Dental Students' Preparation and Study Habits for the National Board Dental Examination Part I

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The purpose of this study was to assess dental students' study habits and level of preparation necessary to successfully prepare for the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) Part I. Four hundred thirty-seven dental students from across the United States participated in a web-based survey about their goals, results, and study habits in preparation for taking the NBDE Part I. A majority of the respondents (76 percent; n=331) reported taking the web-based version of the exam. More than one-third (n=168) of the respondents indicated they wanted to achieve a scaled score of 90 or above, while only about one-quarter (n=120) actually achieved this target score. Students preferred to use the Dental Decks and released Part I exams to study for the exam, regardless of their score. No significant correlations between type of study source used and the score achieved on the exam were found.


National Board Dental Examination; test preparation; dental student study habits

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