Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Department of Communication Studies Faculty.


Submissions from 2022


Topical Analysis of Nuclear Experts' Perceptions of Publics, Nuclear Energy, and Sustainable Futures, Hannah K. Patenaude and Emma Frances Bloomfield

The Toll of Technology While Working From Home During COVID-19, Natalie Pennington, Amanda J. Holmstrom, and Jeffrey A. Hall

Submissions from 2021

The Rhetorical Impact of the Scopes Trial's Interconnected Public Memory Places, Emma F. Bloomfield


Climate Communication and Storytelling, Emma F. Bloomfield and Chris Manktelow

Where Women Scientists Belong: Placing Feminist Memory in Biography Collections for Children, Emma Frances Bloomfield and Sara C. VanderHaagen

Testing the Applicability of the Instructional Beliefs Model across Three Countries: The Role of Culture as a Theoretical Parameter, Brandi Frisby, Nicholas Tatum, Flora Galy-Badenas, and Elif Bengu

Thriving or Struggling? Social Energy Expenditure and Patterns of Interaction During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Amanda J. Holmstrom, Jeffrey A. Hall, and Natalie Pennington

Conditional Effects Received Parental Support on Emerging Adults’ Relational Satisfaction, Tara G. McManus

“Okay Twitter… trend this, sucka! #Supernatural”: A content analysis of the Supernatural fandom’s use of live-tweeting, Guadalupe Negrete and Tara G. McManus


Communication outside of the Home through Social Media during COVID-19, Natalie Pennington

The Maintenance of Dormant and Commemorative Ties by Young Adults through Social Media, Natalie Pennington

Questions of Professional Practice and Reporting on State Secrets: Glenn Greenwald and the NSA Leaks, Rebecca Rice


Feminist Theory and Interorganizational Collaboration: An Ethnographic Study of Gendered Tension Management, Rebecca M. Rice

Communicating Authority in Interorganizational Collaboration, Rebecca M. Rice


High Reliability Collaborations: Theorizing Interorganizational Reliability as Constituted through Translation, Rebecca M. Rice

Revisiting Ethnography in Organizational Communication Studies, Bryan C. Taylor, William C. Barley, Boris H.J. Brummans, Laura L. Ellingson, Shiv Ganesh, Andrew F. Hermann, Rebecca M. Rice, and Sarah J. Tracy

Fostering Climate Change Consensus: The Role of Intimacy in Group Discussions, Lyn M. van Swol, Emma Frances Bloomfield, Chen Ting Chang, and Stephanie Willes

Submissions from 2020

Rhetorical Imaginings and Multimodal Arguments at the European Green Belt, Marcia Allison and Emma Frances Bloomfield

The Reworking of Evangelical Christian Ecocultural Identity in the Creation Care Movement, Emma F. Bloomfield

Mother! And the Horror of Environmental Abuse, Emma Frances Bloomfield

Transcorporeal Identification and Strategic Essentialism in Eco-Horror: Mother!'s Ecofeminist Rhetorical Strategies, Emma Frances Bloomfield

The Effects of Establishing Intimacy and Consubstantiality on Group Discussions About Climate Change Solutions, Emma Frances Bloomfield, Lyn M. Van Swol, Chen-Ting Chang, Stephanie Willes, and Paul Hangsan Ahn

Deliverance, Donovan Conley

More than a Membrane, Donovan Conley

Bandersnatched: Infrastructure and Acquiescence in Black Mirror, Donovan Conley and Benjamin Burroughs

Bandersnatched: Infrastructure and Acquiescence in Black Mirror, Donovan Conley and Benjamin Burroughs

Pained Publics, Donovan Conley and Benjamin Burroughs

Cookery: Food Rhetorics and Social Production, Donovan Conley and Justin Eckstein

Introduction: Soiled, Donovan Conley and Justin Eckstein

Communication Modes During Romantic Dissolution: The Impact of Attachment and Intimacy on Initiator Breakup Strategies, William Hoffman

Providing Support to Friends Experiencing a Sexual Health Uncertainty, Tara G. McManus

A Content Analysis of Identity Expressions from Female Cast Members on the Reality Television Series WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars): A Case Study, Kaitlyn M. Millican and Tara M. Emmers-Sommer

Quitting Social Media: A Qualitative Exploration of Communication Outcomes, Natalie Pennington

Does Facebook-Enabled Communication Influence Weak-Tie Relationships Over Time? a Longitudinal Investigation Into Mediated Relationship Maintenance, Natalie Pennington and Jeffrey A. Hall

Framing the Anthropocene as Influence or Impact: The Importance of Interdisciplinary Contributions to Stratigraphic Classification, Philip Tschirhart and Emma Frances Bloomfield

Submissions from 2019

Organizational Communication and Security, Hamilton Bean and Rebecca Rice

Communication Strategies for Engaging Climate Skeptics: Religion and the Environment, Emma Frances Bloomfield

Rhetorical Constellations and the Inventional/Intersectional Possibilities of #MeToo, Emma Frances Bloomfield

The Rhetoric of Energy Darwinism: Neoliberal Piety and Market Autonomy in Economic Discourse, Emma Frances Bloomfield

Piedmont the Jazz Rat of Cunningham Park, Michael Lane Bruner

Rhetorical Unconsciousness and Political Psychoanalysis, M. Lane Bruner

Black Mirror, Mediated Affect and the Political, Donovan S. Conley and Benjamin Burroughs

Sex Differences in Emotion, Tara Emmers-Sommer

The “Angelina Effect” and Audience Response to Celebrity vs. Medical Expert Health Messages: an Examination of Source Credibility, Message Elaboration, and Behavioral Intentions, Tara M. Emmers-Sommer and Larissa Teran

Extending Discourse of Renewal to Preparedness: Construct and Scale Development of Readiness for Renewal, Ryan P. Fuller, Robert R. Ulmer, Ashley McNatt, and Jeanette B. Ruiz


Explaining How College-Aged Individuals Provide Information to Friends Experiencing Romantic Relational Uncertainty, Tara G. McManus, Yuliya Yurashevich, and Courtney McDaniel

Maintenance and Dissolution Through Social Networking Sites, Natalierose Pennington


Disaster Resilience as Communication Practice: Remembering and Forgetting Lessons from Past Disasters Through Practices that Prepare for the Next One, Rebecca M. Rice and Jody L. S. Jahn

Adults’ Identities, Attitudes, and Orientations Concerning Consensual Non-Monogamy, Amber K. Stephens and Tara M. Emmers-Sommer

Submissions from 2017


Ark Encounter as Material Apocalyptic Rhetoric: Contemporary Creationist Strategies on Board Noah's Ark, Emma Frances Bloomfield

China's Fraught Food System: Imagining Ecological Civilization in the Face of Paradoxical Modernity, Donovan Conley


“She Stopped Me From Killing Myself”: Bullied Bloggers’ Coping Behaviors and Support Sources, Carly M. Danielson and Tara M. Emmers-Sommer


College Student Perceptions of Hypothetical Rape Disclosures: Do Relational and Demographic Variables Pose a Risk on Disclosure Believability?, Tara M. Emmers-Sommer


Implications of Sex Guilt: A Meta-Analysis, Tara M. Emmers-Sommer, Mike Allen, Kelsea Vadona Schoenbauer, and Nancy Burrell

Feminism, Gender, and Politics in NBC's "Parks and Recreation", Erika J. Engstrom

“That just proves he wants me back”: Pure victimhood, agency, and intimate partner violence in Gotham City Sirens, K. Scarlett Harrington and Jennifer A. Guthrie

Imagining China: Rhetorics of Nationalism in an Age of Globalization, Stephen J. Hartnett, Lisa B. Keränen, and Donovan Conley

"A “Gathering Storm” or “A New Chapter”? China, the United States, and the Rhetorical Work of National Imaginaries", Stephen J. Hartnett, Lisa B. Keranen, and Donovan S. Conley


When Do Friends Prevent Friends from Hooking Up Intoxicated? An Examination of Sex Differences and Hypothetical Intoxication in Peer Interventions, Mattew W. Savage, Lisa Menegatos, and Anthony J. Roberto

Submissions from 2015


Audio and Video Journalism, Erika J. Engstrom and Gary W. Larson


Does Movie Viewing Cultivate Young People's Unrealistic Expectations About Love and Marriage?, Lauren Galloway, Erika J. Engstrom, and Tara M. Emmers-Sommer


Communication in Support Groups, Jennifer A. Guthrie and Adrianne Kunkel

Problematizing the Uniform Application of the Formula Story: Advocacy for Survivors in a Domestic Violence Support Group, Jennifer A. Guthrie and Adrianne Kunkel


Survivor: Women’s Stories of Navigation and Tensions in a Domestic Violence Shelter, Adrianne Kunkel and Jennifer A. Guthrie


Newlywed Reports of Social Support During Engagement: What Worked and What Failed, Amber Messersmith, Adrianne Kunkel, and Jennifer A. Guthrie

Submissions from 2007

Selling with Sex in Sin City: The Case of the Hard Rock Hotel Casino, Erika Engstrom