Oral Acyclovir for Treatment and Suppression of Genital Herpes Simplex Virus Infection A Review

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ACYCLOVIR is the only antiviral agent shown to be effective for the treatment of genital herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection. Effective therapy for this disease, however, has a different meaning from that for other sexually transmitted diseases. When we speak of effective therapy for gonorrhea, we mean that therapy cures the disease. The presence of gonorrhea in a patient is an indication for treatment. A clinician cannot ethically choose not to treat a patient with gonorrhea. Likewise, the patient with gonorrhea cannot refuse treatment. Public health regulations usually require that patients with gonorrhea be treated, not only to prevent further damage in the patient but to prevent transmission of disease. In contrast, the presence of genital herpes infection is not necessarily an indication for acyclovir treatment. Public health regulations do not require either the clinician to prescribe or the patient with genital herpes to accept therapy.


Antiviral agents; Herpes genitalis – Law and legislation; Herpes genitalis – Treatment; Herpes simplex virus; Public health laws


Female Urogenital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications | Health Services Research | Male Urogenital Diseases | Public Health | Viruses


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