Application of Multidisciplinary Collaborations for the Advancement of Public Health

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Conference Proceeding

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Nevada Public Health Association Annual Conference




The history of public health and urban planning are intertwined, yet it is a recent phenomenon that the fields are once again working together. Such collaborations can have significant positive implications for community design and overall health. This project will discuss the process and lessons learned from a collaborative effort between public health professionals and a multidisciplinary team towards the overall goal of a plan for sustainable development of Southern Nevada. The City of Henderson, NV was awarded a three year planning grant to assess the sustainability of Southern Nevada and develop a planning document to guide growth and promote sustainable development over the next 20 years. Step one of this process was to provide a baseline assessment of the existing conditions of the region which pertain to issues of sustainability including health, transportation, economic development, housing, environment and social equity. Our team consisted of planners from four local jurisdictions, the Regional Transportation Commission, local utilities companies, the health district, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (School of Community Health Sciences, the Lincy Institute, Urban Sustainability Initiative). We will present the strategies of the overall process, including important data sources for gathering diverse information, the selection process for peer regions and benchmarks against which to measure, share highlights from the final document, and discuss the next steps towards meeting the end goal. Collaborative efforts such as this are critical for the betterment of public health. Sharing strategies and lessons learned only serves to further advance the field of public health.


Sustainability; Community collaboration


Public Health



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