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Introduction: Selenomonas noxia (SN) is an important periodontal pathogen, associated with gingivitis and periodontitis. Many studies have found associations between SN and indicators of poor health outcomes, such as smoking, low socioeconomic status and obesity. However, less is known about the prevalence of this organism and more specifically about other oral site-specific locations that may harbor this organism. Methods: Using an existing patient repository (n = 47) of DNA isolated from saliva and other oral sites (n = 235), including the dorsum of the tongue, lower lingual incisor, upper buccal molar and gingival crevicular fluid (GCF), molecular screening for SN was performed. Screening results were analyzed for associations between demographic variables (age, sex, race/ethnicity) and clinical information (body mass index or BMI, presence of orthodontic brackets, primary/mixed/permanent dentition). Results: qPCR screening revealed a total of n = 62/235 sites or 26.3% harboring SN with saliva and GCF (either alone or in combination with one or more sites) most often observed (Saliva, n = 23/27 or 85.18%, GCF, n = 14/27 or 51%). Analysis of site-specific data revealed most positive results were found among saliva and GCF alone or in combination, with fewer positive results observed among the tongue (33.3%), lower lingual incisor (29.6%), and upper buccal molar (25.9%). No significant associations were found between demographic or clinical variables and presence of SN at any site. Conclusions: These results may be among the first to describe site-specific locations of S. noxia among various additional oral biofilm sites. These data may represent a significant advancement in our understanding of the sites and locations that harbor this organism, which may be important for our understanding of the prevalence and distribution of these organisms among patients of different ages undergoing different types of oral treatments, such as orthodontic treatment or therapy.


Oral; Periodontal; Saliva; Screening; Selenemonas noxia


Oral Biology and Oral Pathology | Pathogenic Microbiology

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