Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Public Health faculty.


Submissions from 2020

Strategies for Increasing Impact, Engagement, and Accessibility in HIV Prevention Programs: Suggestions from Women in Urban High HIV Burden Counties in the Eastern United States (HPTN 064), Jasmine A. Abrams, Michelle Odlum, Emily Tillett, Danielle Haley, Jessica Justman, Sally Hodder, Linda Vo, Ann O’Leary, and Paula M. Frew

Eosinophilic Esophagitis: Comorbidities and Atopic Disease in Nevada, Julia Anderson, Sheniz Moonie, Mary Beth Hogan, Rebecca Scherr, and Gayle Allenback

Factors Associated with Mental Health Service Utilization Among Ethiopian Immigrants and Refugees, Selam G. Ayele, Melva Thompson‑Robinson, Johanna Andrews, and Carolee Dodge Francis


COVID-19 and Social Isolation Endangering Psychological Health of Older Adults: Implications for Telepsychiatry, Kavita Batra, Amanda Elizabeth Morgan, and Manoj Sharma

Sex Moderates the Relationship That Number of Professional Fights Has With Cognition and Brain Volumes, Lauren L. Bennett, Steve J. Stephen, Charles Bernick, Guogen Shan, and Sarah J. Banks


Trends in Mental Well-Being of Non-Hispanic White Children of Midlife Parents With Low Education, Neeraj Bhandari

Dietary Behaviours Among Han, Tujia and Miao Primary School Students: A Cross-Sectional Survey in Chongqing, China, Zhengjie Cai, Jinli Xian, Xianglong Xu, Ziwei Zhang, Camila Araujo, Manoj Sharma, and Yong Zhao

Effects of β-Carotene Intake on the Risk of Fracture: A Bayesian Meta-Analysis, Tesfaye Getachew Charkos, Yawen Liu, Kemal Sherefa Oumer, Ann M. Vuong, and Shuman Yang


Global Trends and Gaps in Research Related to Latent Tuberculosis Infection, Liling Chaw, Lung-Chang Chien, Justin Wong, Ken Takahashi, David Koh, and Ro-Ting Lin

Nonuniform Impacts of COVID-19 Lockdown on Air Quality Over the United States, L.W. Antony Chen, Lung-Chang Chien, Yi Li, and Ge Lin

Schoolchildren's Exposure to PM2.5: A Student Club-Based Air Quality Monitoring Campaign Using Low-Cost Sensors, L.W. Antony Chen, John O. Olawepo, Felicia Bonanno, Aman Gebreselassie, and Mi Zhang


Correction to: Temporal Trend of Research Related to Gun Violence from 1981 to 2018 in the United States: A Bibliometric Analysis, Lung-Chang Chien, Maxim Gakh, Courtney Coughenour, and Ro-Ting Lin

Temporal Trend of Research Related to Gun Violence from 1981 to 2018 in the United States: A Bibliometric Analysis, Lung-Chang Chien, Maxim Gakh, Courtney Coughenour, and Ro-Ting Lin

Associations Between Hormonal Biomarkers and Preterm Infant Health and Development During the First 2 Years After Birth, June Cho PhD, RN, FAAN; Lung-Chang Chien DrPH; and Diane Holditch-Davis PhD, RN, FAAN


Changes in Depression and Physical Activity Among College Students on a Diverse Campus After a COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order, Courtney Coughenour, Maxim Gakh, Jennifer R. Pharr, Timothy Bungum, and Sharon Jalene


Motivations for Treatment Engagement in a Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program: A Qualitative Study, Patrick J. Dillon, Satish K. Kedia, Oluwaseyi O. Isehunwa, and Manoj Sharma


Factors Associated With Referring Close Contacts to an App With Individually-Tailored Vaccine Information, Matthew Z. Dudley, Rupali J. Limaye, Saad B. Omer, Sean T. O'Leary, Mallory K. Ellingson, Christine I. Spina, Sarah E. Brewer, Allison T. Chamberlain, Robert A. Bednarczyk, Fauzia Malik, Paula M. Frew, and Daniel A. Salmon

Characterizing the Vaccine Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Intentions of Pregnant Women in Georgia and Colorado, Matthew Z. Dudley, Rupali J. Limaye, Saad B. Omer, Sean T. O’Leary, Mallory K. Ellingson, Christine I. Spina, Sarah E. Brewer, Allison T. Chamberlain, Robert A. Bednarczyk, Fauzia Malik, Paula M. Frew, and Daniel A. Salmon

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Hospitalists, Two Decades Later: Which US Hospitals Utilize Them?, Josue Patien Epane, Robert Weech-Maldonado, Larry R. Hearld, Bisakha Sen, Stephen J. O'Connor, and Luceta McRoy

Psychometric Evaluation of the Perceived Context of Reception Scale Among Hispanic and Somali Adolescents, Myriam Forster, Timothy J. Grigsby, Eunice Areba, Jennifer B. Unger, Chris J. Rogers, and Seth J. Schwartz

Acceptability of an Inactivated Influenza Vaccine Delivered by Microneedle Patch: Results From a Phase I Clinical Trial of Safety, Reactogenicity, and Immunogenicity, Paula M. Frew, Michele Bennett Paine, Nadine Rouphael, Jay Schamel, Yunmi Chung, Mark J. Mulligan, and Mark R. Prausnitz

Adherence to Timely Vaccinations in the United States, Allison L. Hargreaves MPH; Glen Nowack PhD; Paula Frew MA, MPH; Alan R. Hinman MD, MPH; Walter A. Orenstein MD; Judith Mendel MPH; Ann Aikin MA; Jessica A. Nadeau PhD; Louise-Ann McNutt PhD; Allison T. Chamberlain PhD; Saad B. Omer MPH; Laura A. Randall MPH; and Robert A. Bednarczyk PhD


COVID-19 Vulnerability Among People Who Use Drugs: Recommendations for Global Public Health Programmes and Policies, Ian W. Holloway, Anne C. Spaulding, Ayako Miyashita Ochoa, Laura A. Randall, Adrian R. King, The HBOU Study Team, and Paula M. Frew


Opioid Use Disorders and Hospital Palliative Care Among Patients With Gastrointestinal Cancers: Ten-Year Trend and Associated Factors in the U.S. From 2005 to 2014, Jinwook Hwang, Jay J. Shen, Sun Jung Kim, Sung-Youn Chun, Pearl C. Kim, Se Won Lee, David Byun, and Ji Won Yoo


Accurate Confidence Intervals for Risk Difference in Meta-Analysis With Rare Events, Tao Jiang, Baixin Cao, and Guogen Shan

Factors and Cost Associated with Atopic Dermatitis in Nevada, Hadley Johnson, Julia Anderson, Sheniz Moonie, Karen Gutierrez, and Mary Beth Hogan

Health Care Access and Utilization by Transgender Populations: A United States Transgender Survey Study, Axenya Kachen and Jennifer R. Pharr


COVID-19 and Mental Well-Being: Guidance on the Application of Behavioral and Positive Well-Being Strategies, Amar Kanekar and Manoj Sharma

Spatial Regression with Multiple Dependent Variables: Principal Component Analysis and Spatial Autocorrelation, Ge Lin Kan and Tonglin Zhang


Prevalence of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress during COVID-19 Pandemic, Ram Lakhan, Amit Agrawal, and Manoj Sharma


Learning from Transmasculine Experiences with Health Care: Tangible Inlets for Reducing Health Disparities through Patient-Provider Relationships, Nickolas H. Lambrou, Katherine M. Cochran, Samantha Everhart, Jason D. Flatt, Megan Zuelsdorff, John B. O'Hara, Lance Weinhardt, Susan Flowers Benton, and Carey E. Gleason

US Trends of Opioid-use Disorders and Associated Factors Among Hospitalized Patients With Spinal Conditions and Treatment From 2005 to 2014, Se Won Lee, Jay Shen, Sun Jung Kim, Sung-Youn Chun, Pearl Kim, Jahan Riaz, Ji Won Yoo, and Jinwook Hwang

Patient Decision Making Related to Maternal and Childhood Vaccines: Exploring the Role of Trust in Providers Through a Relational Theory of Power Approach, Rupali J. Limaye; Fauzia Malik; Paula M. Frew; Laura A. Randall MPH; Mallory K. Ellingson MPH; Sean T. O’Leary MD; Robert A. Bednarczyk; Oladeji Oloko; Daniel A. Salmon; and Saad B. Omer MBBS, PhD

Statewide Stay‐At‐Home Directives on the Spread of COVID‐19 in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Counties in the United States, Ge Lin, Tonglin Zhang, Ying Zhang, and Quanyi Wang

Interventions to Reduce Healthcare Disparities in Cancer Screening Among Minority Adults: a Systematic Review, Darren Liu, Hayley Schuchard, Betty Burston, Takashi Yamashita, and Steven Albert


Mathematical Model of ATM Activation and Chromatin Relaxation by Ionizing Radiation, Yongfeng Li and Francis A. Cucinotta

Evaluation of Guideline Recommendations for Dual Antipseudomonal Therapy in Hospitalized Adults with Pneumonia Using Combination Antibiograms, Quyen Luu, Kaylee Vitale, Guogen Shan, Rebecca Jayakumar, and Velliyur Viswesh

Urinary Symptoms and Infections Among Female Garment Factory Workers in Bangladesh, Jacxelyn Moran, Taylor Jennelle Fitch, Gabriela Villanueva, Mohammad Morshedul Quadir, Lung-Chang Chien, and Hasnat Alamgir


Readability and Suitability Assessment of Educational Materials in Promoting the Quality of Life for Postmenopausal Women, Mohammad Ali Morowatisharifabad, Nooshin Yoshany, Manoj Sharma, Narjes Bahri, and Sara Jambarsang

HIV-Related Risk Behaviors and HIV Testing Among People With Sensory Disabilities in the United States, Babayemi O. Olakunde and Jennifer R. Pharr

HIV Testing Among Pregnant Women With Prenatal Care in the United States: An Analysis of the 2011–2017 National Survey of Family Growth, Babayemi O. Olakunde, Jennifer R. Pharr, and Daniel A. Adeyinka

Changes in Body Mass Index Among People Living with HIV Who are New on Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, John O. Olawepo, Jennifer R. Pharr, Chad L. Cross, Axenya Kachen, Babayemi Olakunde, and Francisco S. Sy

Environmental and Organizational Factors Associated with Hospital Use of GPO Services, William Opuku-Agyeman, Robert Weech-Maldonado, Soumya Upadhyay, Nitish Patidar, and Chris Opuku-Agyeman


Sociodemographic Determinants of Physical Activity and Sport Participation among Women in the United States, Jennifer R. Pharr, Nancy L. Lough, and Angela M. Terencio

Physical Activity Guidelines Compliance and Its Relationship With Preventative Health Behaviors and Risky Health Behaviors, Jennifer R. Pharr, Mary Angela M. Terencio, and Timothy Bungum

The Association Between Etiology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Race‐Ethnicity in Florida, Paulo S. Pinheiro, Heidy Medina, Karen E. Callahan, Patricia D. Jones, Clyde Perry Brown, Sean F. Altekruse, Katherine A. McGlynn, and Erin N. Kobetz

The Association Between Etiology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Race‐Ethnicity in Florida, Paulo S. Pinheiro, Heidy Medina, Karen E. Callahan, Patricia D. Jones, Clyde Perry Brown, Sean F. Altekruse, Katherine A. McGlynn, and Erin N. Kobetz

Cancer Mortality Among US Blacks: Variability Between African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, And Africans, Paulo S. Pinheiro, Heidy Medina, Karen E. Callahan, Deukwoo Kwon, Camille Ragin, Recinda Sherman, and Erin N. Kobetz

Posttraumatic Cranial Suture Diastasis in Pediatric Temporal Bone Fractures, Nathaniel Reeve, Jacob B. Kahane, Jordan Miller, Chad Cross, Allen Young, and Matthew Ng


A National Study on the Physical and Mental Health of Intersex Adults in the U.S., Amy Rosenwohl-Mack, Suegee Tamar-Mattis, Arlene B. Baratz, Katharine B. Dalke, Alesdair Ittelson, Kimberly Zieselman, and Jason D. Flatt

Accurate Confidence Intervals for Proportion in Studies With Clustered Binary Outcome, Guogen Shan

Estimation of Bias-Corrected Intraclass Correlation Coefficient for Unbalanced Clustered Studies With Continuous Outcomes, Guogen Shan

Two-Stage Optimal Designs Based on Exact Variance for a Single-Arm Trial With Survival Endpoints, Guogen Shan

Partial Correlation Coefficient for a Study With Repeated Measurements, Guogen Shan, Ece Bayram, Jessica Z. K. Caldwell, Justin B. Miller, Jay J. Shen, and Shawn Gerstenberger

Comments on “Exact Inference for the Random‐Effect Model for Meta‐Analyses with Rare Events”, Guogen Shan, Hua Zhang, and Tao Jiang


Correlation Coefficients for a Study with Repeated Measures, Guogen Shan, Hua Zhang, and Tao Jiang


Using the Multi-theory Model (MTM) of Health Behavior Change to Explain Intentional Outdoor Nature Contact Behavior Among College Students, Manoj Sharma, Erin Largo-Wight, Amar Kanekar, Hana Kusumoto, Stephanie Hooper, and Vinayak K. Nahar

Sociocultural Factors Associated with Awareness of Palliative Care and Advanced Care Planning among Asian Populations, Jay J. Shen, Catherine Dingley, Ji Won Yoo, Sfurti Rathi, Soo Kyong Kim, Hee-Taik Kang, and Kalyn Frost

Evolution of Source Contributions During Heavy Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Pollution Episodes in Eastern China Through Online Measurements, Juanyong Shen, Qianbiao Zhao, Zhen Cheng, Juntao Huo, Wenfei Zhu, Yihua Zhang, Yusen Duan, Xiaoliang Wang, Lung-Wen Antony Chen, and Qingyan Fu

Decreasing Rate of Inpatient Pediatric Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis Between 2005 and 2015, Samantha N. Sherwood, Joseph Greenway, and Andrew J. Freeman

Comparison of Signaling Profiles in the Low Dose Range Following Low and High LET Radiation, Deepa M. Sridharan, Lung-Chang Chien, Francis A. Cucinotta, and Janice M. Pluth

The Relationship Between Fighting Style, Cognition, and Regional Brain Volume in Professional Combatants: A Preliminary Examination Using Brief Neurocognitive Measures, Steve J. Stephen, Guogen Shan, Sarah J. Banks, Charles Bernick, and Lauren L. Bennett

The Determinants of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment Flows in Mexican States, 2004-2014, John P. Tuman and Hafthor Erlingsson

Introduction to Special Issue on Sexual Health Risks and Assessments, Markie L.C. Twist

Introduction to Special Issue on Digihealth and Sexual Health, Markie L.C. Twist and Neil McArthur

Cash, Cash Conversion Cycle, Inventory and COVID-19, Soumya Upadhyay MHA and Dean G. Smith

Hospital Capacity and Capacity Planning in Washington, Soumya Upadhyay MHA and Dean G. Smith

The Effects of Hospital-Physician Financial Integration on Adverse Incident Rate: An Agency Theory Perspective, Soumya Upadhyay, Robert Weech-Maldonado, and William Opoku-Agyeman

Prenatal Exposure to a Mixture of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and Child Reading Skills at School Age, Ann M. Vuong, Changchun Xie, Roman Jandarov, Kim N. Dietrich, Hongmei Zhang, Andreas Sjodon, Antonia M. Calafat, Bruce P. Lanphear, Lawrence McCandless, Joseph M. Braun, Kimberly Yolton, and Aimin Chen

Chemical Mixtures and Neurobehavior: A Review of Epidemiologic Findings and Future Directions, Ann M. Vuong, Kimberly Yolton, Joseph M. Braun, Bruce P. Lanphear, and Aimin Chen


Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE) and Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS) Exposures During Pregnancy and Maternal Depression, Ann M. Vuong, Kimberly Yolton, Joseph M. Braun, Andreas Sjodin, Antonia M. Calafat, Yingying Xu, Kim N. Dietrich, Bruce P. Lanphear, and Aimin Chen


Flame Retardants and Neurodevelopment: an Updated Review of Epidemiological Literature, Ann M. Vuong, Kimberly Yolton, Kim M. Cecil, Joseph M. Braun, Bruce P. Lanphear, and Aimin Chen


Reduction of Secondary Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Households by Face Mask Use, Disinfection and Social Distancing: A Cohort Study in Beijing, China, Yu Wang, Huaiyu Tian, Li Zhang, Dandan Guo, Wenting Wu, Xingxing Zhang, Ge Lin Kan, Lei Jia, Da Huo, Beiwei Liu, Xiaoli Wang, Ying Sun, Quanyi Wang, Peng Yang, and C. Raina MacIntyre

Contribution of Rare Variant(s) to Thegenetic Risk Score, Qing Wu and Jongyun Jung


Machine Learning Approaches for Fracture Risk Assessment: A Comparative Analysis of Genomic and Phenotypic Data in 5130 Older Men, Qing Wu, Fatma Nasoz, Jongyun Jung, Bibek Bhattarai, and Mira V. Han

Maternal Cadmium Exposure and Neurobehavior in Children: The HOME Study, Weili Yang, Ann M. Vuong, Changchun Xie, Kim N. Dietrich, Margaret R. Karagas, Bruce P. Lanphear, Joseph M. Braun, Kimberly Yolton, and Aimin Chen


Regional Variation in States’ Naloxone Accessibility Laws in Association With Opioid Overdose Death Rates-Observational Study (STROBE Compliant), Hyo-Sun You, Jane Ha, Cyra-Y. Kang, Leeseul Kim, Jinah Kim, Jay J. Shen, Seong-Min Park, Sung-Youn Chun, Jinwook Hwang, Takashi Yamashita, Se Won Lee, Georgia Dounis, Yong-Jae Lee, Dong-Hun Han, David Byun, Ji Won Yoo, and Hee-Taik Kang

Optimized Elastic Network Models with Direct Characterization of Inter-Residue Cooperativity for Protein Dynamics, Hua Zhang, Guogen Shan, and Bailin Yang

Submissions from 2019

A Description of Eosinophilic Esophagitis in the Southwestern State of Nevada, Julia Anderson, Sheniz Moonie, Mary Beth Hogan, and Brian Labus

Cost of Chronic Inflammatory Disease: The Impact of Eosinophilic Esophagitis in Nevada, Julia Anderson, Sheniz Moonie, Mary Beth Hogan, Rebecca Scherr, Brian Labus, and Jessica Word

A Broadscale Assessment of Mercury Contamination in Peregrine Falcons Across the Northern Latitudes of North America, Joseph G. Barnes, Gregg E. Doney, Michael A. Yates, William S. Seegar, and Shawn L. Gerstenberger


Sex Differences in Cognitive Changes in De Novo Parkinson’s Disease, Ece Bayram, Sarah J. Banks, Guogen Shan, Nikki Kaplan, and Jessica Z.K. Caldwell

The Longitudinal Associations Between Cognition, Mood and Striatal Dopaminergic Binding in Parkinson's Disease, Ece Bayram, Nikki Kaplan, Guogen Shan, and Jessica Z.K. Caldwell

Associations between Comorbid TDP-43, Lewy Body Pathology and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Alzheimer's Disease, Ece Bayram, Guogen Shan, and Jeffrey L. Cummings

Longitudinal Change in Regional Brain Volumes with Exposure to Repetitive Head Impacts, Charles Bernick, Guogen Shan, Henrik Zetterberg, Sarah Banks, Virendra R. Mishra, Lynn Bekris, James B. Leverenz, and Kaj Blennow

Consumer Use of Provider Quality Report Cards: The Role of Dissemination and Media Coverage, Neeraj Bhandari, Dennis Scanlon, Yunfeng Shi, and Rachel A. Smith

The Effect of Age of First Exposure to Competitive Fighting on Cognitive and Other Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and Brain Volume, Barry R. Bryant, Bharat R. Narapareddy, Michael J.C. Bray, Lisa N. Richey, Akshay Krieg, Gougen Shan, Matthew E. Peters, and Charles B. Bernick

Hepatocellular Carcinoma Among Hispanics: An Understudied Public Health Priority, Karen E. Callahan MPH and Paulo S. Pinheiro MD, PhD


Low Colorectal Cancer Survival in the Mountain West State of Nevada: A Population-Based Analysis, Karen E. Callahan, Carmen P. Ponce, Chad L. Cross, Francisco S. Sy, and Paulo S. Pinheiro

Evaluation of the Oxidation Flow Reactor for Particulate Matter Emission Limit Certification, Junji Cao, Qiyuan Wang, Li Li, Yue Zhang, Jie Tian, L.W. Antony Chen, Steven Sai Hang Ho, Xiaoliang Wang, Judith C. Chow, and John G. Watson

Barriers and Facilitators for Antiretroviral Treatment Adherence Among HIV-Positive African American and Latino Men Who Have Sex With Men, James W. Carey, Neal Carnes, Alisu Schoua-Glusberg, Katherine Kenward, Deborah Gelaude, Damian J. Denson, Elizabeth Gall, Laura A. Randall, and Paula M. Frew

Development and Acceptability of a Video-Based Vaccine Promotion Tutorial for Obstetric Care Providers, Allison T. Chamberlain, Rupali J. Limaye, Sean T. O'Leary, Paula M. Frew, Sarah E. Brewer, C. I. Spina, Mallory K. Ellingson, Matthew Z. Dudley, Walter A. Orenstein, Meghan A. Donnelly, Laura E. Riley, Kevin A. Ault, Daniel A. Salmon, and Saad B. Omer

Bioaerosol Concentrations and Size Distributions during the Autumn and Winter Seasons in an Industrial City of Central China, Lung-Wen Chen, Ting Liu, Mi Zhang, John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, Junji Cao, Hongyu Chen, Wei Wang, Jiaquan Zhang, Changlin Zhan, Hongxia Liu, Jingru Zheng, Naiwen Chen, Ruizhen Yao, and Wensheng Xiao

Evaluation of Epifluorescence Methods for Quantifying Bioaerosols in Fine and Coarse Particulate Air Pollution, L.-W. Antony Chen, Mi Zhang, Ting Liu, Karey Fortier, Judith C. Chow, Fernanda Alonzo, Rachel Kolberg, Junji Cao, Ge Lin, Tanviben Y. Patel, Patricia Cruz, Mark P. Buttner, and John G. Watson

An Evaluation of Food Insecurity and Its Correlates in a Filipino American Study Sample Residing in Clark County, Nevada, Prescott Cheong, Courtney Coughenour, Maya Shegog, Saruna Ghimire, Lawrence Sagadraca, and Francisco Sy


Identifiying High Risk Areas of Zika Virus Infection by Meteorological Factors in Columbia, Lung-Chang Chien, Francisco Sy, and Adriana Perez

Rethinking Health Services Measurement for Indigenous Populations, Michelle Chino Dr, Angela Mashford-Pringle, Ian Ring, Fadwa Al-Yaman, and John Waldon

Improving Health Data for Indigenous Populations: The International Group for Indigenous Health Measurement, Michelle Chino, Ian Ring, Lisa Jackson Pulver, John Waldon, and Malcolm King