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Bend magnet beamline 6.3.1 at the Advanced Light Source operates from 200 eV to 2000 eV, primarily used for x-ray absorption fine structure investigations. The beamline optics consist of a compact, entrance-slitless, Hettrick-Underwood type variable-line-spacing plane-grating monochromator and refocusing mirrors to provide a 25 μm × 500 μm spot at the focal point in the reflectometer end station. Wavelength is scanned by the simple rotation of the grating and illuminates a fixed exit slit. The LabView based beamline control and data acquisition computer code has been implemented to provide a convenient interface to the user. The dedicated end station is a reflectometer that is isolated from the beamline by a differential ion pump. The reflectometer can position samples to within 4 μm with an angular position of 0.002°, has total electron and fluorescence yield detectors, and pumps down in about 30 minutes. External end stations can be mounted downstream of the reflectometer as well. The versatility and simplicity of beamline 6.3.1 have made it useful for a wide range of applications such as the characterization of optical components, reflective coatings, and the investigation of a diverse range of materials in both the solid state and in solution.


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