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Program Planning & Evaluation (PBH 440-1001) offered by the School of Public Health at University of Nevada, Las Vegas was taught asynchronously online by Manoj Sharma to undergraduate students (primarily from public health) in Spring 2021 (n=34). This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to systematically develop, implement, and evaluate health-related programs, services, and interventions. The specific teaching techniques that were used in teaching this course were organizing the entire course in Canvas and making it available from day 1, recording all lectures beforehand in Panopto, utilizing cases studies in modules, embedding journal articles available under public domain in the modules, having skill-building activities at the end of each module to be completed in the Discussion Forum, providing links to websites in each module, and providing “cookbook” style guidelines for completing the assignments. In this course, the social cognitive theory was utilized from a pedagogical perspective to facilitate learning. In this theory, the expectations of developing program planning skills were built by discussions, self-efficacy was developed through skill-building activities and step-wise practical assignments, goal setting was facilitated through providing timelines and holding students accountable for those. In the end of course evaluation, a majority of the students (84.6%) mentioned that the course was well organized, the same percentage of students (84.6%) mentioned that the course helped them gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, an overwhelming majority (92.3%) felt there was sufficient opportunity for interaction with other students, and the same percentage of students (92.3%) praised the feedback received.

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Social cognitive theory; Online teaching; Undergraduate; Asynchronous


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Online Teaching of Program Planning & Evaluation