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#VegasStrong: Sport, Public Memorialization, and the Golden Knights, Benjamin Burroughs, Adam Rugg, David Becker, and Madeline Edgmon

Role of Commercial Friendship, Initiation and Co-Creation Types, James A. Busser and Lenna V. Shulga

Biochemistry Instructors' Use of Intentions for Student Learning to Evaluate and Select External Representations of Protein Translation, Thomas J. Bussey and MaryKay Orgill

Biochemistry Instructors' Use of Intentions for Student Learning to Evaluate and Select External Representations of Protein Translation, Thomas J. Bussey and MaryKay Orgill


Meta-Analysis of Cognitive Performance by Novel Object Recognition After Proton and Heavy Ion Exposures, Eliedonna Cacao and Francis A. Cucinotta

Exploring Strategies to Improve Gender Equity in a Masculinized Field of Study, Christopher Cain, Lisa Cain, and Nancy Lough


Cognitively Normal Women With Alzheimer’s Disease Proteinopathy Show Relative Preservation of Memory but Not of Hippocampal Volume, Jessica Z.K. Caldwell, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Sarah J. Banks, Sebastian Palmqvist, and Oskar Hansson


Sex Moderates Amyloid and Apolipoprotein ε4 Effects on Default Mode Network Connectivity at Rest, Jessica Z.K. Caldwell, Xiaowei Zhuang, MacKenzie J. Leavitt, Sarah J. Banks, Jeffery Cummings, and Dietmar Cordes


Low Colorectal Cancer Survival in the Mountain West State of Nevada: A Population-Based Analysis, Karen E. Callahan, Carmen P. Ponce, Chad L. Cross, Francisco S. Sy, and Paulo S. Pinheiro

Dietary Berries, Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes: An Overview of Human Feeding Trials, Aaron Calvano, Kenneth Izuora, Edwin C. Oh, Jeffrey L. Ebersole, Timothy J. Lyons, and Arpita Basu


Persistence and Cyclical Dynamics of US and UK House Prices: Evidence From Over 150 Years of Data, Giorgio Canarella, Luis Gil-Alana, Rangan Gupta, and Stephen M. Miller

Does Real U.K. GDP Have a Unit Root? Evidence from a Multi-Century Perspective, Giorgio Canarella, Rangan Gupta, Stephen M. Miller, and Tolga Omay


Experiencing Anti-Immigrant Policies on Both Sides of the U.S./Mexico Borderland: A Comparative Study of Mexican and Iranian Families, Sandra L. Candel and Shahla Fayazpour

Evaluation of the Oxidation Flow Reactor for Particulate Matter Emission Limit Certification, Junji Cao, Qiyuan Wang, Li Li, Yue Zhang, Jie Tian, L.W. Antony Chen, Steven Sai Hang Ho, Xiaoliang Wang, Judith C. Chow, and John G. Watson

Association Between Ambulatory Status and Call Bell Use in Hospitalized Patients—A Retrospective Cohort Study, Carmen E. Capo-Lugo, Kara Shumock, Daniel L. Young, Lisa Klein, Andre Cassell, Maria Cvach, Annette Lavezza, Michael Friedman, Elys Bhatia, Daniel J. Brotman, and Erik H. Hoyer

Barriers and Facilitators for Antiretroviral Treatment Adherence Among HIV-Positive African American and Latino Men Who Have Sex With Men, James W. Carey, Neal Carnes, Alisu Schoua-Glusberg, Katherine Kenward, Deborah Gelaude, Damian J. Denson, Elizabeth Gall, Laura A. Randall, and Paula M. Frew

Invariance of Critical Points Under Kelvin Transform and Multiple Solutions in Exterior Domains of R2, Siegfried Carl, David G. Costa, Morteza Fotouhi, and Hossein Tehrani


The Radial Distribution of Dust Particles in the HL Tau Disk from ALMA and VLA Observations, Carlos Carrasco-Gonzalez, Anibal Sierra, Mario Flock, Zhaohuan Zhu, Thomas Henning, Claire Chandler, Roberto Galvan-Madrid, Enrique Macias, Guillem Anglada, Hendrik Linz, Mayra Osorio, Luis F. Rodriguez, Leonardo Testi, Jose M. Torrelles, Laura Perez, and Yao Liu


3D-Printing and Machine Learning Control of Soft Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite Actuators, James D. Carrico, Tucker Hermans, Kwang J. Kim, and Kam K. Leang

Metadata Revisited Updating Metadata Profiles and Practices in a Vendor-Hosted Repository, A. L. Carson and Carol Ou

Association of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors with Increased Mortality Among Patients with Isolated Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, John S. Catapano, Alistair J. Chapman, Matthew Dull, Joseph M. Abbatematteo, Lance P. Horner, Jakub Godzik, Scott Brigeman, Clinton D. Morgan, Alexander C. Whiting, Minggen Lu, Joseph M. Zabramski, and Douglas R. Fraser

Development and Acceptability of a Video-Based Vaccine Promotion Tutorial for Obstetric Care Providers, Allison T. Chamberlain, Rupali J. Limaye, Sean T. O'Leary, Paula M. Frew, Sarah E. Brewer, C. I. Spina, Mallory K. Ellingson, Matthew Z. Dudley, Walter A. Orenstein, Meghan A. Donnelly, Laura E. Riley, Kevin A. Ault, Daniel A. Salmon, and Saad B. Omer


Growth Volatility and Inequality in the U.S.: A Wave Analysis, Shinhye Chang, Rangan Gupta, Stephen M. Miller, and Mark E. Wohar

Hospitality Career Retention: The Role of Contextual Factors and Thriving at Work, Wen Chang and James A. Busser

Orbital Dynamics of Circumbinary Planets, Cheng Chen, Alessia Franchini, Stephen H. Lubow, and Rebecca G. Martin


Late Delivery of Nitrogen to the Earth, Cheng Chen, Jeremy L. Smallwood, Rebecca G. Martin, and Mario Livio

Comparing Treatment Patterns of Hepatocellular Carcinoma at Academic Centers and Non-Academic Centers Within the Mountain Region, Daniel Cheng, Chad L. Cross, Gregory Calfee, Daniel Kirgan, Shelley J. Williams, Jennifer Baynosa, and Charles R. St. Hill

Genome-Wide Meta-Analyses of FTND and TTFC Phenotypes, Jingchun Chen, Anu Loukola, Nathan A. Gillespie, Roseann Peterson, Peilin Jia, Brien Riley, Hermine Maes, Daniella M. Dick, Kenneth S. Kendler, M. Imad Damaj, Michael F. Miles, Zhongming Zhao, Ming D. Li, Jacqueline M. Vink, Camelia C. Minica, Gonneke Willemsen, Dorret I. Boomsma, Beenish Qaiser, Pamela A. F. Madden, Tellervo Korhonen, Pekka Jousilahti, Jenni Hällfors, Joel Gelernter, Henry R. Kranzler, Richard Sherva, Lindsay Farrer, Brion Maher, Michael Vanyukov, Michelle Taylor, Jenifer J. Ware, and Marcus R. Munafò


A Frameshift Variant in the CHST9 Gene Identified by Family-Based Whole Genome Sequencing Is Associated with Schizophrenia in Chinese Population, Jingchun Chen, Jain-Shing Wu, Travis Mize, Marvi Moreno, Mahtab Hamid, Francisco Servin, Bita Bashy, Zhongming Zhao, Peilin Jia, Ming T. Tsuang, Kenneth S. Kendler, Momiao Xiong, and Xiangning Chen


Comparison Principle for Stochastic Heat Equation on Rd, Le Chen and Jingyu Huang

Nonlinear Stochastic Time-Fractional Slow and Fast Diffusion Equations on Rd, Le Chen, Yaozhong Hu, and David Nualart

Nonlinear Stochastic Heat Equation Driven by Spatially Colored Noise: Moments and Intermittency, Le Chen and Kunwoo Kim

Bioaerosol Concentrations and Size Distributions during the Autumn and Winter Seasons in an Industrial City of Central China, Lung-Wen Chen, Ting Liu, Mi Zhang, John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, Junji Cao, Hongyu Chen, Wei Wang, Jiaquan Zhang, Changlin Zhan, Hongxia Liu, Jingru Zheng, Naiwen Chen, Ruizhen Yao, and Wensheng Xiao

Evaluation of Epifluorescence Methods for Quantifying Bioaerosols in Fine and Coarse Particulate Air Pollution, L.-W. Antony Chen, Mi Zhang, Ting Liu, Karey Fortier, Judith C. Chow, Fernanda Alonzo, Rachel Kolberg, Junji Cao, Ge Lin, Tanviben Y. Patel, Patricia Cruz, Mark P. Buttner, and John G. Watson

A Rice Mutant with a Giant Embryo has Increased Levels of Lipophilic Antioxidants, E Vitamers, and Gamma-Oryzanol Fraction, Ming‐Hsuan Chen, Christine J. Bergman, Casey C. Grimm, and Anna M. McClung

Hydrolytic Rancidity and its Association with Phenolics in Rice Bran, Ming-Hsuan Chen, Christine J. Bergman, and Anna M. McClung


Modifications of the CZTSe/Mo Back-Contact Interface by Plasma Treatments, Wenjin Chen, Teoman Taskesen, David Nowak, Ulf Mikolajczak, Mohamed H. Sayed, Devendra Pareek, Jorg Ohland, Thomas Schnabel, Erik Ahlswede, Dirk Hauschild, Lothar Weinhardt, Clemens Heske, Jurgen Parisi, and Levent Gutay

Paleomagnetic Evidence for the Gothenburg Geomagnetic Excursion during the Pleistocene–Holocene Transition Recorded in the Paleo-Danyang Lake, Eastern China, Zhongliang Chen, Feng Yuan, Jinzhe Zhang, Shihao Shen, Xiaohui Li, Xiangling Li, Meng Huang, and Simon M. Jowitt

An Evaluation of Food Insecurity and Its Correlates in a Filipino American Study Sample Residing in Clark County, Nevada, Prescott Cheong, Courtney Coughenour, Maya Shegog, Saruna Ghimire, Lawrence Sagadraca, and Francisco Sy

A Novel Design Framework for Embedded Applications, Kishore Konda Chidella, Abu Asaduzzaman, and Abdulrahman Almohaimeed


Identifiying High Risk Areas of Zika Virus Infection by Meteorological Factors in Columbia, Lung-Chang Chien, Francisco Sy, and Adriana Perez

Short-Horizon Incentives and Stock Price Inflation, Jianxin Daniel Chi, Manu Gupta, and Shane A. Johnson


Giant Planet Effects on Terrestrial Planet Formation and System Architecture, Anna C. Childs, Elisa Quintana, Thomas Barclay, and Jason H. Steffen

Rethinking Health Services Measurement for Indigenous Populations, Michelle Chino Dr, Angela Mashford-Pringle, Ian Ring, Fadwa Al-Yaman, and John Waldon

Improving Health Data for Indigenous Populations: The International Group for Indigenous Health Measurement, Michelle Chino, Ian Ring, Lisa Jackson Pulver, John Waldon, and Malcolm King

Emergency response: Effect of human detection resolution on risks during indoor mass shooting events, Chunhee Cho, Jee Woong Park, and Sayan Sakhakarmi

Bubble Nucleation, Growth, and Departure: A New, Dynamic Understanding, H. Jeremy Cho and Evelyn N. Wang

Two-Stage Procedure of Fixed-Width Confidence Intervals for the Risk Ratio, Hokwon Cho

On Fixed-Width Confidence Limits for the Risk Ratio with Sequential Sampling, Hokwon Cho and Zhou Wang

The Role of Reference Prices in the Lodging Industry: The Moderating Effect of an Individual’s Psychological State, Choongbeom Choi, Sungwoo Choi, and Anna S. Mattila

Modularization Business Case Analysis Model for Industrial Projects Journal of Management in Engineering, Jin O. Choi, James T. Oconnor, Young H. Kwak, and Binit K. Shrestha


Model-Free Implied Volatility under Jump-Diffusion Models, Seungmook Choi and Hongtao Yang

Understanding the Effects of Lifestyles and Routine Activities on Adolescents' Physical and Non-physical Peer Victimization: A Zero-Inflated Analysis of the 2007 NCVS-SCS, Sujung Cho, Steven Glassner, Seok-Beom Kim, and Seong-Min Park

Understanding the Effects of Lifestyles and Routine Activities on Adolescents’ Physical and Non-physical Peer Victimization: A Zero-inflated Analysis of the 2007 NCVS-SCS, Sujung Cho, Steven Glassner, Seok-Beom Kim, and Seong-Min Park

Social-Ecological Correlates of Cyberbullying Victimization and Perpetration Among African American Youth: Negative Binomial and Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Analyses, Sujung Cho, Hannarae Lee, Anthony A. Peguero, and Seong Park

Spatiotemporal Dynamics Assessment of Snow Cover to Infer Snowline Elevation Mobility in the Moutainous Regions, Bahram Choubin, Esmail Heydari Alamdarloo, Amir Mosavi, Farzaneh Sajedi Hosseini, Sajjad Ahmad, Massoud Goodarzi, and Shahaboddin Shamshirband


Changes in PM2.5 Peat Combustion Source Profiles with Atmospheric Aging in an Oxidation Flow Reactor, Judith C. Chow, Junji Cao, Lung-Wen Anthony Chen, Xiaoliang Wang, Qiyuan Wang, Jie Tian, Steven Sai Hang Ho, Adam C. Watts, Tessa B. Carlson, Steven D. Kohl, and John G. Watson


Phytoplankton Community and Algal Toxicity at a Recurring Bloom in Sullivan Bay, Kabetogama Lake, Minnesota, USA, Victoria G. Christensen, Ryan P. Maki, Erin A. Stelzer, Jack E. Norlan, and Eakalak Khan


Practice Variability Promotes an External Focus of Attention and Enhances Motor Skill Learning, Lee-Kuen Chua, Maria Katrina Dimapilis, Takehiro Iwatsuki, Reza Abdollahipour, Rebecca Lewthwaite, and Gabriele Wulf

Thermo-Hydraulic Performance of Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger With Different Cambered Airfoil Fins, Wen-Xiao Chu, Katrine Bennett, Jie Cheng, Yi-Tung Chen, and Qiu-Wang Wang


Critical Multicultureal Education: Working at the Intersections of Resistance, Restorative Justice, and Revolutionary Changes -- Introduction, Christine Clark and Norma A. Marrun


The Impact of Pedestrian Crossing Flags on Driver Yielding Behavior in Las Vegas, NV, Sheila Clark, Courtney Coughenour, Kelly Bumgarner, Hanns de la Fuente-Mella, Chantel Reynolds, and James Abelar

Pride, Guilt, and Self-Regulation in Cause-Related Marketing Advertisements, Joshua T. Coleman, Marla B. Royne (Stafford), and Kathrynn R. Pounders

Fracture Toughness Characterization of High-Performance Steel for Bridge Girder Applications, Williams Collins, Ryan Sherman, Roberto Leon, and Robert Connor

Petrology of the Enriched Poikilitic Shergottite Northwest Africa 10169: Insight into the Martian Interior, Logan M. Combs, Arya Udry, Geoffrey H. Howarth, Minako Righter, Thomas J. Lapen, Juliane Gross, Daniel K. Ross, Rachel R. Rahib, and James M.D. Day

Black Mirror, Mediated Affect and the Political, Donovan S. Conley and Benjamin Burroughs


Molecular Specialization of GABAergic Synapses on the Soma and Axon in Cortical and Hippocampal Circuit Function and Dysfunction, April Contreras, Dustin J. Hines, and Rochelle M. Hines

Low-Altitude Contour Mapping of Radiation Fields using UAS Swarm, Zachary Cook, Monia Kazemeini, Alexander Barzilov, and Woosoon Yim

A Note on Breaking of Symmetry for a Class of Variational Problems, David G. Costa and Zhiwei Fang


Analysis of Self-Reported Walking for Transit in a Sprawling Urban Metropolitan Area in the Western U.S., Courtney Coughenour, Hanns de la Fuente-Mella, and Alexander Paz


A Qualitative Study on Parental and Community Stakeholder Views of the Link between Full-Day Kindergarten and Health in Southern Nevada, Courtney Coughenour; Jennifer Pharr; Maxim Gakh JD, MPH; Sheila Clark; and Prescott Cheong


Controlling Rotational Quenching Rates in Cold Molecular Collisions, James F.E. Croft and Balakrishnan Naduvalath

Sexual Commerce: Troubling Meanings, Policies, and Practices, Isabel Crowhurst, Nina Vuolajarvi, and Kathryn Hausbeck Korgan

Predictions of Cognitive Detriments from Galactic Cosmic Ray Exposures to Astronauts on Exploration Missions, Francis A. Cucinotta and Eliedonna Cacao

Risks of Conitive Detriments after Low Dose Heavy Ion and Proton Exposures, Francis A. Cucinotta and Eliedonna Cacao


Response of Human Small Intestinal Epithelium to Fractionated Irradiation: Dynamical Modeling Approach, Francis A. Cucinotta and Olga A. Smirnova


The “Rights” of Precision Drug Development for Alzheimer’s Disease, Jeffrey Cummings, Howard H. Feldman, and Philip Scheltens

The National Institute on Aging—Alzheimer’s Association Framework on Alzheimer’s disease: Application to clinical trials, Jeffrey L. Cummings


Alzheimer's Disease Drug Development Pipeline: 2019, Jeffrey Cummings, Garam Lee, Aaron Ritter, Marwan Sabbagh, and Kate Zhong

Treatment Combinations for Alzheimer’s Disease: Current and Future Pharmacotherapy Options, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Gary Tong, and Clive Ballard


Souvenaid in the Management of Mild Cognitive Impairment: An Expert Consensus Opinion, Jeffrey Cummings, Peter Passmore, Bernadette McGuinness, Vincent Mok, Christopher Chen, Sebastiaan Engelborghs, Michael Woodward, Sagrario Manzano, Guillermo Garcia-Ribas, Stefano Cappa, Paulo Bertolucci, and Leung-Wing Chu

Advances in Management of Neuropsychiatric Syndromes in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Jeffrey Cummings, Aaron Ritter, and Kasia Rothenberg

An Equity Crowdfunding Research Agenda: Evidence from Stakeholder Participation in the Rulemaking Process, Michael E. Cummings, Hans Rawhouser, Silvio Vismara, and Erin L. Hamilton

‘We Are Naked Waitresses Who Deliver Sex’: A Phenomenological Study of Circumstantial Sex Workers’ Lives, Michael G. Curtis, Carissa D'Aniello, Markie L.C. Twist, Barbara G. Brents, and Brandon Eddy

Understanding Provider Attitudes Regarding Father Involvement in Early Intervention, Sarah L. Curtiss PhD, Brent A. McBride PhD, Kelly Uchima BS, Dan J. Laxman PhD, Rosa M. Santos PhD, Jenna Weglarz-Ward PhD, and Justin Kern


School Health Program: Impacting Physical Activity Behaviors Among Disadvantaged Students, Chia-Liang Dai

Impact of Seasonality and Rainfall on Tea Production in Sri Lanka, Rohan J. Dalpatadu, Kasun S. Kodikara, and Ashok K. Singh

Executive Turnovers in Sub-Saharan Africa, David F. Damore and Michele Kuenzi


Photoionization Calculations of the Radiation Force Due to Spectral Lines in AGNs, Randall C. Dannen, Daniel Proga, Timothy R. Kallman, and Tim Waters

The Paradox of Positionality: Avoiding, Embracing, or Resisiting Feminist Accountability, Georgiann Davis and Torisha Khonach

The Subject Specialist is Dead. Long Live the Subject Specialist!, Annette Day and John Novak

An Acute Application of Transcranial Random Noise Stimulation Does Not Enhance Motor Skill Acquisition or Retention in a Golf Putting Task, Lidio Lima de Albuquerque, Katherine M. Fischer, Aaron L. Pauls, Milan Pantovic, Mark A. Guadagnoli, Zachary A. Riley, and Brach Poston

A Viscoelastic Ellipsoidal Model of the Mechanics of Plantar Tissues, Jessica DeBerardinis, Janet S. Dufek, and Mohamed B. Trabia

Is Emotion Dysregulation Associated With Suicidal Ideation in Post 9/11 Veterans?, Suzanne E. Decker PhD, Rani Hoff MPH; PhD, Steve Martino PhD, Carolyn M. Mazure PhD, Crystal L. Park PhD, Elizabeth Porter MBA, and Shane W. Kraus

An Isotopically Depleted Lower Mantle Component Is Intrinsic to the Hawaiian Mantle Plume, Christopher DeFelice, Soumen Mallick, Alberto E. Saal, and Shichun Huang

Carbohydrate Loading Practice in Bodybuilders: Effects on Muscle Thickness, Photo Silhouette Scores, Mood States and Gastrointestinal Symptoms, Wilson M.A.M. de Morales, Fernando N. de Almeida, Leonardo E.A. dos Santos, Kathleen D.G. Cavalcante, Heitor O. Santos, James W. Navalta, and Jonato Prestes

CEO Turnover, Information Uncertainty, and Debt Contracting, Saiying Deng, Vincent J. Intintoli, and Andrew Zhang


First-principles Study of High-Pressure Phase Stability and Superconductivity of Bi4I4, Shiyu Deng, Xianqi Song, Quan Li, Yu Xie, Changfeng Chen, and Yanming Ma

The Influence of an Engineering Design Experience on Elementary Teachers' Nature of Engineering Views, Hasan Deniz, Erdogan Kaya, Ezgi Yesilyurt, and Mohamed Trabia


Gigantic Stomach: A Rare Manifestation of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Amaninder Dhaliwal, Sarvani Madiraju, Banreet S. Dhindsa, Getaw W. Hassen, and Fedja A. Rochling