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A new “Cowan type” double-crystal monochromator, based on the boomerang design used at National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) beamline X-24A, has been developed for beamline 9.3.1 at the Advanced Light Source (ALS), a windowless ultrahigh vacuum beamline covering the 1-6 keV photon-energy range. Beamline 9.3.1 is designed to simultaneously achieve the goals of high energy resolution, high flux, and high brightness at the sample. The mechanical design of the monochromator has been simplified, and recent developments in technology have been included. Measured mechanical precision of the monochromator shows significant improvement over existing designs. In tests with x-rays at NSLS beamline X-23Ʌ2, maximum deviations in the intensity of monochromatic light were just 7% during scans of several hundred eV in the vicinity of the Cr K edge (6 keV) with the monochromator operating without intensity feedback. Such precision is essential because of the high brightness of the ALS radiation and the overall length of beamline 9.3.1 (26 m).


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