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Entertainment engineering is the realm where cutting-edge technical capabilities meet imaginative artistry to revolutionize the audience experience. Las Vegas is a monument to creative engineering and the art of the possible, displaying solutions that balance cutting-edge innovations with practical approaches to accomplish projects of every size, shape, scope, and complexity. Entertainment engineers create digital, mechanical, and structural systems for scenic elements, theatrical facilities, theme parks, pop-up events, and a wide array of performances. Advancements in the material production world are enhanced by innovations in the digital metaverse as demand grows for progress in both augmented and virtual reality. The Entertainment Engineering and Design program at UNLV explores ways to create the highly technical designs that the nearly $2 trillion global entertainment industry has come to demand by encouraging collaborators to think differently, and with an understanding of stagecraft, to appreciate the design issues that may not be obvious to them.

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Fall 2022




Theatre; Lighting; Production; Creative economy; Creative workforce; Concert; Touring; Immersive; STEAM; Events


Advertising and Promotion Management | Architecture | Art and Design | Arts Management | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Film Production | Fine Arts | Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Mechanical Engineering | Technology and Innovation | Tourism and Travel

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