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UNLV Composer Dr. Jennifer Bellor collaborated with Christine Banna, animator from the Rochester Institute of Animation to create ONEIRA, a sci-fi animation music video Christine Banna created to pair with Jennifer Bellor’s composition, Oneira. Written for the electronic MalletKAT, vibraphone, and two marimbas, and recorded by the percussion quartet, Clocks in Motion, this 11-minute work is inspired by virtual worlds and dreaming. This track is also featured on Bellor’s most recent album, also titled ONEIRA, which was released by Aerocade Music August 19, 2022.

Bellor first created the music, imagining that this composition will be paired with an animation, like the various animation music videos created to bring out a new interpretation when pairing music with visual elements (i.e. Disney’s Fantasia).

Here is what the animator said about creating the sci-fi world in the music video:

The concept for “Oneira” originated as a direct response to the music. I took in Jen’s composition and studied it before I started the process of conceptualizing the animation. I let my response to the music develop organically. From the start, the percussion felt like it had a crystalline sound, so I knew crystals would be an essential aspect of the narrative and visuals…From there, I started to develop a character who was thrown on a journey to mirror the flow and change in the composition itself. Science fiction felt like a genre that would give me a lot of freedom aesthetically and narratively, and with those initial seeds, I began to explore, research, and plan. – Christine Banna

As of September 2022, the music video has not only been featured on various new music blogs, including I Care if You Listen, but it has also been officially selected for three film festivals. It was selected for the Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival, the SFC Film Festival in Australia, and it is a finalist for best music film at the Munich music video festival.

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