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Spring 5-8-2020


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Part of every UNLV engineering student’s academic experience, the senior design project stimulates engineering innovation and entrepreneurship. Each student in their senior year chooses, plans, designs, and prototypes a product in this required element of the curriculum. A capstone to the student’s educational career, the senior design project encourages the student to use everything learned in the engineering program to create a practical, real world solution to an engineering challenge. The senior design competition helps focus the senior students in increasing the quality and potential for commercial application for their design projects. Judges from local industry evaluate the projects on innovation, commercial potential and presentation quality. One overall winner, two winners from each discipline, and one multi-disciplinary winner (when applicable) are chosen and receive cash awards with commemorative plaques and medallions. The competition has generated significant interest from the local community, and has provided additional motivation for students to be innovative and to produce quality projects.


College seniors; Engineering, studying and teaching; Engineering design, contest; Science projects; Undergraduate students


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Computer Sciences | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Environmental Engineering | Environmental Sciences | Mechanical Engineering | Science and Mathematics Education

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Senior Design Instructors:

Dr. David James, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Andreas Stefik, Department of Computer Science

Dr. Grzegorz Chmaj(Spring), Dr. Ming Zhu (Fall), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr.Grzegorz Chmaj (Spring), Dr. Ming Zhu (Fall), Dr. Melissa Morris (Spring), Dr. Zhiyong Wang(Fall), Department of Entertainment Engineering and Design

Sr. Melissa Morris (Spring), Dr. Zhiyong Wang (Fall), Department of Mechanical Engineering

Senior Design Judges:

Weston Adams, Western States

Tony Antonelli, Orion Program

Carlos Banchik, P.E., Innova Technologies

Anthony Firmani, Aristocrat

James "Jim" French, Panasonic R&D Company of America

Norman McCombs, Chaine des Rotisseurs

Glenn Neal, Locution Systems, Inc.

Benoit Noel, Henderson TIMET Plant, PCC Group

Ganesh Kumar Ramachandran, Scientific Games

Ashish Raina, Capgemini

Kim Scott, Intrigue Shows, Inc. Celestia

Clifford L. Warner, Mycotoo


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