Submissions from 2021

Re-defending Feline Liberty: a Response to Fischer, Cheryl Abbate

On the True Fractions of Repeating and Nonrepeating Fast Radio Burst Sources, Shunke Ai, He Gao, and Bing Zhang

Pixar and the Aesthetic Imagination: Animation, Storytelling, Digital Culture , Herhuth, Eric. University of California Press, 2020., James Altman

Anthropometry Does Not Fully Explain Low Fitness Among Adults With Down Syndrome, V. D.Y. Beck, T. Baynard, E. C. Lefferts, B. A. Hibner, B. Fernhall, and Thessa I.M. Hilgenkamp

Ionic Liquid Crystals: Synthesis and Characterization via NMR, DSC, POM, X-ray Diffraction and Ionic Conductivity of Asymmetric Viologen Bistriflimide Salts, Pradip K. Bhowmik, Omar Noori, Si L. Chen, Haesook Han, Michael R. Fisch, Christina M. Robb, Aaron Variyam, and Alfonso Martinez-Felipe

Analytical Solution of Magnetically Dominated Astrophysical Jets and Winds: Jet Launching, Acceleration, and Collimation, Liang Chen and Bing Zhang

Development and Analysis of a New Finite Element Method for the Cohen–Monk PML Model, Meng Chen, Yunqing Huang, and Jichun Li


Application of Ultrasonic Measurements for the Evaluation of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Belayhun Gebretsadik, Kazem Jdidirendi, Visar Farhangi, and Moses Karakouzian

Teachers’ Unions, Collective Bargaining, and the Response to COVID-19, Annie A. Hemphill and Bradley D. Marianno

Integrating Systemic and Analytic Approaches to School Attendance Problems: Synergistic Frameworks for Research and Policy Directions, Christopher A. Kearney

COVID-19 Vaccination Hesitancy in the United States: A Rapid National Assessment, Jagdish Khubchandani, Sushil Sharma, James H. Price, Michael J. Wiblishauser, Manoj Sharma, and Fern J. Webb


Venture Acceleration and Entrepreneurial Growth in Central America, Hans Rawhouser, Christopher Sutter, and Ian McDonough


Explaining Handwashing Behavior in a Sample of College Students during COVID-19 Pandemic Using the Multi-Theory Model (MTM) of Health Behavior Change: A Single Institutional Cross-Sectional Survey, Manoj Sharma, Kavita Batra, Robert E. Davis, and Amanda H. Wilkerson

The Role of the Supervisor in Creating and Maintaining an Emotionally Healthy Workplace, Amy Tureen

Gendered Movement Ecology and Landscape Use in Hadza Hunter-Gatherers, Brian M. Wood, Jacob A. Harris, David A. Raichlen, Herman Pontzer, Katherine Sayre, Amelia Sancilio, Colette Berbesque, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Audax Mabulla, Richard McElreath, Elizabeth Cashdan, and James Holland Jones

Impacts of Void Existence on Mechanical Behavior of Tuff-like Lithophysal Material, Omed S.Q. Yousif, Moses Karakouzian, and Douglas B. Rigby

Neutron Star Mergers in Active Galactic Nucleus Accretion Disks: Cocoon and Ejecta Shock Breakouts, Jin-Ping Zhu, Bing Zhang, Yun-Wei Yu, and He Gao

Jihadism Transformed: Al Qaeda and the Islamic State’s Global Battle of Ideas, John C. Zimmerman