Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Public Health faculty.


Submissions from 2007

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Submissions from 2006

Smallpox related knowledge and beliefs among recent college graduates, Timothy J. Bungum and Charlene Day

Building True Capacity: Indigenous Models for Indigenous Communities, Michelle Chino and Lemyra DeBruyn

Understanding Suicide Attempts Among American Indian Adolescents in New Mexico: Modifiable Factors Related to Risk and Resiliency, Michelle Chino and Lynne Fullerton-Gleason

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Submissions from 2005

The association of distraction and caution displayed by pedestrians at a lighted crosswalk, Timothy J. Bungum, Charlene Day, and L. Jean Henry

Community Asthma Program improves appropriate prescribing in moderate to severe asthma., Sheniz Moonie, Robert C. Strunk, Sue Crocker, Vanessa Curtis, Kenneth Schechtman, and Mario Castro

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Submissions from 2004

In utero and lactational exposure of Long-Evans rats to ammonium perchlorate (AP) disrupts ovarian follicle maturation, Monika G. Baldridge, Rebecca L. Stahl, Shawn Gerstenberger, Vicki Tripoli, and Reinhold J. Hutz


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Submissions from 2003

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Submissions from 2001


Enhanced Detection of Surface-Associated Bacteria in Indoor Environments by Quantitative PCR, Mark P. Buttner, Patrica Cruz-Perez, and Linda Stetzenbach

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A Quantitative Review of Nutrition and Physical Activity Interventions to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Health Care Settings, S. Wilcox, D. Parra-Medina, Melva Thompson-Robinson, and J. Will

Submissions from 2000

Correlates of physical activity in male and female youth, Timothy J. Bungum, Marsha Dowda, Anne T. Weston, Stewart G. Trost, and Russel R. Pate