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We present a partial ion yield experiment on freon 13, CF3Cl, excited in the vicinity of the C 1s and Cl 2p ionization thresholds. We have collected a large amount of cationic fragments and a few anionic fragments at both edges. We have observed a strong intensity dependence of Rydberg transitions with ion fragment size for the CFnCl+ and CFn+/F+ (n=0–3) series at both the Cl 2p and C 1s ionization edges. Selectivity in the fragmentation processes involving the C–Cl and C–F bonds are highlighted by the intensities of the C 1s to lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO) and LUMO+1 transitions measured on the CFnCl+ and CFn+ yields. Equally, by comparison with their cation counterpart, we discuss possible bond-length dependence for the anion formation at the carbon 1s edge.


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