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University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Part of every UNLV engineering student’s academic experience, the senior design project stimulates engineering innovation and entrepreneurship. Each student in their senior year chooses, plans, designs, and prototypes a product in this required element of the curriculum. A capstone to the student’s educational career, the senior design project encourages the student to use everything learned in the engineering program to create a practical, real world solution to an engineering challenge.

The senior design competition helps to focus the senior students in increasing the quality and potential for commercial application for their design projects. Judges from local industry evaluate the projects on innovation, commercial potential and presentation quality. One overall winner, two winners from each discipline, and one multi-disciplinary winner (when applicable) are chosen and receive cash awards and commemorative plaques and medallions.

The competition has generated significant interest from the local community, and has provided additional motivation for students to be innovative and to produce quality projects.


College seniors; Engineering – Study and teaching; Engineering design – Contests; Science projects; Undergraduate students


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering Science and Materials | Environmental Sciences | Mechanical Engineering | Science and Mathematics Education | Sustainability | Urban Studies and Planning




Instructors for Senior Design Program:

Dr. Walter Vodrazka, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Paolo Ginobbi, Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering
Dr. Zhiyong Wang, Department of Mechanical Engineering

E-Club Faculty Members:

Dr. Laxmi Gewali
Dr. Henry Selvaraj
Dr. Rama Venkat
Dr. Zhiyong Wang

Senior Design Industry Judges:

Dr. Qiong Liu, P.E., P.T.O.E., Department of Public Works, City of Las Vegas
Joe Martell, Southwest Gas Corporation
Robert L. Mendenhall, Las Vegas Paving Corporation
Igor Tsapenko, Aldec, Inc.