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The Trial-Ready Cohort for Preclinical/Prodromal Alzheimer’s Disease (TRC-PAD) Project: An Overview, P. S. Aisen, R. A. Sperling, J. L. Cummings, M. C. Donohue, O. Langford, G. A. Jimenez-Maggiora, R. A. Rissman, M. S. Rafii, S. Walter, T. B. Clanton, and R. Raman

What Constraints on the Neutron Star Maximum Mass Can One Pose from GW170817 Observations?, Shunke Ai, Ho Gao, and Bing Zhang


Spatial Analyses of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families: Its Responsiveness to Labor Market Performance and Policies during the 2008 Recession, Vicky Albert and Jaewon Lim

In a State of Becoming: How Institutions Communicate Asian American and Pacific Islander- and Latinx-Servingness Through Campus Artifacts, Cynthia M. Alcantar, Blanca E. Rincon, and Kristine J. Espinoza

Management of Bai Hassan Unconfined Aquifer, Lesser Zab River Basin, Kurdistan Region, Iraq Using a Modeling Approach, Moutaz A. Al-Dabbas, David K. Kreamer, Ayad A. Al-Shammari, and Ali M. Jwad

Comparing the Streamlined Psychotherapy “Engage” With Problem-Solving Therapy in Late-Life Major Depression. A Randomized Clinical Trial, George S. Alexopoulos, Patrick J. Raue, Samprit Banerjee, Patricia Marino, Brenna N. Renn, Nili Solomonov, Adenike Adeagbo, Jo A. Sirey, Thomas D. Hull, Dimitris N. Kiosses, Elizabeth Mauer, and Patricia A. Areán

Diurnal, Metabolic and Thermogenic Alterations in a Murine Model of Accelerated Aging, David B. Allison, Guang Ren, Rodrigo A. Peliciari-Garcia, Sobuj Mia, Graham R. McGinnis, Jennifer Davis, Karen L. Gamble, Jeong A. Kim, and Martin E. Young

Rhetorical Imaginings and Multimodal Arguments at the European Green Belt, Marcia Allison and Emma Frances Bloomfield

A Case of Simultaneous Star and Planet Formation, Felipe O. Alves, L. Ilsedore Cleeves, Josep M. Girart, Zhaohuan Zhu, Gabriel A.P. Franco, Alice Zurlo, and Paola Caselli

An Antiracist Vision for Forensic Nursing, Angela F. Amar

Effects of Structural and Trait Competitiveness Stimulated by Points and Leaderboards on User Engagement and Performance Growth: A Natural Experiment With Gamification in an Informal Learning Environment, Laura Amo, Ruochen Liao, Rajiv Kishore, and Hejamadi R. Rao

Patient Versus Informal Caregiver Proxy Reports of Pain Interference in Persons With Dementia, Amber B. Amspoker, A. Lynn Snow, Brenna N. Renn, Phoebe Block, Sabrina Picken, Robert O. Morgan, and Mark E. Kunik

A Note on the Limitations of the CAT Procedure with Application to Mixed-Effects Models, Malwane A. Ananda and Samaradasa Weerahandi

Eosinophilic Esophagitis: Comorbidities and Atopic Disease in Nevada, Julia Anderson, Sheniz Moonie, Mary Beth Hogan, Rebecca Scherr, and Gayle Allenback

Cardiovascular Disease Knowledge, Risk Factors, and Resilience Among US Veterans With and Without Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Alona D. Angosta, Andrew T. Reyes, Chad Cross, Trevor Pollom, and Komal Sood

Optimising Golf Putting, Jongseong An, Lee Kuen Chua, and Gabriele Wulf

Choice of Practice-Task Order Enhances Golf Skill Learning, Jongseong An, Rebecca Lewthwaite, Seungmin Lee, and Gabriele Wulf

Net Electricity Load Profiles: Shape and Variability Considering Customer-Mix at Transformers on the Island of Oahu, Hawai'i, Pam Chasuta Anukoolthamchote, Djeto Assane, and Denise Eby Konan

A Scoping Review of Conventional and Laser Acupuncture as a Modality of Treatment for Migraine, Chizoba Anyimukwu; Vinayak K. Nahar MD, PhD, MS, FRSPH; Sunita Kapur MD; and Manoj Sharma PhD

Photodegradation of (E)- and (Z)-Endoxifen in Water by Ultraviolet Light: Efficiency, Kinetics, By-Products, and Toxicity Assessment, Marina Ariño Martin, Jayaraman Sivaguru, John McEvoy, Prinpida Sonthiphand, Andre Delorme, and Eakalak Khan

A Content Analysis of Coaching Novice Teachers, Michelle Arroyo

Building Design and Its Effect on Evacuation Efficiency and Casualty Levels During an Indoor Active Shooter Incidenta, Cristian Arteaga and JeeWoong Park

Injury Severity on Traffic Crashes: A Text Mining with an Interpretable Machine-Learning Approach, Cristian Arteaga, Alexander Paz, and Jee Woong Park

Resource Allocation for Cellular V2X Networks Mode-3 With Underlay Approach in LTE-V Standard, Rojin Aslani, Ebrahim Saberinia, and Mehdi Rasti

Landing Biomechanics in Adolescent Athletes With and Without a History of Sports-Related Concussion, Jason M. Avedesian, Tracey Covassin, and Janet S. Dufek

The Influence of Sport-Related Concussion on Lower Extremity Injury Risk: A Review of Current Return-to-Play Practices and Clinical Implications, Jason M. Avedesian, Tracey Covassin, and Janet S. Dufek

Examining the Role of Country Image in the Relationship Between Cuisine Image and Intention to Visit a Country, Bulent Aydin, Bayram Zafer Erdogan, and Seyhmus Baloglu

Factors Associated with Mental Health Service Utilization Among Ethiopian Immigrants and Refugees, Selam G. Ayele, Melva Thompson‑Robinson, Johanna Andrews, and Carolee Dodge Francis

School Climate and Student-Based Contextual Learning Factors as Predictors of School Absenteeism Severity at Multiple Levels Via CHAID Analysis, Victoria Bacon and Christopher Kearney

Corrosion Studies of Stainless Steel 304 L in Nitric Acid in the Presence of Uranyl Nitrate: Effect of Temperature and Nitric Acid Concentration, Hugues Badet and Frederic Poineau

NEDD8 Nucleates a Multivalent Cullin–RING–UBE2D Ubiquitin Ligation Assembly, Kheewoong Baek, David A. Krist, J. Rajan Prabu, Spencer Hill, Maren Klügel, Lisa-Marie Neumaier, Susanne Von Gronau, Gary Kleiger, and Brenda A. Schulman

RNA Sequencing Identifies Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-Gamma Upregulation as an Immunomodulator in a 'Two-Hit' Mouse Model of Trauma Followed by Acute Lung Injury, A. Bagchi, F. Nagashima, A. Hindle, and F. Ichinose


The Impact of Advanced Treatment Technologies on the Engery Use in Satellite Water Reuse Plants, Jonathan R. Bailey, Sajjad Ahmad, and Jacimaria Batista

Dentists’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Professional Behavior Toward the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Multisite Survey of Dentists’ Perspectives, Lara G. Bakaeen, Radi Masri, Sandra AlTarawneh, Lily T. Garcia, Abeer AlHadidi, Amar H. Khamis, Ahmad M. Hamdan, and Zaid H. Baqain

Embracing Anti-Racist Practices in the Music Perception and Cognition Community, David J. Baker, Amy Belfi, Sarah Creel, Jessica Grahn, Erin Hannon, Psyche Loui, Elizabeth H. Margulis, Adena Schachner, Michael Schutz, Daniel Shanahan, and Dominique T. Vuvan


Swift Spectroscopy of the Accretion Disk Wind in the Black Hole GRO J1655-40, M. Balakrishnan, J. M. Miller, N. Trueba, M. Reynolds, J. Raymond, Daniel Proga, A. C. Fabian, T. Kallman, and J. Kaastra

Towards Mid-Valent Rhenium Fluoro-Phosphine Complexes Via Hexafluoridorhenate(IV) Anion Pathway Assisted by Trifluoro Acetic Acid, Samundeeswari Mariappan Balasekaran, Adelheid Hagenbach, and Frederic Poineau

External Dead Space Explains Sex-Differences in the Ventilatory Response to Submaximal Exercise in Children With and Without Obesity, Bryce N. Balmain, Daniel P. Wilhite, Dharani M. Bhammar, and Tony G. Babb

Organizational Motivations for Green Practices in Casual Restaurants, Seyhmus Baloglu, Carola Raab, and Kristin Malek

Forward Thinking: When a Distal External Focus Makes You Faster, Stephen Banks, John Sproule, Peter Higgins, and Gabriele Wulf

Efficiently Constructing Tangent Circles, Arthur Baragar and Alex Kontorovich

Smorgasbord of Research, Kimberly Barchard

Measuring the Perceived Social Intelligence of Robots, Kimberly A. Barchard, Leiszle Lapping-Carr, R. Shane Westfall, Andrea Fink-Armold, Santosh Balajee Banisetty, and David Feil-Seifer


Measuring the Perceived Social Intelligence of Robots, Kimberly A. Barchard, Leiszle Lapping-Carr, R. Shane Westfall, Andrea Fink-Armold, Santosh Balajee Banisetty, and David Feil-Seifer


Regulation of GABAA Receptor Subunit Expression in Substance Use Disorders, Jeffrey S. Barker and Rochelle M. Hines


Mildly Hydrophobic Biobased Mulch: A Sustainable Approach to Controlling Bare Soil Evaporation, Jesse Lee Barnes and Michael John Nicholl

Unmanned Aerial System Integrated Sensor for Remote Gamma and Neutron Monitoring, Alexander Barzilov and Monia Kazemeini

Spices in Meals: A Novel Approach to Cool Down Inflammation, Arpita Basu


In Vitro and In Vivo Effects of Flavonoids on Peripheral Neuropathic Pain, Paramita Basu and Arpita Basu

Reluctant to Criticized: Media, Academia, and the Press Council Without a Home, Stephen Bates


Incidence of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Epidemic and Associated Predictors in Nevada: A Statewide Audit, 2016–2018, Kavita Batra, Patricia Cruz, Chad L. Cross, Neeraj Bhandari, Farooq Abdulla, Jennifer R. Pharr, and Mark P. Buttner


COVID-19 and Social Isolation Endangering Psychological Health of Older Adults: Implications for Telepsychiatry, Kavita Batra, Amanda Elizabeth Morgan, and Manoj Sharma

Understanding the Multidimensional Trajectory of Psychosocial Maternal Risk Factors Causing Preterm Birth: A Systematic Review, Kavita Batra, Jennifer Pharr, John O. Olawepo, and Patricia Cruz


Investigating the Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Among Healthcare Workers: A Meta-Analysis, Kavita Batra, Tejinder Pal Singh, Manoj Sharma, Ravi Batra, and Nena Schvaneveldt

Situational Power in Cooperative Communities: Indicators from Bioarchaeology in the Mimbres Region of Southwest New Mexico, Kathryn M. Baustian and Barbara J. Roth


Repurposed Agents in the Alzheimer's Disease Drug Development Pipeline, Justin Bauzon, Garam Lee, and Jeffrey Cummings

A Twin Study of Sex Differences in Genetic Risk for All Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), and Non-AD Dementia, Christopher R. Beam, Cody Kaneshiro, Jung Yu Jang, Chandra A. Reynolds, Nancy L. Pedersen, and Margaret Gatz

Ancestral Absence of Electron Transport Chains in Patescibacteria and DPANN, Jacob P. Beam, Eric D. Becraft, Julia M. Brown, Frederik Schulz, Jessica K. Jarett, Oliver Bezuidt, Nicole J. Poulton, Kayla Clark, Peter F. Dunfield, Nikolai V. Ravin, John R. Spear, Brian P. Hedlund, Konstantinos A. Kormas, Stefan M. Sievert, Mostafa S. Elshahed, Hazel A. Barton, Matthew B. Stott, Jonathan A. Eisen, Duane P. Moser, Tullis C. Onstott, Tanja Woyke, and Ramunas Stepanauskas

Court-Affiliated Diversion Programs for Prostitution-Related Crimes: A Comprehensive Review of Program Components and Impact, Brieanne Beaujolais MA, MSW and Rebecca L. Dillard MSW, PhD

"We Need to Be In the Classroom More": Veteran Teachers’ Views on Teacher Preparation and Retention, Jori S. Beck, Christina Lunsmann, and Tiberio Garza

Validated Radiographic Scoring System for Lateral Compression Type 1 Pelvis Fractures, James Beckmann MD, Justin M. Haller MD, Michael Beebe MD, Ashley Ali MD, Angela Presson PhD, Ami Stuart PhD, Henry Claude Sagi MD, and Erik Kubiak MD


Scald Injury-Induced T Cell Dysfunction Can Be Mitigated by Gr1+ Cell Depletion and Blockage of CD47/CD172a Signaling, Nadine Beckmann, Franziska Huber, Marc Hanschen, Barbara St. Pierre Schneider, Vanessa Nomelli, and Charles C. Caldwell

Regions of Force: Peirce, Frege, Carroll, and Bilateral Proof Trees, Dave Beisecker

“They Said They Were Going to Help Us Get Through This …”: Documenting Interactions Between Police and Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth, Alexa Bejinariu, M. Alexis Kennedy, and Andrea N. Cimino

“They Threatened to Call Immigration”: Challenges Faced by Civil Protection Order Applicants and Respondents, Alexa Bejinariu and Emily I. Troshynski


Online Reviews and Travel Magazine Awards: Their Influence on Willingness‑To‑Pay, Amanda Belarmino, Tevfik Demirciftci, and Liheng Zhang

When the Party’s Over: How Mega-Events Influence p2p Accommodation Owners’ Intention to Remain in the Market, Amanda Belarmino and Yoon Koh

Examining the Impact of Political Candidates on Hotel Revenue, Amanda Belarmino and Elizabeth A. Whalen


Computational Study of the Time Relaxation Model With High Order Deconvolution Operator, Jeffrey Belding, Monika Neda, and Fran Pahlevani

Translanguaging for Varying Discourse Functions in Sociodramatic Play: An Exploratory Multiple Case Study of Young Emergent Bilinguals, Alain Bengochea and Mileidis Gort

Attracting and Responding to an Audience: Preschoolers’ Multimodal Composing in Show-and-Tell Activity, Alain Bengochea, Sabrina F. Sembiante, and Mileidis Gort

Exploring the Object-Sourced Transmodal Practices of an Emergent Bilingual Child in Sociodramatic Play, Alain Bengochea, Sabrina F. Sembiante, and Mileidis Gort

Rana onca (Relict Leopard Frog). Diet and Mortality, Audrey Bennett, Rebeca Rivera, Raymond Saumure, Thomas O'Toole, Jef R. Jaeger, and Paul R. Bean

Sex Moderates the Relationship That Number of Professional Fights Has With Cognition and Brain Volumes, Lauren L. Bennett, Steve J. Stephen, Charles Bernick, Guogen Shan, and Sarah J. Banks

How to Stop Touching Your Face to Minimize Spread of Coronavirus and Other Germs, Stephen D. Benning, Brian Labus, and Kimberly Barchard

A Collapsing Academy Part 1, Hal Berghel

A Critical Look at the 2019 College Admissions Scandal?, Hal Berghel

New Prespectives on (Anti)Social Media, Hal Berghel


The Equifax Hack Revisited and Repurposed, Hal Berghel

It's On: COVID-19, Risk Ecology, and Preparedness Tips, Hal Berghel, Robert N. Charette, Edward G. Happ, and John Leslie King

The Sokol Hoax: A 25-Year Retrospective, Hal Berghel, Robert N. Charette, and John L. King

“It’s Just Easier”: Reflections on the Intersections of Kinship, Race, and Ethnicity in Asian American Adoptive Families, Kathleen Ja Sook Bergquist

Can a Brief, Digital Skill Training Intervention Help Undergraduates "Learn to Learn" and Improve Their STEM Achievement?, Matthew L. Bernacki, Lucie Vosicka, and Jennifer C. Utz

Concussion Occurrence and Recognition in Professional Boxing and MMA Matches: Toward a Concussion Protocol in Combat Sports, Charles Bernick, Tucker Hansen, Winnie Ng, Vernon Williams, Margaret Goodman, Bryce Nalepa, Guogen Shan, and Tad Seifert

Justice, Well-Being, and Civic Duty in the Age of a Pandemic: Why We All Need to Do Our Bit, Johan C. Bester

Not Society’s Sacrificial Lambs: It is Wrong to Withhold Vaccination from Children to Benefit Others, Johan C. Bester

Beneficence, Interests, and Wellbeing in Medicine: What It Means to Provide Benefit to Patients, Johan Christiaan Bester

Defensive Practice Is Indefensible: How Defensive Medicine Runs Counter to the Ethical and Professional Obligations of Clinicians, Johan Christiaan Bester


Trends in Mental Well-Being of Non-Hispanic White Children of Midlife Parents With Low Education, Neeraj Bhandari

Can Biomarkers Be Used to Predict Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia?, Vineet Bhandari and Mitali Sahni


Recent Advances in Understanding and Management of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Vineet Bhandari and Mitali Sahni

Intercohort Variations in the Education–Health Gradient: Sociohistorical Changes in Early-Life Selection Mechanisms in the United States, Tirth R. Bhatta PhD

Altruistic Attitudes Among Older Adults: Examining Construct Validity and Measurement Invariance of a New Scale, Tirth R. Bhatta, Eva Kahana, Nirmala Lekhak, Boaz Kahana, and Elizabeth Midlarsky


Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline and Light-Emitting Properties of Bis(4-aalkoxyphenyl) Viologen Bis(triflimide) Salts, Pradip K. Bhowmik, Muhammed Kareem M. Al-Karawi, Shane T. Killarney, Erenz J. Dizon, Anthony Chang, Jongin Kim, Si L. Chen, Ronald Carlo G. Principe, Andy Ho, and Haesook Han


Win or Lose: Residential Sorting After a School Choice Lottery, Andrew Bibler and Stephen B. Billings

Household Composition and Gender Differences in Parental Time Investments, Andrew J. Bibler


Traditional Principals’ Reaction to a Charter School Opening, Dana L. Bickmore


How Aspiring Principals Applied Course-Based Learning to Develop School Improvement Plans, Dana L. Bickmore, Maria M. Roberts, and Miguel M. Gonzales

Empowering English Teachers to Contend with Gun Violence: A COVID-19 Conference Cancellation Story, Steven T. Bickmore, Gretchen Rumohr, Shelly Shaffer, and Katie Sluiter

GW Ori: Interactions between a Triple-star System and Its Circumtriple Disk in Action, Jiaquig Bi, Nienke van der Marel, Ruobing Dong, Takayuki Muto, Rebecca G. Martin, Jeremy L. Smallwood, Jun Hashimoto, Hauyu Baobab Liu, Hideko Nomura, Yasuhiro Hasegawa, Michihiro Takami, Mihoko Konishi, Munetake Momose, Kazuhiro D. Kanagawa, Akimasa Kataoka, Tomohiro Ono, Michael L. Sitko, Sanemichi Z. Takahashi, Kengo Tomida, and Takashi Tsukagoshi