-(2 × 1): A work function analysis, H. Z. Jooya, K. S. McKay, Eunja Kim, P. F. Weck, D. P. Pappas, D. A. Hite, and H. R. Sadeghpour

Explaining Expulsions of U.S. Diplomatic Personnel from Latin America, 1991–2016, Anthony Jordan and John P. Tuman

Recycling Of The Rare Earth Elements, Simon Jowitt, Timothy T. Werner, Zhehan Weng, and Gavin M. Mudd

Deciphering the Microstructure and Energy-Level Splitting of Tm3+-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet, Meng Ju, MingMin Zhong, Cheng Lu, and Yau-yuen Yeung


A Comparison of Planners' Site-Selection Intentions Towards a Sustainability Reward Program, Location, and Overall Costs, Shinyong Jung, Sarah Tanford, Yen-Soon Kim, and Carola Raab

Internationalization as a Determinant of Systematic Risk: The Role of Restaurant Type, SoYeon Jung, Michael Dalbor, and Seoki Lee

Estimating Pig Weights from Images without Constraint on Posture and Illumination, Kyungkoo Jun, Si Jung Kim, and Hyun Wook Si


A Multi-method Investigation of Literacy and Language Practices in Mexican Early Childhood Programs, Laura M. Justice, Gloria Yeomans-Maldonado, Jorge Gonzalez, Alain Bengochea, and Anita McCormick


Direct Observations of Crystal Defects in Polycrystalline Diamond, Shirin Kaboli and Pamela C. Burnley

In-situ Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Deformation and EPSC Modeling of AZ31 Mg Alloy, Shirin Kaboli and Pamela C. Burnley


Theory of Safety Surrogates Using Vehicle Trajectories in Macroscopic and Microscopic Settings: Application to Dynamic Message Signs Controlled Traffic At Work Zones, Pushkin Kachroo and A. Sharma

Invisible Adjudication in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Michael Kagan, Rebecca Gill, and Fatma Marouf


Integrating System Dynamics and Remote Sensing to Estimate Future Water Usage and Average Surface Runoff in Lagos, Nigeria, Gilles A. Kandissounon, Ajay Karla, and Sajjad Ahmad


Impact of Service Climate and Psychological Capital on Employee Engagement: The Role of Organizational Hierarchy, Hee Jung (Annette) Kang and James A. Busser

Service Climate: How Does It Affect Turnover Intention?, H J. Kang, J Busser, and H M. Choi


The Optical/NIR Afterglow of GRB 111209A: Complex Yet Not Unprecedented, D. A. Kann, P. Schady, E. F. Olivares, S. Klose, A. Rossi, D. A. Perley, Bing Zhang, T. Krühler, J. Greiner, A. Nicuesa Guelbenzu, J. Elliott, F. Knust, Z. Cano, R. Filgas, E. Pian, P. Mazzali, J. P. U. Fynbo, G. Leloudas, P. M. J. Afonso, C. Delvaux, J. F. Graham, A. Rau, S. Schmidl, S. Schulze, M. Tanga, A. C. Updike, and K. Varela


Copper-oxide spinel absorber coatings for high-temperature concentrated solar power systems, Dale E. Karas, Jongmin Byun, Jaeyun Moon, and Cilla Jose

Pretreatment of Natural Perlite Powder by further Milling to use as a Supplementary Cementitious Material, S. Mahmoud Matahari Karein, Payam Vosoughi, Soroush Isapour, and Moses Karakouzian


Effects of the Mechanical Miling Method on Transport Properties of Self-compacting Concrete Containing Perlite Powder as a Supplementary Cementitious Material, S. Mahmoud Motahari Karein, Alireza Joshaghani, A. A. Ramezanianpour, Soroush Isapour, and Moses Karakouzian


Effects of the Mechanical Milling Method on Transport Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Perlite Powder as a Supplementary Cementitious Material, S. Mahmoud Motahari Karein, Alireza Joshaghani, A. A. Ramezanianpour, Soroush Isapour, and Moses Karakouzian


A Short Note on Longevity, Lewis Karstensson


The Day of the Friar, Lewis Karstensson


The Day of the Merchant, Lewis Karstensson


The Day of the Political Economist, Lewis Karstensson

Context Facilitates Performance on a Classic Cross-Cultural Emotion Perception Task, Hoemann Katie, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Shani Msafiri, Qiang Liu, Chaojie Li, Debi Roberson, Gregory A. Ruark, Maria Gendron, and Lisa Feldmann Barrett