Photofragmentation of cyanogen upon carbon and nitrogen K-shell excitation by partial ion yield experiments

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Partial ion yield spectroscopy was used to study fragmentation processes in cyanogen after C 1s and N 1s photoexcitation. The interpretation of the core excitation spectrum mostly follows the literature, but the high resolution has in some cases allowed a more detailed assignment. Using the fact that in Rydberg states there is an intensity increase as the fragmentation process becomes more extensive compared to valence orbitals, we have been able to distinguish resonances with valence and Rydberg character. Furthermore, we have been able to assign features in the ionization continuum as arising from double excitations or shape resonances, by observation of the suppression of anion yield at shape resonances.


Analytical Chemistry | Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics | Biological and Chemical Physics | Physical Chemistry


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