Threshold Photoelectron Spectrum of the Argon 3s Satellites

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Lately a variety of techniques have studied the electron correlation satellites with binding energies between the Ar 3s ionization potential (29.24 eV) and the lowest 2p−2 ionization potential (43.38 eV). One of these techniques, threshold photoelectron spectroscopy, with ≈90 meV electron resolution, revealed at least 25 Individual electronic states. All of these could contribute to any other satellite spectrum, and this observation helped explain some discrepancies between previous measurements. This technique has been applied here to the same region (30 eV ⩽ Hv ⩽ 45 eV) with higher resolution (3s−1 peak). In this higher resolution spectrum at least 29 Individual electronic states are present. In some cases multiplet splitting Is observed.


Analytical Chemistry | Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics | Biological and Chemical Physics | Elementary Particles and Fields and String Theory | Physical Chemistry


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