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I firmly believe that a two-way or Socratic approach fosters dialogue between a professor and her students and helps them to expand their curiosity, seek knowledge and learn critical thinking skills. In this interactive two-way process, a professor acts as a facilitator rather than an authoritative figure. As part of the interactive class setting, I use an approach called ‘let’s work together.’ This approach requires students to participate in class while working on a number of problems. In every class session, I distribute a handout of short or long problems to students and we then solve the problems together. I randomly select a number of students and ask them to walk me through the problem step-by-step. If one student cannot figure out the solution, that student can ask someone else to step in and help. I use this ‘ask for help’ policy so that everybody can participate in solving the problem, whether it is on a voluntary basis or requested by peers.To make students feel comfortable with the ‘let’s work together’ dynamic, I tell them that it is perfectly acceptable to say “I don’t’ know how solve this problem” or “I have no idea, but would like to ask someone else to help me.”

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