An Asia-Pacific Strategy: Where is the U.S. Headed?

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Brookings Mountain West


As part of the Brookings Scholar Lecture Series, Brookings Mountain West invites you to a lecture titled “The Search for an Asia-Pacific Strategy: Where is the United States Headed?” by Brookings Fellow in Foreign Policy, Johnathan Pollack.

Asia and the Pacific has long been a vital priority for American political, economic and security interests. However, the historically unprecedented shift in economic, technological and military power to the region in recent decades has redefined the strategic stakes for the United States. The growth of national power and political-military capacities across Asia means that developments here (including power rivalries and potential crises) will determine the future of American power and global influence. Moreover, institutional and societal relationships at all levels (including an ever more prominent position for universities and the private sector) will be central to the relationship between the US and the region. My lecture will address the looming challenges the United States must confront if it is to remain central to the shaping of the regional future.


Foreign policy; Asia; Southeast Asia; Korea; China; Nationalism; American Alliances; Trump Administration


American Politics | International Relations | Political Economy

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Jonathan Pollack is a Brookings Fellow in Foreign Policy.

This public lecture was delivered on October 4, 2017, in Greenspun Hall, on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).