Accuracy of Successive Casts for Full-Arch Fixed Prostheses

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This clinically simulated study examined the accuracy of full-arch impression materials using successive casts reproduced from single impressions. Materials tested included a polyether polyvinyl siloxane, medium viscosity material, and putty wash. Maxillary full-arch Dentoform models were created with four abutments prepared for complete crowns. Six impressions of each material produced successive first and second generation casts. Individual cast copings were then fabricated and assembled into full-arch fixed dental prostheses. Marginal discrepancies were measured on both the casts and Dentoform. Data analysis suggests insignificant differences between successive casts. However, among second generation casts, clinically similar marginal discrepancies were exhibited. Outcomes demonstrated that second generation casts enabled fabrication and assembly of full-arch restorations that were clinically equivalent to first generation casts obtained. Int J Prosthodont 2010; 23: 446-449.

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