Potassium Oxalate Oral Rinses For Long-term Relief From Dentinal Hypersensitivity: Three Randomised Controlled Studies

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Journal of Dentistry


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Objectives: To evaluate effectiveness of oral rinses containing dipotassium oxalate monohydrate (KOX) in relieving dentinal hypersensitivity (DH) after 8 w use adjunctive to brushing. Methods: Three 8-week, randomised, controlled, double-blind, parallel-group, single-centre studies were conducted in adults with DH. In each study, participants were randomised to one of two experimental rinses or a placebo in a matrix design, such that each experimental rinse was evaluated in two studies. Rinses A (pH 4.5) and B (pH 7.0) contained 1.5% KOX and were fluoride-free; Rinse C (pH 4.5) contained 2.0% KOX and 45 ppm fluoride as NaF; the placebo rinse (pH 4.5) did not contain KOX or fluoride. Participants brushed with a fluoride dentifrice for 1 min, briefly rinsed with water, then rinsed with their assigned oral rinse for 1 min twice daily for 8 w. DH was assessed at baseline and following 4 and 8 w use by response to an evaporative (air) stimulus (evaluated by Schiff sensitivity score and a 10-point visual rating scale) and a tactile stimulus (Yeaple probe). Results: All rinses in each study were associated with statistically significant improvements from baseline in measures of DH after 4 and 8 w treatment. However, between-treatment comparisons were inconsistent across the studies, with only Study 3 demonstrating a significant difference between the experimental (Rinses B and C) and placebo rinses. A number of treatment-related adverse events (all mild) were reported. Conclusions: Rinses containing 1.5–2.0% KOX did not consistently demonstrate a benefit over placebo in relieving DH after 8 w use. Clinical significance: While favourable results were found in one of the investigations, this suite of studies shows that the possibility of inconsistent results exists even with the best designed and executed trials. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd


Dentinal hypersensitivity; Oral rinse; Potassium oxalate



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