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Adaptive management report for the Clark County, Nevada Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan


This is a status report on the effectiveness of conservation actions implemented by the Desert Conservation Program, land use trends, habitat loss, species population trends, and ecosystem health. Four Adaptive Management Program (AMP) tasks are defined in the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP: section 2) and the Biological Opinion for the section 10 take permit (p 2.11). The tasks are: a) provide an analysis of all land-use trends in Clark County to ensure that take and habitat disturbance is balanced with solid conservation, b) monitor population trends and ecosystem health, c) evaluate effectiveness of management actions at meeting MSHCP goals of conservation and recovery, and d) track habitat loss by ecosystem. In addition, this report makes recommendations for future implementation of MSHCP permit requirements and conservation actions, as well as recommendations for further development of the AMP.


Clark county (Nev.); Endangered species; Habitat conservation; Wildlife conservation


Environmental Sciences | Natural Resources and Conservation | Natural Resources Management and Policy