A Framework for Decentralized Private Random State Generation and Maintenance for Multiplayer Gaming Over Blockchain

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2020 IEEE 44th Annual Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC)

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The transparency and immutability properties offered by the burgeoning field of blockchain technology make it an increasingly popular choice for applications across many domains. One such application is online gaming. Blockchain offers participants the ability to verify the fairness of games in a manner previously unattainable by the classical centralized approach. However, the introduction of blockchain incurs additional overhead and poses unique challenges necessary to overcome in order to be a viable alternative. The transparency blockchain provides opens potential avenues for collusion, particularly in multiplayer games, which must be addressed. Furthermore, the emulation of random state, a core component of online gaming, is rendered difficult in a decentralized context. No approach exists which manages random state for multiplayer gaming in a completely decentralized manner. We propose a novel approach toward this end, significantly extending the utility of blockchain technology to online gaming.


Decentralized applications; Distributed ledger technology; Smart contracts; Blockchain; Random state generation


Computer Sciences | Graphics and Human Computer Interfaces | Physical Sciences and Mathematics



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