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Characteristics of Postural Muscle Activity in Response to A Motor-Motor Task in Elderly, Yun-Ju Lee, Jing Nong Liang, and Yu-Tang Wen

A Training Model for Addressing Microaggressions in Group Psychotherapy, Noelle L. Lefforge, Stephanie McLaughlin, Melissa Goates-Jones, and Claudia Mejia

Performance and Scalability Testing Strategy Based on Kubemart, Qing Lei, Weidong Liao, Yingtao Jiang, Mei Yang, and Haifeng Li


Engaging Student Veterans as Researchers: Libraries Initiating Campus Collaborations, Mark N. Lenker III and Melissa Bowles-Terry

Electrolyte Stability and Discharge Products of an Ionic-Liquid-Based Li–O2 Battery Revealed by Soft X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy, Aline Leon, Andy Fiedler, Monika Blum, Wanli Yang, Marcus Bar, Frieder Scheiba, Helmut Ehrenberg, Clemens Heske, and Lothar Weinhardt

Discovery of the First Molecular Ion in the Universe, Stephen Lepp

A Fad or the Future? Examining the Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Advertising in the Hotel Industry, Xi Y. Leung, Jiaying Lyu, and Billy Bai

Thematic Framework of Social Media Research: State of the Art, Xi Yu Leung, Jie Sun, and Billy Bai

Compulsive Sexual Behavior and Dysregulation of Emotion, Michał Lew-Starowicz, Karol Lewczuk, Iwona Nowakowska, Shane Kraus, and Mateusz Gola

Variability of Death Penalty Attitude in China: An Empirical Test of the Marshall Hypotheses, Bin Liang, Jianhong Liu, and Hong Lu


Impaired H-Reflex Adaptations Following Slope Walking in Individuals With Post-stroke Hemiparesis, Jing Nong Liang, Yun Ju Lee, Eric Akoopie, Brooke Conway Kleven, Trisha Koch, and Kai-Yu Ho

Impaired H-Reflex Adaptations Following Slope Walking in Individuals With Post-Stroke Hemiparesis, Jing Nong Liang, Yun-Ju Lee, Eric Akoopie, Brooke Conway Kleven, Trisha Koch, and Kai-Yu Ho

The Importance of Marketer-Generated Content to Peer-To-Peer Property Rental Platforms: Evidence from Airbnb, Sai Liang, Markus Schuckert, Rob Law, and Chih-Chien Chen


Utilizing the Community-Based Research Approach to Examine Mental Health and Support Services Issues Related to HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder, Renato M. Liboro


Strategies Employed by Community-Based Service Providers to Address HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Challenges: A Qualitative Study, Renato M. Liboro, Sean B. Rourke, Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco, Andrew Easton, Daniel Pugh, Claudia Medina, Allan Rae, Paul A. Shuper, and Lori E. Ross


Electronic Measurement of Plantar Contact Area During Walking Using an Adaptive Thresholding Method for Medilogic Pressure-Measuring Insoles, Daniel E. Lidstone, Jessica DeBerardinis, Janet S. Dufek, and Mohamed B. Trabia

Concurrent Validity of an Automated Footprint Detection Algorithm to Measure Plantar Contact Area During Walking, Daniel E. Lidstone MS, Louise M. Porcher BS, Jessica DeBerardinis BS, Janet S. Dufek, and Mohamed B. Trabia


A Graph-Based Reinforcement Learning Method with Converged State Exploration and Exploitation, Han Li, Tianding Chen, Hualiang Teng, and Yingtao Jiang

Simulating Backward Wave Propagation in Metamaterial with Radial Basis Functions, Jichun Li and Bing Nan


"Double-tracking" Characteristics of the Spectral Evolution of GRB 131231A: Synchrotron Origin?, Liang Li, Jin-Jun Geng, Yan-Zhi Meng, Xue-Feng Wu, Yong-Feng Huang, Yu Wang, Rahim Moradi, Lucas Uhm, and Bing Zhang


Joint Determination of Residential Relocation and Commuting: A Forecasting Experiment for Sustainable Land Use and Transportation Planning, Jaewon Lim and Jae Hong Kim


Impact of CARB's Tailpipe Emission Standard Policy on CO2 Reduction among the US States, Jaewon Lim and DooHwan Won


Chemostratigraphic Correlations Across the First Major Trilobite Extinction and Faunal Turnovers Between Laurentia and South China, Jih-Pai Lin, Frederick A. Sunberg, Ganqing Jiang, Isabel P. Montanez, and Thomas Wotte


Implementation of National Policies for a Total Asbestos Ban: A Global Comparison, Ro-Ting Lin PhD, Lung-Chang Chien DrPH, Masamine Jimba PhD, Sugio Furuya Bec, and Ken Takahashi PhD


Diagnosing 0.1–10 au Scale Morphology of the FU Ori Disk Using ALMA and VLTI/GRAVITY, Hauyu Baobab Liu, Antoine Merand, Joel D. Green, Sebastian Perez, Antonio S. Hales, Yao-Lun Yang, Michael M. Dunham, Yasuhiro Hasegawa, Thomas Henning, Roberto Galvin-Madrid, Agnes Kospal, Michihiro Takami, Eduardo I. Vorobyov, and Zhaohuan Zhu

Critical Reflection and Generativity: Toward a Framework of Transformative Teacher Education for Diverse Learners, Katrina Liu and Arthena F. Ball

Trends in the Utilization of Life-Sustaining Procedures and Palliative Care Consultation Among Dying Patients with Advanced Chronic Pancreas Illnesses in US Hospitals: 2005 to 2014, Xibei Liu, Jay J. Shen, Pearl Kim, Sun Jung Kim, Johnson Ukken, Younseon Choi, In Choel Hwang, Jae-Hoon Lee, Sung-Youn Chun, Jinwook Hwang, Haneul Choi, Hyeyoung Yeom, Yong-Jae Lee, and Ji Won Yoo

Narcissism and Learning from Entrepreneurial Failure, Yiran Liu, Yong Li, Xiling Hao, and Yuli Zhang


Induction of MET Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Down-Regulation through Antibody-Mediated Receptor Clustering, Wenjing Li, Adam Dick, Fei Lu, and Hong Sun

Experimental Study of Transient Friction Characteristics and Velocity Distribution of Pulsatile Flow in Rod Bundles, Xing Li, Peiyao Qi, Sichao Tan, Dongyang Li, Yi-Tung Chen, and Xiaoyu Wang


Superconductivity in the van der Waals Layered Compound PS2, Yan-Ling Li, Elissaios Stavrou, Qiang Zhu, Samantha M. Clarke, Yunguo Li, and Hong-Mei Huang


The FRB 121102 Host Is Atypical among Nearby Fast Radio Bursts, Ye Li, Bing Zhang, Kentaro Nagamine, and Jingjing Shi

When Do Ethnic Communities Affect Foreign Location Choice? Dual Entry Strategies of Korean Banks in China, Yong Li, Exequiel Hernandez, and Sunhwan Gwon

First-Principles Investigation of Equilibrium K Isotope Fractionation Among K-Bearing Minerals, Yonghui Li, Wenzhong Wang, Zhongqing Wu, and Shichun Huang


Cosmology-independent Estimate of the Fraction of Baryon Mass in the IGM from Fast Radio Burst Observations, Zhengxiang Li, He Gao, Jun-Jie Wei, Yuan-Pei Yang, Bing Zhang, and Zong-Hong Zhu


A Systematic Review of Gambling-Related Findings From the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions, Jasmine M.Y. Loo, Shane W. Kraus, and Marc N. Potenza

A Long Arc Bending Toward Equity: Tracing Almost 20 Years of ELA Teaching with Technology, Stephanie Loomis, Katie Rybakova, Mary Rice, Clarice Moran, Lauren Zucker, Maureen McDermott, Ewa McGrail, Amy Piotrowski, Merideth Garcia, Hannah R. Gerber, Rick Marlatt, and Thor Gibbons

Preparation and Characterization of Benzotriazolium Perrhenate, James Louis-Jean, Harry Jang, Keith V. Lawler, Paul M. Forster, Jeffrey Ash, and Frederic Poineau


An Unexpected Rhenium(IV)–Rhenium(VII) Salt: [Co(NH3)6]3[ReVIIO4][ReIVF6]46H2O, James Louis_Jean, Samudee Mariappan Balasekaran, Adelheid Hagenbach, and Frederic Poineau

A Controlled Clinical Trial of Preoperative Pain Neuroscience Education for Patients About to Undergo Total Knee Arthroplasty, Adriaan Louw, Emilio J. Puentedura, Jordan Reed, Korey Zimney, Derek Grimm, and Merrill R. Landers

Interdisciplinary Pain Neuroscience Continuing Education in the Veterans Affairs: Live Training and Live-Stream With 1-Year Follow-up, Adriaan Louw, Rebecca Vogsland, Lindsay Marth, Peter Marshall, Terry Cox, and Merrill Landers

Definition, Context, Quality: Current Issues in Research Examining High-Quality Inclusive Education, Hailey R. Love PhD and Eva Horn PhD

Teaching Observational Data Collection to Early Childhood Preservice Educators, Hailey R. Love, Eva Horn, and Zhe An

An Integrative Theory Addressing Cyberharassment in the Light of Technology-Based Opportunism, Paul Benjamin Lowry, Jun Zhang, Gregory D. Moody, Sutirtha Chatterjee, Chuang Wang, and Tailai Wu

Impacts of Increased House Advantages on Reel Slots, Anthony F. Lucas

Free-Play Impact by Customer Segment, Anthony F. Lucas and Jasmine Nemati

Proceduralism, Political Embeddedness and Death Penalty Lawyers in China, Hong Lu, Tereza Trejbalova, and Bin Liang


Distributed Lagrange Multiplier/Fictitious Domain Finite Element Method for a Transient Stokes Interface Problem with Jump Coefficients, Andrew Lundberg, Pengtao Sun, Cheng Wang, and Chen-song Zhang

Extending the Apprenticeshop of Observation: How Mentee Experiences Shape Mentors, Christina J. Lunsmann, Jori S. Beck, Derek R. Riddle, Chyllis E. Scott, and Amy B. Adkins

Current Progress in Treatment Techniques of Triclosan from Wastewater: A Review, Zirui Luo, Yangzhuo He, Dan Zhi, Lin Luo, Yuqing Sun, Eakalak Khan, Lei Wang, Yutao Peng, Yaoyu Zhou, and Daniel C.W. Tsang

Numerical Study on Nonuniform Segmented Enhancement Method for Thermoelectric Power Generator, Xing Lu, Xingfei Yu, Qiuwang Wang, Yitung Chen, and Ting Ma

When a Child Needs a Transplant but Lacks Familial Social Support, Hilary Mabel JD; Charlotte H. Harrison PhD, JD, MPH; Mahwish U. Ahmad MBBS, MPH; Elizabeth D. Blume MD; Gerard J. Boyle MBChB, PhD; Johan C. Bester MD; and John D. Lantos MD

Chenmingite, FeCr2O4 in the CaFe2O4-type Structure, a Shock-induced, High-pressure Mineral in the Tissint Martian Meteorite, Chi Ma, Oliver Tschauner, John R. Beckett, Yang Liu, Eran Greenberg, and Vitali B. Prakapenka

A Vacancy‐Rich, Partially Inverted Spinelloid Silicate, (Mg,Fe,Si)2(Si,□)o4, as a Major Matrix Phase in Shock Melt Veins of the Tenham and Suizhou l6 Chondrites, Chi Ma, Oliver Tschauner, Luca Bindi, John R. Beckett, and Xiande Xie

Ecological Death Reform and Death System Change, Nick MacMurray and Robert Futrell

Macrophages as Delivery Vehicles for Anticancer Agents, Steen J. Madsen and Henry Hirschberg

Voting Rules in Sequential Search by Committees: Theory and Experiments, Vincent Mak, Darryl A. Seale, Amnon Rapoport, and Eyran J. Gisches

Climate Change Effects on US Agriculture: Distributional Heterogeneity, Technological Adaptability and Spatial Spillovers, Emir Malikov and Ruiqing Miao


Nanopatterned Silk Fibroin Films With High Transparency and High Haze for Optical Applications, Corey Malinowski, Fengjie He, Yihong Zhao, Ivan Chang, David W. Hatchett, Shengjie Zhai, and Hui Zhao

Compared to What? Changes in Interest Group Resources and the Proposal and Adoption of State Teacher Policy, Bradley D. Marianno


Medical Student Mistreatment: Understanding 'Public Humiliation', Jesse D. Markman, Thomas M. Soeprono, Heidi L. Combs, and Ellen M. Cosgrove

Where I Live: A Qualitative Analysis of Renters Living in Poor Housing, Erika Marquez, Carolee Dodge Francis, and Shawn Gerstenberger

A critical Race Theory Analysis of the ‘Demographic Diversity’ Gap in Schools: College Students of Color Speak Their Truth, Norma Marrun, Tara J. Plachowski, and Christine Clark


Rethinking Intravenous Catheter Size and Location for Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiography, Travis Marshall, Nae Meng Chen, Eric Nguyen, David E. Slattery, and Tony Zitek

Evaluating School Connectedness of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Robbie Jordon Marsh, Kyle Higgins, Joseph Morgan, Therese M. Cumming, Monica Brown, and Michael McCreery

An Examination of Higher Education Policy Problems Using Narrative Policy Analysis, Magdalena Martinez


The Frequency of Kozai–Lidov Disc Oscillation Driven Giant Outbursts in Be/X-Ray Binaries, Rebecca G. Martin and Alessia Franchini


Polar Alignment of a Protoplanetary Disc Around an Eccentric Binary – III. Effect of Disc Mass, Rebecca G. Martin and Stephen H. Lubow


Generalized Warped Disk Equations, Rebecca G. Martin, Stephen H. Lubow, J. E. Pringle, Alessia Franchini, Zhaohuan Zhu, Stephen Lepp, Rebecca Nealon, C. J. Nixon, and David Vallet

On the Physical Nature of Accretion Disc Viscosity, Rebecca Martin, C. J. Nixon, J. E. Pringle, and Mario Livio

Role of Puberty and Ovarian Hormones in the Genetic Diathesis of Eating Disorders in Females, Ruofan Ma, Megan E. Mikhail, Natasha Fowler, Kristen M. Culbert, and Kelly L. Klump

Comparative Thermal Effects of J-Plasma®, Monopolar, Argon, and Laser Electrosurgery in a Porcine Tissue Model, Salome Masghati, Jasmine Pedroso, Melissa Gutierrez, Erica Stockwell, K. Warren Volker, and David L. Howard

Rethinking Health Services Measurement for Indigenous Populations, Angela Mashford-Pringle, Ian Ring, Fadwa Al-Yaman, John Waldon, and Michelle Chino

An Atomistic Understanding of the Unusual Thermal Behavior of the Molecular Oxide Tc2O7, Daniel S. Mast, Keith V. Lawler, Bradley C. Childs, Kenneth R. Czerwinski, Alfred P. Sattelberger, Frederic Poineau, and Paul M. Forster

Metabolic Costs During Backward Running with Body Weight Support, Kenji Masumoto, Kendell Galor, Andrew Craig-Jones, and John Mercer

Numerical Study and Optimization of Thermoelectric-Hydraulic Performance of a Novel Thermoelectric Generator Integrated Recuperator, Ting Ma, Zuoming Qu, Xingfei Yu, Xing Lu, Yi-Tung Chen, and Qiuwang Wang

Use and Reuse of Visual Resources in Student Papers and Presentations, Krystyna K. Matusiak, Anna Harper, and Chelsea Heinbach

From Customer-Related Social Stressors to Emotional Exhaustion: An Application of the Demands–Control Model, Zihui Ma, Hyun Jeong Kim, and Kang Hyun Shin

Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Western Authors’ Use of Evidentiality, Steven Mccafferty, Tian Dong, Shaoan Zhang, and Lu Qiu

The Impact of Terrorism on Social Capital: Evidence from the 2015 Charlie Hebdo Paris Shooting, Shawn J. McCoy, Ian K. McDonough, and Punarjit Roychowdhury

Can Video Games Be Used as a Stealth Assessment of Aggression?: A Criterion-Related Validity Study, Michael P. McCreery, S. Kathleen Krach, Catherine A. Bacos, Jeffrey R. Laferriere, and Danielle L. Head

Mixed Methods in Educational Psychology Inquiry, Matthew T. McCrudden, Gwen Marchand, and Paul Schutz

Criminal Incarceration, Statutory Bans on Food Assistance, and Food Security in Extremely Vulnerable Households: Findings from a Partnership with the North Texas Food Bank, Ian K. McDonough and Daniel L. Millimet


Explaining How College-Aged Individuals Provide Information to Friends Experiencing Romantic Relational Uncertainty, Tara G. McManus, Yuliya Yurashevich, and Courtney McDaniel

Effect of Prehospital Tourniquets on Resuscitation in Extremity Arterial Trauma, Allison G. McNickle, Douglas R. Fraser, Paul J. Chestovich, Deborah A. Kuhls, and John J. Fildes

A Delphi Study to Understand Clinical Nursing Faculty Preparation and Support Needs, Sara McPherson PhD; RN and Lori Candela EdD; APRN; RN; FNP-BC; CNE

Non-Detection of Fast Radio Bursts from Six Gamma-Ray Burst Remnants with Possible Magnetar Engines, Yunpeng Men, Kshitij Aggarwal, Ye Li, Divya Palaniswamy, Sarah Burke-Spolaor, K. J. Lee, Rui Lou, Paul Demorest, Shriharsh Tendulkar, Devansh Agarwal, Olivia Young, and Bing Zhang

Variations in the Chemical and Electronic Impact of Post-Deposition Treatments on Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 Absorbers, Michelle Mezher, Lorelle M. Mansfield, Kimberly Horsley, Wanli Yang, Monika Blum, Lothar Weinhardt, Kannan Ramanathan, and Clemens Heske

Public Attitudes About Body-Worn Cameras in Police Work: A National Study of the Sources of Their Contextual Variability, Terance D. Miethe, Joel D. Lieberman, Miliaikeala SJ. Heen, and William H. Sousa

The Moderating Effect of Mate-Value on the Relationship between Preceived Sex Ratio and Mating Strategies, Murray G. Millar, R. Shane Westfall, and Mandy Walsh


The Divided Labor of Attack Advertising in Congressional Campaigns, Kenneth M. Miller


Long-Period Giant Companions to Three Compact, Multiplanet Systems, Sean M. Mills, Andrew W. Howard, Lauren M. Weiss, Jason H. Steffen, Howard Isaacson, Benjamin Fulton, Erik A. Petigura, Molly R. Kosiarek, Lea A. Hirsch, and John H. Boisvert

Socio-Economic Inequalities in Hypertension Burden and Cascade of Services: Nationwide Cross-Sectional Study in Nepal, Shiva Mishra, Saruna Ghimire, Archana Shrestha, and Salim S. Virani


Cardio-Metabolic Disease Risk Factors Among South Asian Labour Migrants to the Middle East: A Scoping Review and Policy Analysis, Shiva Raj Mishra, Saruna Ghimire, Chandni Joshi, Bishal Gyawali, Archana Shrestha, Dinesh Neupane, Sudesh Raj Sharma, Yashashwi Pokharel, and Salim S. Virani


Lumen Apposing Metal Stents in Drainage of Pancreatic Walled-Off Necrosis, Are They Any Better Than Plastic Stents? a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Studies Published Since the Revised Atlanta Classification of Pancreatic Fluid Collections, Babu P. Mohan, Mahendran Jayaraj, Ravishankar Asokkumar, Mohammed Shakhatreh, Parul Pahal, Suresh Ponnada, Udayakumar Navaneethan, and Douglas G. Adler

Liquid Nitrogen Spray Cryotherapy in Treatment of Barrett's Esophagus, Where Do We Stand? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Babu P. Mohan, Rajesh Krishnamoorthi, Suresh Ponnada, Mohammed Shakhatreh, Mahendran Jayaraj, R. Garg, Joanna Law, Michael Larsen, Shayan Irani, Andrew Ross, and Douglas G. Adler


Psychopathology and Hypersexuality among Veterans with and without Histories of Alcohol‐use Disorders, Jonathan Moisson, Marc N. Potenza, Steven D. Shirk, Rani A. Hoff, Crystal L. Park, and Shane W. Kraus


Multiple Spiral Arms in the Disk Around Intermediate-Mass Binary HD 34700A, John D. Monnier, Tim Harries, Jaehan Bae, Benjamin R. Setterholm, Anna Laws, Alicia Aarnio, Fred C. Adams, Sean Andrews, Nuria Calvet, Catherine Espaillat, Lee Hartmann, Stefan Kraus, Melissa McClure, Chris Miller, Rebecca Oppenheimer, David Wilner, and Zhaohuan Zhu

17β-Estradiol Alters Mrna Co-Expression After Murine Muscle Injury and Mild Hypobaria, Scott E. Moore, Joachim G. Voss, and Barbara St. Pierre Schneider


A Comprehensive Assessment of the Low-Temperature Thermal Properties and Thermodynamic Functions of CeO2, Tyler D. Morrison, Elizabeth Sooby Wood, Phillippe F. Weck, Eunja Kim, Sung Oh Woo, Andrew T. Nelson, and Donald G. Naugle