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Book Sections

The Optimum Performance Programme in Sports: A Case of Bulimia Nervosa in a Lean Sport Athlete, Marina Galante, Bradley Donohue, and Yulia Gavrilova

"...Do You Want More?" A Brief History of Same-Sex Partnerships, Family Formations, and Marriage in Twentieth-Centurty U.S.A., Marcie M. Gallo

A Potential Role of Phospholipase 2 Group IIA (PLA2-IIA) in P. gingivalis-Induced Oral Dysbiosis, Octavio A. Gonzales, Vanessa Euzebio-Alves, Yelena Alimova, Ahmad Al-Attar, and Jeffrey L. Ebersole

The Election of 1860, Michael Green

Eastern and Western Empire: Thaddeus Stevens and the Greater Reconstruction, Michael S. Green

Legal Applications of Terror Management Theory., Miliaikeala Sj. Heen and Joel D. Lieberman

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology in the Hospitality Industry: Current Applications and Future Trends, Tony Henthorne and Li Yang

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Teacher Education, Iesha Jackson, Conra Gist, Bianca Nightengale-Lee, and Keisha Allen

Integration of Multi-omics Data for Expression Quantitative Trait Loci (eQTL) Analysis and eQTL Epistasis, Mingon Kang and Jean Gao


Indignation in Political Discourse Thoughts toward an Information Literacy Curriculum, Mark N. Lenker III


From Responsible Custody to Responsible Stewardship, Michelle Light

Exploring Multimodal Representations of Words in a Fourth-Grade English Language Arts Teacher Guide to Support Emergent Bilinguals’ Vocabulary Instruction, Irina Malova, Alain Bengochea, Susan R. Massey, and Mary A. Avalos

Co-Creating good times, Zihui Ma, Hyelin Kim, and Muzaffer Uysal

Assessing Learning from, with, and in Games Revisited: A Heuristic for Emerging Methods and Commercial Off-the-Shelf Games, Michael Mccreery, P. G. Schrader, Mark C. Carroll, Danielle L. Head, and Jeffrey R. Laferriere

A Framework for Career Reconstruction Following Personal Injury and Disability, Harsha Perera and James A. Athanasou

Social Marketing: Changing consumer’s behavior for their good., Jennifer R. Pharr and Nancy L. Lough

A Multimedia Professional Development Process for Teacher Education and Professional Development, Wendy Rodgers, Victoria J. VanUitert, Michael J. Kennedy, John Elwood Romig, and Kat D. Alves

Unlikely Possibilities, Beth Rosenberg

"The Place of Asylums in Erving Goffman's Research Corpus", Dmitri Shalin

"You Can Publish This Interview After My Death" Interview with Igor Kon, Dmitri N. Shalin

Hegemony, Principal Preparation, and the Language of the Oppressor: The Elusive Preparation of Socially Just School Leaders, Jacob D. Skousen

Social Skills and Bullying Prevention Programs, Samuel Y. Song, Michelle Zochowski, Wynn Tashman, Stephanie Houle, and Beth Doll

Content teacher ideologies and perspectives on multilingual learners, Kara Mitchell Viesca, Tracy Gray, Jessica Masterson, Kelly E. Demers, Barbara Dray, Diep Nguyen, Karen Terrell, Michelle Guzman Torres, and Sharolyn Pollard-Durodola

Conference Proceedings

Relating Urbanization and Irrigation Water Demand in Gujranwala District of Pakistan, Abhusan Achhami, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen

A Comparison of Green and Non-Green Advertising in the Hotel Industry, Seyhmus Baloglu, Esra Topcuoglu, and Safak Sahin

Associations of Dietary Patterns with Atherosclerosis in the Coronary Artery Calcification in Type 1 Diabetes (CACTI) Study, Arpita Basu, Amy C. Alman, and Janet K. Snell-Bergeon

A Survey on Algorithmic Approaches on Electric Vehicle Adaptation in a Smart Grid: An Introduction to Battery Consolidation Systems, Wolfgang Bein, Dara Nyknahad, and Rojin Aslani

Urban Heat Island Intensity Mapping of Las Vegas Using Landsat Thermal Infrared Data, Adam Black, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen

Using Solar and Wind Energy for Water Treatment in the Southwest, Saria Bukhary, Jacimaria Batista, and Sajjad Ahmad

Patient-Specific Microglia Cellular Models for Schizophrenia Study, Jingchun Chen, Travis Mize, Xiaogang Wu, and Xiangning Chen

A New UAV-based Module Lifting and Transporting Method: Advantages and Challenges, Jin Choi and Dong Bin Kim

Calibrating CII RT283s Modularization Critical Success Factor Accomplishments, Jin Choi, James T. O’Connor, Young Hoon Kwak, and Rajarshi Ghimire

Identifying Potential Innovative Technologies and Management Approaches for Design Standardization, Jin Ouk Choi, Young Hoon Kwak, Jennifer S. Shane, and Binit K. Shrestha

A Pilot Study of Identifying Execution Plan Differences for Accelerated Bridge Construction, Jin Choi and Elina Prajapati

A Second Primary and the Diagnostic Dilemma, Noah Cook

Fluconazole Non Susceptible Disseminated Coccidioidomycosis in a Critically Ill Patient Without Known Immunosuppression, Mohamed Eltayeb, Shadaba Asad, Arhama Malik, Yen Cao, Wen Y. Yu, and Annie Hong

Modelling and Experimental Study for PVC Gel Actuators, Zachary Frank, Zakai Olsen, Taeseon Hwang, and Kwang J. Kim

Cloud Motion Vector Estimation Using Scalable Wireless Sensor Networks, Michael A. Gacusan and Venkatesan Muthukumar


Interpretable Deep Neural Network for Cancer Survival Analysis by Integrating Genomic and Clinical Data, Jie Hao, Youngsoon Kim, Tejaswini Mallavarapu, Jung Hun Oh, and Mingon Kang

Smartphones and Self-Regulated Learning: Opportunities and Challenges, Kendall Hartley and Lisa D. Bendixen


The Librarian Parlor: Demystifying the Research Process through Community, Chelsea Heinbach, Charissa Powell, Hailley Fargo, and Nimisha Bhat

Shakespearean Film Technologies and The Birth of Consumable Wonder, Scott Hollifield

A Market Place Solution for Energy Transaction on Ethereum Blockchain, Chol Hyun Park, Ivanrey Mejia Barlongo, and Yoohwan Kim

Rainfall-Runoff Simulation in Cache River Basin, Illinois, Using HEC-HMS, Neekita Joshi, Astha Bista, Indira Pokhrel, Ajay Kalra, and Sajjad Ahmad

Application of HEC-RAS to Study the Sediment Transport Characteristics of Maumee River in Ohio, Neekita Joshi, Gaurav Raj Lamichhane, Md. Mafuzur Rahaman, Ajay Kalra, and Sajjad Ahmad

Semi-Supervised Discriminative Transfer Learning in Cross-Language Text Classification, Mingon Kang, Ashis Biswas, Dong-Chul Kim, and Jean Gao

"They Said They Were Going to Help Us Get Through This": Documenting Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims' Interactions with Police, Alexis Margaret Kennedy, Alexa Bejinariu, and Andrea N. Cimino

Use of Trendelenburg Position to Assist in Large Tracheal Clot Evacuation, Shahrukh Hussain Khan and Mutsumi Kioka

A Case of Scalp Abscesses in an Immunocompetent Neonate Caused by Morganella Morganii, Harris Khawaja, Rupesh Natarajan, and Rita Shah


A Survey of State-of-the-Art GAN-Based Approaches to Image Synthesis, Shahram Latifi and Shirin Nasr Esfahani

Implementation of a Blockchain-Based Event Reselling System, Tralyn Le, Yoohwan Kim, and Ju-Yeon Jo

Collaborative Mental Health for Children- Perspectives and Practices for School-Clinic Partnerships, Patrice Leverett


Users’ Continued Usage of Online Healthcare Virtual Communities: An Empirical Investigation in the Context of HIV Support Communities, Ruochen Liao, Rajiv Kishore, and Michael J. Lee

Variable Fast Transient Digitizer, James K. Mellott, Eric Monahan, Vikas Vinayaka, Sachin P. Namboodiri, Angsuman Roy, and R. Jacob Baker

Impact of Precipitation and Agricultural Productivity on Groundwater Storage in Rahim Yar Khan District, Pakistan, Guarang Mistry, Haroon Stephen, and Sajjad Ahmad


Creating an Outreach Story: Assessment Results, Strategic Planning, and Reflection, Rosan Mitola and Amy Wainwright

Separation of Oil-Coolant Mixture from Water Using a Two-Step Process of Skimming and Coagulation, Soroosh Mortazavian, Hyeunhwan An, and Jaeyun Moon

Adaptive Attitude Control of Spacecraft Orbiting Around Asteroids, Nicholas Moya, Keum W. Lee, and Sahjendra N. Singh

Controlling the Stereodynamics of Cold Molecular Collisions, Balakrishnan Naduvalath, J. F. E. Croft, Meng Huang, and Hua Guo

Verifying Channel Communication Correctness for a Multi-core Cooperatively Scheduled Runtime Using CSP, Jan Pedersen and Kevin Chalmers

A Multidimensional, Person-Centered Perspective on Teacher Engagement: Evidence from Canadian and Australian Teachers, Harsha Perera, Sündüs Yerdelen, Peter McIlveen, and Rachel Part

Voice Interactive Games, P. Piotrowski, Evangelos A. Yfantis, A. Campagna, Q. Cornu, and G. M. Gallitano

Threat Recognition from Gait Analysis, Bruce Powell, Eilat Avidan, and Shahram Latifi

Using SWAT to Simulate Streamflow in Trinity River Basin, Texas, USA, Md. Mafuzur Rahaman, Gaurav Raj Lamichhane, Alen Shrestha, Balbhadra Thakur, Ajay Kalra, and Sajjad Ahmad

Characterization of Beryllium Ion Complexation in the Presence of Biological Buffers Using Isothermal Titration Calorimetry, Guillermo Ramirez and Ronald Gary

Cultural Factors Affecting Resilience of Filipino Immigrant Women, Andrew Reyes

The Effect of Length on the Insertion Loss of Fiberglass-Lined Sheet Metal Ducts--Part I: Rectangular Ducts, Douglas Reynolds and Michael Schwob

Application of a Novel Grid-Based Method Using a Wavelet Artificial Neural Network System for Predicting Water Quality Profiles in Deep Lakes: Effects of High and Low Frequency Wavelet Decomposed Components, Ali Saber, David E. James, and Donald F. Hayes

Polymicrobial Empyema Presenting as Pseudochylothorax in a Patient with Bulimia Nervosa, Ahem Sagaslli, Kush Modi, Matthew Pellnitz, and Nathan E. Kirsch

Fatal Case of Lactic Acidosis in a Post-Partum HIV Patient on Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor with New Diagnosis of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Ahmed Sagaslli, Nathan Kirsch, and Kush Modi

Analysis of Changes in Surface Energy Fluxes Due to Urbanization in Las Vegas, Rubab Saher, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen

Hydrogeochemical Characteristics and Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Cox's Bazar Town and its Surrounding Area, Southeast Bangladesh, Ashraf Ali Seddique, Harue Masuda, David K. Kreamer, Ryo Anma, and Y. Yokoo

Urban Runoff and Pollutant Reduction by Retrofitting Green Infrastructure in Storm Water Management System, Sailuj Shakya, Kazi Ali Tamaddun, Haroon Stephen, and Sajjad Ahmad

A SS-CNN on an FPGA for Handwritten Digit Recognition, Jiong Si, Evangelos Yfantis, and Sarah L. Harris

Aircraft Close Formation Control Using Finite-Time Sliding Mode Law, Sahjendra Singh, Kaushik Raj, and Venkatesan Muthukumar

Environmental Impact of Conversion of Natural Wetland into Reservoir: A Case Study of Chotiari Reservoir in Pakistan, Altaf A, Siyal; Aamir M. Bhatti; M. Munir Babar; Kamran Ansari; Rubab Saher; and Sajjad Ahmad

Shock Propagation Through a Bolted Joint Structure Under Impact Loading, Deepak S. Somasundaram, Pouya Shojaeishahmirzadi, Mohamed B. Trabia, and Brendan J. O'Toole

Biennial Conference on Chemical Eduation: A Place to Share Information About the Teaching and Learning of Chemisty, John Sophos, Alice Putti, Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh, Dan Skyes, Vickie Williamson, Justin Carmel, Renee Cole, Dawn Del Carlo, Scott Donnelly, Irvin Levy, Suazette Mooring, Barbara Murray, and MaryKay Orgill

A Randomized Controlled Trial on the Impact of Polyglot Programming in a Database Context, Andreas Stefik and Phillip Merlin Uesbeck

The Design of Digital IIR Filters Using a Differential Evolution Optimization Algorithm with Taguchi Crossover, Peter Stubberud

Ambient Air Quality of Major Indian States and Cities: A Spatiotemporal Analysis, Kazi Ali Tamaddun, Ajay Kalra, and Sajjad Ahmad

Segmented Digital SiPM, Vikas Vinayaka, Sachin P. Namboodiri, Angsuman Roy, and R. Jacob Baker

CCCs as Epistemic Heuristics to Guide Student Sense-Making of Phenomena, Tina Vo, Charles A. Anderson, Brian Gane, Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, and Lindsey Mohan

Beethoven and the Test of Faith: Hélène Cixous’s Ode to Joy, Francois-Nicolas Vozel

A Survey of Sound-based Biometrics used in Species Recognition, Yuqiu Wei, Yiling Xu, and Shahram Latifi

Prediction of Bone Mineral Density By Using Various Genetic Profiling: A Comparative Analysis in Independent Samples, Xiangxue Xiao, Qing Wu, and Xiaogang Wu

Derivation and External Validation of the Lower Limit of Normal Values' Predictive Ability for Future Fracture in African-American Women, Yingke Xu and Qing Wu

Texture-based Deep Learning for Effective Histopathological Cancer Image Classification, Nelson Zange Tsaku, Sai Chandra Kosaraju, Tasmia Aqila, Mohammad Masum, Dae Hyun Song, Ananda M. Mondal, Hyun Min Koh, and Mingon Kang

On a New Hardware Trojan Attack on Power Budgeting of Many Core Systems, Yiming Zhao, Xiaohang Wang, Yingtao Jiang, Mei Yang, Amit Kumar Singh, and Terrence S.T. Mak


Learn From the Situation and Move Forward: A Talk with Deborah Deutsch Smith, Randall Boone PhD and Kyle Higgins

Learn From the Situation and Move Forward: A Talk with Deborah Deutsch Smith, Randall Boone PhD and Kyle Higgins

Letters to the Editor

The Potential Science and Engineering Value of Samples Delivered to Earth by Mars Sample Return, David W. Beaty, Monica M. Grady, Harry Y. McSween, Elliot Sefton-Nash, B. L. Carrier, Francesca Altieri, Yuri Amelin, Eleonora Ammannito, Mahesh Anand, Liane G. Benning, Janice L. Bishop, Lars E. Borg, Dale Boucher, John R. Brucato, Henner Busemann, Kathleen A. Campbell, Andrew D. Czaja, Vinciane Debaille, David J. Des Marais, Michael Dixon, Bethany L. Ehlmann, Jack D. Farmer, David C. Fernandez-Remolar, Justin Filiberto, Jennifer Fogarty, Daniel P. Galvin, Y. S. Goreva, Lydia J. Hallis, Andrea Dawn Harrington, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, and Chris D.K. Herd

Data Analytics and Optimization for Decision Support, Wolfgang Bein, Stefan Pickl, and Fei Tao

Transitions at Energy Policy, Stephen P.A. Brown, Marilyn A. Brown, Reinhard Madlener, Stephen D. Thomas, and Peng Zhou

Recent Developments at Energy Policy, Stephen P.A. Brown, Marilyn A. Brown, Reinhard Madlener, Stephen Thomas, Peng Zhou, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, and Sonia Yeh

Hepatocellular Carcinoma Among Hispanics: An Understudied Public Health Priority, Karen E. Callahan MPH and Paulo S. Pinheiro MD, PhD

Selecting the Best Measure for Hospital-Acquired Deconditioning, Carmen E. Capo-Lugo, Erik H. Hoyer, and Daniel Young

Seventeenth International Symposium on Microdosimetry, Roberto Cherubini, Francis A. Cucinotta, and Peter O'Neill

Response to “The Role of the Nurse Leader in Battling Human Trafficking in Rural Hospitals in Texas”, Rachell A. Ekroos

Improving School Attendance by Enhancing Communication Among Stakeholders: Establishment of the International Network for School Attendance (INSA), David Heyne, Carolyn Gentle-Genitty, Malin Gren Landell, Glenn Melvin, Brian Chu, Marie Galle-Tessonneau, Kristin Gärtner Askeland, Carolina Gonzalvez, Trude Havik, Jo Magne Ingul, Daniel Bach Johnsen, Gil Keppens, Martin Knollmann, Aaron R. Lyon, Naoki Maeda, Volker Reissner, Floor Sauter, Wendy K. Silverman, Mikael Thastum, Bruce J. Tonge, and Christopher A. Kearney